Best Accredited Daycares in Shady Side MD

Accredited Daycares in Shady Side MD

Key School
The Key-Wee through Kindergarten programs at Key School offer children aged two years, eight months and up a happy and enriching school experience in a secure and caring environment. With the highest priority placed on building self-confidence while developing the whole child, the program is implemented with the utmost attention to the needs, talents, and uniqueness of each individual. An integrated curriculum provides an introduction to a host of intellectual experiences that enhance each child’s understanding of, and appreciation for, the world. Key’s Pre-K 3 began their study of Germany on Monday with a very special video message from Herr Hannon, a friend of Pre-Kindergarten teacher Jackie Olson. Over the course of the next several weeks, the students will Skype with Herr Hannon they learn more about Germany, its culture and traditions, and its language. The study will culminate with a traditional "Martinstag" celebration, honoring the kindness of St. Martin. All members of the class will perform classic German children's songs to commemorate the occasion. Pre-K 4 children are invited to embark on an After School Program journey that will build their global perspectives. Through interactive games, imaginary travel and cultural crafts, students enrolled in the Cultural Enrichment Activity will develop an understanding of the interconnectedness of our world community. Read More Key’s Kindergarteners are busily engaged with new interactive iPad applications that are reinforcing reading and math skills, while tapping into the students’ natural interest in, and facility with, technology. In September, Key technology integrator Nina Glime began introducing the students to the classroom iPads by providing them with opportunities to play with the available tools in several of the programs. Not surprisingly, the students displayed an extremely short learning curve and were eagerly working within minutes of picking up the devices—their creations were amazing! The students are now using a series of developmentally appropriate apps designed to support the work they are undertaking in the classroom.
Saint Anne's School of Annapolis - Extended Day
At St. Anne’s School of Annapolis, you’ll find state-of-the-art instruction and a curriculum focused on the future. Along with this forward-thinking, raise-the-bar approach, you’ll also find an equally strong legacy rooted in the Episcopal educational traditions of character, compassion and integrity. From our classrooms to beyond our campus gate, our students are provided an educational experience that encompasses a broad spectrum. We firmly believe a curriculum that is focused on success in the 21st century begins with top-notch academics; encourages cultural and artistic endeavors; and emphasizes the social and civic principles that will guide and inspire tomorrow’s leaders. It is at this point our journey begins and where we welcome you to St. Anne’s School of Annapolis ... Where Success Starts. The Annapolis Twos program offers families the opportunity to attend full or half days, for two-, three- or five-days week. Half day - 9:00 a.m. to noon Full day – 9:00 a.m. to 3 p.m. Before Care is available from 8:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m.* After Care is available from 3:00 to 6:00 p.m.* Two-, three-, or five-days a week (a combination of full and half days is permitted): Two-day option (Tuesday and Thursday) Three-day option (Monday, Wednesday, Friday) Five-day option (Monday through Friday) *Students must be registered for a full or half day to sign up for Before or After Care. In a program that celebrates children's depth of wonder and joy in the world, the Annapolis Twos extends the St. Anne's School of Annapolis learning environment to younger learners. In our two- and three- and five- day programs, two-year-olds are invited to develop their unique abilities and gifts and to extend their thinking. Our program recognizes the potential of each child and encourages them to explore their gifts – art, music, science, writing, thinking, collaborating, questioning, building, leading or speaking. In a three hour session, toddlers are introduced to learning in a welcoming, respectful, safe and engaging environment. We treat each child as an individual whose strengths, opinions, actions and thoughts are respected and valued. Loving, experienced educators who know developmental hallmarks and milestones of young children lead our program. They work in partnership with families to ensure that each child has a rewarding start to his or her journey of learning.

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South River Child Care

"We have been taking our kids to Melissa for the last 3 years and couldn't be happier! Our kids love her like a second mom and I know they are always in safe hands when I drop them off. Melissa has..."

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Other Accredited Daycares Near Shady Side MD

South County Prek Cooperative

SCPC Education Goals Welcome! At The South County Pre-Kindergarten... Co-op, we believe that a child’s work is their play. Young children learn best by doing. Learning isn’t just repeating what someone else says; it requires active thinking and experimenting on the part of the child. Children need to manipulate blocks, try on the dress-ups, interact with each other, squish Play-Doh, finger paint, cut-and-paste, and try a variety of other activities to be a successful learner. Play provides the foundation for the rest of their learning. Please review Our Program to learn how the developmental and educational environment at SCPC has been specifically designed to meet these goals. SCPC Mission The South County Pre-Kindergarten Co-op is an organization made up of parents and teachers providing their children with quality child care and education at a reasonable cost. Our cooperative environment allows parents to participate and offer input to their child’s classroom experience. Review Our Program to learn the variety of concepts that your child will also be exposed to in the midst of all this play. Our Program Enrollment Calendar Teacher’s Corner 3’s Corner 4′ Corner The South County Pre-Kindergarten Co-Op has been uniquely designed and is prepared to accomplish our Mission and Educational Goals. We have small class sizes with a small parent-to-child ratio. Our facility is large and well equipped to provide children an opportunity to explore and create. We also provide an opportunity for parents to participate in their child’s first school experience and to meet other families with young children. Most importantly, we like to have fun! Follow the links to learn more about our Three’s Program and Four’s Program. Curriculum: All our classes follow the The Creative Curriculum for Preschool by Dodge, Colker and Heroman. “The Creative Curriculum® for Preschool is remarkably comprehensive, offering a valuable overview of the theories and research behind the Curriculum, and integrating new developments in the field? The Creative Curriculum for Preschool is indeed one of the most useful tools in our profession, offering ’the big picture’ and a range of specific, practical strategies.” – Margie Carter, early childhood college instructor, author, consultant.

