Little Bambini, Bethesda

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  • Spanish immersion program taught by a native speaker
  • Colorful facilities with lots of age appropriate indoor and outdoor toys
  • Extracurricular activities and regular weekly fieldtrips

Our Impressions

Little Bambini, formerly known as Creative Tots, is a spacious and bright home-based daycare with lots of natural light and outdoor space. This bilingual Spanish immersion program offers a variety of creative activities and regular weekly excursions. The facilities are very clean and offer a very colorful and playful environment. Rooms are well-decorated with lots of artwork and posters. Conveniently located, this charming daycare is recommended to those looking for emphasis on Spanish and a small class setting. Teacher to child ratios are very good (few children per teacher) ensuring that children get more individual attention. The daycare was recently renovated and has a nice big playground with many age appropriate outdoor toys. Little Bambini offers a free Discovery Day, so contact them and see if it’s the right fit for your child.

School Environment

Little Bambini accepts children as young as 3 months through 5 years old. Little Bambini is a fairly new home-based daycare with renovated facilities. They are conveniently located near a bus stop and I-495 and have easy to find street parking. The daycare has an open door policy and encourages parents to stop by at any time. Their sick policy is standard, but does not allow for reduced tuition due to illness or vacation. Up to date immunization records are required to enroll and parents must give a 30-day notice prior to un-enrolling. The daycare is peanut and tree nut free. Meals are provided and can accommodate special dietary needs and allergies. Food brought from home can also be served.

Learning Environment

Little Bambini is a bilingual Spanish language immersion daycare that uses a play-based teaching philosophy. Curriculum is theme and skill based and is focused on developing manners and problem solving skills. Evaluations or skill assessments are conducted twice a year. Little Bambini offers individualized programming to meet the needs of each child. It offers a loving, structured and stimulating environment with lots of age-appropriate toys throughout the facilities. Little Bambini is a small daycare with eight kids and two caregivers who use redirection as a discipline method. Reading and writing, math and science, as well as Spanish taught by a native speaker are part of the daily curriculum to ensure children are meeting monthly and annual goals. This daycare offers a variety of extracurricular classes, including cooking, art, music and motion, and gymnastics. Children get an hour and a half of daily outdoor activity, and children over 2 years old also go on regular weekly fieldtrips to the gym, museums, and nature walks. The daycare does not allow children to watch television, but children do use an iPad as part of the curriculum.


The lead teacher at Little Bambini has a C.D.A. degree and on average teachers have 5 years of applicable work experience. All staff is CPR and First Aid certified, as well as M.A.T. certified and can administer over-the-counter and prescription medication. Parents receive daily written and/or electronic communication from teachers. For convenience, the daycare uses Shutterfly, an online system for communicating with parents and sharing lesson plans, class activities, menu, photos, and more.


All staff undergoes a background check. School entrance is gated and the daycare has closed-circuit security cameras. Toys at Little Bambini are washed daily. Injuries (bumps and scrapes) are reported to parents with an immediate phone call.

Parent Reviews

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Overall Rating

I have two children at Creative Tots - one is a toddler and one is an infant. Both have been there since they were 3 months old. The care providers are wonderful with my children - they are sensitive to their needs, but also fun and energetic. Our household is a bilingual household, so it's important to us that they are in a bilingual learning environment.

Cirriculum-wise, Creative Tots really effectively balances creative and organic learning (art classes, music classes, language classes, free play, etc.) with more structured learning (counting, grammar, etc.).

I would recommend Creative Tots to anyone who wants their children to thrive in a loving, supportive and challenging environment.

Little Bambini, Bethesda Parent Review

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