First Baptist Church Children's Learning Center

US Dalton GA 30720
6 weeks to 12 years

Description & Additional information

First Baptist Church Children's Learning Center is a licensed child care center in Dalton, GA. At First Baptist Church Children's Learning Center, we enroll children as young as 6 weeks through 12 years old. We are a large center open from 7:00am to 6:00pm. Contact us to schedule a tour and discover for yourself all First Baptist Church Children's Learning Center has to offer.

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Parent Reviews

Verified Parent
My child started at first baptist 3 weeks ago. I was called into the office Thursday and told he was dismissed due to possible "cognitive issues". Debra could not explain the cognitive issues and related to my child maybe needing "special ed". (My child was proved otherwise by his peds doc) The director went on to tell me that the reason they are having issues with my son is because we do not attend a structured environment like Sunday school or church and my child is probably having problems behaving because of an unstructured environment due to not going to church. I was never informed of incident that happened except 2. One was that he pushed a child off the playground and the other was that he pushed a child down the slide. My child is 2. As punishment they took my child to the directors office to have a "talk". Again he is 2. They never informed me of any of this until he was dismissed. The first week he was there he had a black eye from an "accident at lunch", the very next day after he pushed a child off the playground he was pushed off the top part of the playgrouns leaving a bruise and scratch. He has had multiple unexplained bruises and scratches on him since attending that I was never informed about. There were 2 teachers for the 8 children in the class.. why was this behavior not addressed or caught before it happen? The director also stated that my son was "too strong" to be 2 and to be around the other children they have in class because he push a bookcase across the room and proceeded to climb on top of it. Question: why is the book self not securely fastened to the floor or wall and where we're the teachers while he was pushing the shelf across the room? The director did not have formal notices written up but they wrote up multiple incidences saying my child was to blame on a plain sheet of paper in pencil and copied saying that he had multiple offenses. Dates were scrumbled out because they were wrong and rewritten beside the scribbled date. Each day I would walk in and ask if he was good or bad that day only to get told that he was good or that he is just a boy and boys are just boys. He opened the door and "escape" down the hallway. A teacher found him wondering in the front lobby before the teachers even knew he was gone. And then we were told he is too fast of a runner to be with a 2 year old class. The director then went on to say that the staff was conducting an evaluation on my son since 8/15/17 (without me knowing) and came to the decision to remove him from the school. My husband called only to find out that the director Debra confessed that the little boy that my son pushed down the slide had parents that had "political pull" in the church. I was so excited about this facility and my son was absolutely loving it only to get kicked out of a Christian BAPTIST daycare because of POLITICAL PULL within the organization. Yes... they kicked out a 2year old. This is a shame for a church facility to not work with a child or the parents.. I was raised to know that Jesus said let the little kids come... apparently not in the is facility. It is ran by who's who within the church. Such a disgrace and it is a hypocrisy.
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