The Cottage of Mama Bears

US Midland TX 79701
6 weeks to 12 years

Description & Additional information

The Cottage of Mama Bears is a licensed child care center in Midland, TX. At The Cottage of Mama Bears, we enroll children as young as 6 weeks through 12 years old. We are a medium-sized center open from 7:00am to 6:00pm. We participate in a subsidized child care program. To learn more about us, please send us an email.

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Parent Reviews

Verified Parent
Concerns Regarding: the Cottage of Mama Bears 1904 West Illinois Avenue Midland, TX 79701 1. Too many children in each classroom. Teachers unable to keep eyes on all kids. 2. Rooms and toys are not property disinfected often enough. 3. Very inexperienced staff due to rapid turn over. 4. Staff is not trained and in compliance with required CE. 5. Kids are not being interacted with enough. 6. Kids are dehydrated from being sent outside with no liquids in the West Texas heat. 7. Kids are being sunburned. 8. Toys are not well maintained causing injuries. 9. Age groups are mixed together often causing chaos and kids to be injured. 10. Management has been in the center while having the contagious flu and stomach viruses because the owner refused to give her a day off. Same manager handled all of the food for the kids while being contagious with a stomach bug. 11. Staff members complain about not getting adequate breaks. 12. Owner is extremely rude to employees to the point of belligerent. 13. Children are not taught that biting is bad. Biters are not separated and taught better. 14. All age groups are mixed together at the end of the day and the smaller children get hurt more often. 15. Food menus are never posted for the parents to know. 16. When asked what the kids ate that day, no one ever remembers. 17. Doors don't latch properly leaving access to the outside and streets too available for small children. 18. Floors are dirty often. Kitchen floor was bare for several weeks needing repairs. 19. Bird poop is out of control in the front drive area. 20. There is no schedule posted to know what activities the children do all day. 21. Ongoing plumbing issues. 22. Front gate doesn’t latch. 23. Owner yells at employees and parents in front of children. The owner threatened to sue me for defamation of character if I reported them. She can sue if she thinks it’s needed. The safety and well-being of the children are my only concern. I would encourage an inspector to surprise visit them between 3 and 5.
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