Sunrise Valley Early Childhood Academy, Herndon

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Welcome to Sunrise Valley Early Childhood Academy, our licensed daycare center and preschool in Herndon, VA. Our child care facility is located right off Sunrise Valley Dr, near the Dulles International Airport (close to the Dulles Metro Center and Courtyard by Marriott hotel). We're perfectly located for your commute to work since we're within easy access of Sully Rd (route 28) and the Dulles Toll Rd (route 267). Special deal, only for CareLuLu parents: your $400 registration fee will be waived! (You must contact us on CareLuLu to get this promotion).
Our child care center is open year round from 7:00 am to 6:00 pm, Monday through Friday (including in the summer when we can offer a summer camp program). Full-time and part-time care are available for infants as young as 2 months, as well as toddlers and preschoolers up to 5 years old. The center is also open in the summer and runs a fun summer camp program! To avoid any possible allergies, the facility is peanut and tree-nut. Lunch is served to all children enrolled in our program (already included in the tuition!)
The Staff
The owner of this child care and early childhood education program is a mom of 2 with 30 years of professional experience. All teachers are experienced, credentialed, as well as CPR & First-aid certified, so you can be sure that your little one is safe at all times. The entire team is dedicated to providing nurturing care in a safe, fun and loving environment. Open communication with parents is encouraged, so we can work together as a team for your child's benefit!
Sunrise Valley Early Childhood Academy uses the Mother Goose Time Curriculum and follows a play-based teaching philosophy. Through this curriculum, we focus on nurturing children's socio-emotional, physical, and cognitive skills. Acknowledging each child's uniqueness, we provide tailored attention and activities to meet their individual needs. Our hands-on teachers foster student participation in a variety of engaging educational activities like baking, ceramics/pottery, play & gym, music, arts & crafts, drama/musical theater, math, and language. Infants Even though infants reach similar milestones, each one is unique. Our room is tailored to cater to individual developmental needs. We spend much of the day following your baby's growing curiosity and needs, providing diverse stimulating activities to encourage growth. Through sensory exploration (sight, smell, touch, taste), they learn and develop, aided by activities that promote physical, intellectual, emotional, and social development. Infants require safe environments to thrive so we ensure a nurturing environment that adapts to your child's evolving needs. Toddlers Our toddlers have various opportunities to explore their surroundings through play, fostering gross motor and social skills through both structured and unstructured activities. This age sees children rapidly overcoming new challenges like crawling, walking, and running. Creating a stimulating environment with music, stories, outdoor activities, and simple learning is key to optimal learning. Our devoted caregivers prioritize fostering trust and love to help toddlers develop, providing families with daily reports on meals, naps, toilet training, and daily activities. Preschoolers At this age, our classrooms have many engaging toys and equipment, creating a stimulating atmosphere. We prioritize fostering problem-solving abilities, cognitive and symbolic thinking, along with teaching mathematical concepts and logistics. We use blocks and other tools to encourage planning, problem-solving, and nurture creative thinking. Through art projects, we inspire creativity and self-expression, while dance and movement activities enhance physical fitness and coordination among preschoolers.

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