Kiddie Academy of Gainesville




  • Extremely spacious and bright facilities
  • High-quality preschool education at daycare pricing
  • High-tech facilities including smartboards, iPads and webcam access for parents

Our Impressions

Kiddie Academy of Gainesville is a brand new center with extremely spacious facilities and lots of natural light. The center is very clean and offers a natural and pleasant environment. It is very well-decorated with lots of artwork and kid projects displayed on the walls. This large and modern center is recommended for those looking for a high tech setting, strong academic curriculum, and a values-driven environment with a Spanish immersion program. The pre-school focuses on math and science as well as reading and writing. Children use technology such as smartboards and iPads as learning devices on a daily basis. Teacher to child ratios are good (few children per teacher), ensuring that children get more individual attention. Universal values such as tolerance, patience, and respect are taught through a character building program that is formally integrated into the curriculum. The school boasts brand new playgrounds and an indoor gym, allowing kids to stay active while spending two hours outside daily. Kiddie Academy offers a free Discovery Day, so contact them and see if it's the right fit for your child.

School Environment

Kiddie Academy of Gainesville accepts children as young as six weeks through five years old and offers before and after school care for children up to12 years of age. This center can accommodate children with special needs. The facilities are brand new and the center has been in operation for only a year. Meals are provided and the school can accommodate special dietary needs and allergies. Facilities are peanut and tree nut free, so food brought from home cannot be served. The center has a standard sick policy and allows for reduced tuition for one week of vacation. Government subsidies are accepted; however, parents are required to pay the difference in tuition. The center is located near highways, offers easy to find school parking, and transportation is also provided for children over five years old.

Learning Environment

Kiddie Academy of Gainesville offers a loving and play-based setting, yet academically rigorous, structured and stimulating environment. Curriculum is theme and skill based and is focused on developing problem solving skills. Character education and universal values are integrated into the formal curriculum and children are disciplined through redirection. Health and nutrition are also discussed daily. The center offers individualized programming to meet the needs of each child and evaluations are conducted monthly. A strong emphasis is placed on reading and writing as well as math and science. The subjects are practiced daily to ensure children are meeting weekly, monthly and annual goals. The center also offers a bilingual Spanish program that is taught daily by native speakers. The school offers soccer and a music class as part of extra-curricular activities. The center does not allow children to watch television. The school has several playgrounds and an indoor gym, so children get two hours of daily outdoor play. Fieldtrips for children over three years old take place throughout the year, on average two to three times a semester. Kiddie Academy of Gainesville is a large center with a maximum capacity of 180 kids. Teacher to child ratios are small (i.e. teachers care for few children) to ensure that children get individual attention.


At a minimum, all of Kiddie Academy staff has a high school diploma and an average of two years of applicable work experience. Lead teachers at Kiddie Academy have a Child Development Associate degree. Teacher turnover rate is fairly low and all staff is CPR and First Aid certified. The center also has M.A.T. certified staff that can administer prescription and over-the-counter medication. Parents receive daily and weekly written and/or electronic communication from teachers. For convenience, the school uses an online system to communicate with parents to share lesson plans, class activities, menu, photos, and more.


Kiddie Academy's school entrance is gated with an electronic access entry system. The school also has video surveillance, which is accessible to parents for viewing online via a secure login and password. All Kiddie Academy staff undergoes a background check that is repeated every three years. Injuries (bumps and scrapes) are reported to parents with an immediate phone call, discussed at pick-up, and in writing. Toys are washed daily.

Message from the Director


Thank you for expressing interest in Kiddie Academy. We know that choosing child care is a difficult choice and it is my goal to help make the decision and process as easy as possible. Kiddie Academy of Gainesville has a lot to offer you. We provide a top notch preschool education at a daycare price. We offer academic, social and emotional education with degree qualified teachers. We have a Spanish immersion program that starts in our Infant room. We also have web cams inside the classrooms and out on the playgrounds that we give parents access to so you can see what happens all day long. You can access the cameras on any computer or smartphone.

We also have a state of the art technology lab that has computer stations, 2 i pads and a smart board. All the technology is pre-loaded with educational games and activities; they have access to our eLearning website that houses over 3,000 games and activities and we give you access to this at home as well.

We would love the chance to show you the school and all that Kiddie Academy of Gainesville has to offer you and your family.

Parent Reviews

Verified Parent
Overall Rating

Kiddie Academy of Gainesville is a wonderful center for kids. My daughter attended the summer camp and she was excited everyday to experience the many activities offered. Weekly trips to museums, nature parks, libraries, among others provided that consistent stimulation needed for kids to remain engaged over the summer. The fantastic computer labs and integrated learning throughout the program thrilled me as a parent. I was most impressed by the technological savvy of the program. From the electronic drop off method to the daily camera access given to parents. If I needed to know where and what my child was doing, I simply logged on and could see. The facility is beautifully built and the staff are very generous with their time, kindness and patience. I recommend any parent interested to drop in and take a tour. You will find it a great place to allow your kids to spend time.
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Posted 7 months ago
Kiddie Academy of Gainesville

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Center Center-based provider
Ages 6 weeks - 12 years
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Before & After School Care Yes
Accreditation None
Meals Provided Yes
Transportation Offered Yes
Key Numbers
  • 180 children
  • Teacher to Child Ratio:
  • Infant - 1:4
  • Toddler - 1:5
  • Pre-school 1 - 1:8
  • Pre-school 2 - 1:10
  • Pre-K - 1:10
  • Kindergarten - 1:12
  • Computers
  • Indoor Gym
  • Multipurpose Room
  • Online Streaming for Parents
  • Playground
  • Video Cameras
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