Prime Time Children's & Youth Activity Center

As soon as you enter our doors, you'll understand why families have... trusted us for nearly 25 years. It's a place where children feel secure. Where play is a priority, but where that play is carefully designed to develop children's social skills and prepare them to enter school ready to learn and succeed. Prime Time was established in 1988 in a small building in Chesapeake Beach, Maryland, the need for style and quality of child care Prime Time offered quickly outgrew the building. It was then the owners started looking at nearby locations to build the Child Care Centers we know today as Prime Time Children's & Youth Activity Center Inc. Prime Time is located at the Calvert ~ Arundel Business Park in Owings, Maryland. The Centers offer over 12,000 square feet of building space and over an acre of outdoor play space, with lots of door to door parking for parents on the go. The Centers are manned with a computer access security system that parents and staff use to sign in and out and one by which each parents is permitted access to the facility anytime their child is there. As well, there is a camera system inside and outside. The playground has a variety of equipment to challenge the developing child and is easily accessible from each room. There are many large windows to allow the sunshine and cool breezes in. Nutritious meals and snacks are served each day. The staff are continually trained in early childhood education courses, CPR and first aid. We think of our relationships with families we serve as a very special trust: therefore we believe the best way to meet our families expectations is by working closely with them to provide a safe, warm, nurturing environment for their child at the “Prime Time” in their child's life. We offer separate programs for each of twelve different age groups. Prime Time is licensed by the State of Maryland and is accredited by the Maryland State Department of Education, National Association of Child Care Professionals, and has been accredited by The National Association for the Education of Young Children, National After School Association, National Early Childhood Program Accredidation, and National Accreditation Commission. Prime Time has also recieved many awards including but not limited to the 2008 – National Association of Child Care Professionals award, 2009 – Best Child Care & Pre-school award from and the 2012 – Marylad State Future Business leaders of America Partnership award. Come and take a tour, we would love to show you around!

St Martins Lutheran Church School

St Martins Lutheran Church School is a licensed child care center in... Annapolis, MD. At St Martins Lutheran Church School, we enroll children as young as 24 months through 5 years old. To learn more about us, please send us an email. MISSION STATEMENT St. Martin’s Lutheran School, in partnership with its families and the community, will assist in carrying out the God-given privilege and responsibility of raising children by providing Christian instruction, academic education, and extra curricular activities with the goal of equipping children for God-pleasing and productive lives. SCHOOL PHILOSOPHY In a Christ-centered community, the teachers and staff of St. Martin’s Lutheran School foster spiritual and academic excellence in their students. In keeping with our mission statement, we have developed and implemented the following philosophy: To witness that Jesus Christ is Savior and Lord. To teach, build, and practice Christian values and character. To model the love of God and respect for self and others. To teach acceptance of responsibility for one’s own actions. To provide a safe, secure, nurturing, educational, and spiritual environment. To promote academic excellence and develop a meaningful work ethic. To become responsible citizens in a global society and to actively serve the needs of our community. To teach multicultural competencies in order to prepare our students for an increasingly diverse world. To guide the development of critical thinking, problem solving, cooperation, creativity, and self-expression. To recognize and support the value, gifts, and talents of each child. HISTORY St. Martin’s Lutheran School was founded in 1963 as a mission of St. Martin’s Lutheran Church to its members and the community. The school hasgrown from a nursery and kindergarten to include preschool 3 year olds through 8th grade. We are proud to celebrate this, our 50th year, offering excellence in education in the Annapolis community.

Creative Garden Learning Center

Our children are provided with a learning environment and a social... climate which helps them grow intellectually, socially, emotionally, and physically in a manner appropriate to their age and stage of development. We have the necessary skills and experience needed to tailor our programs to suit your child's unique learning needs and learning style. Give us a call to schedule a tour. Infant & Toddler Program Our program will gently introduce your children to the excitement of learning on a multi-sensory level. Play will be the vehicle by which we will take your child through a happy and secure beginning. This program is designed to be unconstructed, providing a level of care warranted by the uniqueness of each child. We create a comfortable "home-away-from-home" atmosphere which encourages parental involvement and gives each child a sense of beginning. Two Year Old Program Creative Garden will start your two year old on a wonderful journey which will enhance their communication skills and social development in a warm and loving atmosphere. Picture stories and simple poetry will introduce your children to the world of picture representation, creative expression in music, rhythms, dramatic play and art activities. Colors, shapes, numbers, and reading readiness are all part of our early learning program. Three & Four Year Old Program Our three and four year old children will delight as the discovery of learning continues through a spiraling reading readiness and math approach that will prepare them for our five year old program. Language arts, phonics, Spanish, science, and social graces are all part of a challenging curriculum offered by Creative Garden. Transitional Program The older four year old child, who is ready for the structure of kindergarten, is challenged in the "transitional class." Math, reading, cultural arts, music, Spanish, science and the various multitude of art forms comprise the curriculum of this "bridging" year between four year old classes and kindergarten. Kindergarten Program A lifetime of learning continues with our kindergarten class. Children will experience the joy of learning beginning with their first school day and culminating at their graduation. Reading skills progress to the point where the children feel the thrill and excitement of reading their first story. They will explore and discover the world of natural science, scientific experiments, map skills, music comprehension, and multi-media crafts. The Metropolitan Readiness Test is administered to all kindergarten children. The discoveries that each child will experience in the kindergarten program, from reasoning skills to a greater understanding of the world around them, lay the foundation for the first grade and beyond.

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