Grace Day Childcare

US Castroville TX 78009
6 weeks to 12 years

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Grace Day Childcare is a licensed child care center in Castroville, TX. At Grace Day Childcare, we enroll children as young as 6 weeks through 12 years old. We are a large center open from 6:30am to 6:30pm. We participate in a subsidized child care program. Please email us for more information.

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Parent Reviews

Verified Parent
Awful daycare! *High turnover rate for teacher monthly. *Bullying is allowed...I have pictures of bruises on the back of my daughter's neck from said bully pinching her. *Unrealistic expectations of children..expecting a child who had outgrown naps to lay, completely still on her mat when she's not sleepy, then taking video of her, STILL LAYING ON HER MAT, with her feet in the air ("she wasn't laying still"). *Daycare has rule parents are expected to follow, ie notifying daycare of child's attendance on days they need to accommodate # of children, but they themselves do not adhere to those same rules. Example, I was traveling out of town, made arrangements for my daughter. Day before my flight, director informed my friend who was going to watch my daughter that the shuttle that takes kids from daycare to the school would not be running that morning...director didn't call me but said she was going to tell me that evening when I picked my child up...JUST HOURS AWAY FROM MY SCHEDULED FLIGHT! Luckily, because I was notified by my friend I was able to make other arrangements. The director got upset that someone else told me. *Charging fabricated late fees...I was handed a list of late days, several of which were days I was early (teacher even signed off on those days she was the one I talked to), I started taking pictures of the punch out clock, director got very upset, but suddenly I never got any late fees, hmmm. *Retaliation against child for parent protecting her child. *Theft...I bought an expensive sunscreen for my daughter since she had an allergic reaction to the dollar store stuff they were using, asked for it back, and it's suddenly missing, and one of the very rude teachers employed their blamed its loss on my 5 yr old. Every time they've gone to the pool, the teachers take her sunscreen and put it in the pool bag...but suddenly, yesterday, for the first time, the rude teacher decided to give said 5 yr old her sunscreen (so, suddenly, my 5 yr old is applying her own sunscreen...wha is the teacher there for??)...she hasn't done that all summer, but yesterday she did... CHOOSE A DIFFERENT DAYCARE!!!!!!
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