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Our Program is a Dual Language Immersion program. We seek to reinforce a child’s native language (whether it is Spanish, English, French, Mandarin), as well as introduce a new language using a thematic approach with real world & hands on learning. The curriculum aligns with Florida Guidelines in early childhood (Pre-K) preparedness for entry into kindergarten. Kids Language Academy seeks to promote a child’s balanced growth in the following areas: - Intellectual Development - Language development: Spanish language development and the use of language in clear phrases. Strong foundation in Native (home) language while building new language skills and vocabulary. - Problem solving: Learning though exploration - Personal growth: Show improvement based on appropriate developmental benchmarks - Reading readiness: Develop eye movement from left to right, listen and understand stories, follow directions, and have conversations. Develop the ability to describe a story read out loud to them; recognize distinct sounds, rhymes, and familiar words; use drawings, scribbles, and shapes to express thoughts and ideas; Identify some letters of the alphabet, and begin to write name. - Math readiness: Count to 20, classify and organize objects in groups by similarity, recognize and copy simple patterns, identify and name common shapes, and recognize that objects can be measured by height, length, weight, and time. - Science readiness: Use the senses to explore the environment, express interest in and ask questions about nature, learn to use simple tools such as blocks and rulers. - Social Development - Basic routine: Learn to follow a daily schedule - Behavior skills: Learn good habits - Playing skills (alone and in group): Participate in positive social interaction, cooperation, and individual time - Emotional Development - Choices: Learn to make decisions. Free choice time in centers. Children will have choices of centers such as Kitchen, Sand/Water, Building, Dramatic Play (puppet theater), and a variety of other thematic choices in the Science & Social Studies learning tables. This important time allows them to build curiosity and take risks in a controlled environment. - Curiosity and self-motivation: Learn through exploration and develop initiative - Physical Development: (gross and fine motor) - Gross: Large muscle play, outdoor time, dancing - Physical movement: Circle time, dramatic play - Balance: Build awareness of obstacles that can create loss of balance - Fine: Small muscle play and activities that build dexterity with manipulation of fingers, later used for handwriting skills in school - Eye-hand coordination: Development through the use of toys, books, and other learning tools. What are the Dual Language benefits? The Early Childhood Dual Emmersion Language Program advocates the use of learning and teaching strategies that are founded on developmentally appropriate practices such as: - Cooperative learning - Thematic approach - Learning centers - Hands-on teaching and learning - Appropriate use of technology, music. An Early Childhood Dual Emmersion Language Program offers unique opportunities for participating students to: - Develop two languages, - Form a positive self-image, - Augment a better under-standing and respect for other cultures, and to - Engage in a dynamic and challenging academic curriculum.
Disclaimer: the licensing status was checked when this listing was created. We do our best to keep information up-to-date, but cannot guarantee that it is. You should verify the license/permit/registration status before enrolling in any child care program.

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Katrina N.
Verified Parent
Posted 5 years ago
Wonderful place! My daughter loves the teachers and the activities. Highly recommend!
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