Best Daycares in Casselberry FL

Daycares in Casselberry FL

Winter Springs KinderCare

OverviewWelcome to the Winter Springs KinderCare where everything is... designed for learning! We have been a part of the community for over 25 years. Winter Springs KinderCare has been accredited by the National Accreditation Commission for over 10 years! At KinderCare, we prepare children for a lifetime of success. In fact, a recent study done in the state of Florida showed that children who attended KinderCare for Pre-Kindergarten were more prepared for Kindergarten! Now that is something to be proud of! Teachers & StaffWelcome to Winter Springs KinderCare. The children benefit each day from the friendly and engaging staff. Our staff is passionate about educating and caring for children. Our average tenure is six years; with some team members that have been with KinderCare as long as 28 years. This team is dedicated to building a positive educational environment for children. Health & SafetyOur center has a key pad lock to enter the center. Each teacher also gets to know the families that are picking up the children, if they are not familiar with an individual they will immediately contact management to verify identification. Each member of the team is first aid and CPR certified. We have a fenced in playground and are off of the main road. We have one person designated to monitor the daily safety of the building. They will walk the center daily as well as conduct monthly safety audits and monthly fire and disaster drills. The safety of the children is the most important thing we do each day.

Holly's Petite Maison Home Daycare

At Holly's Petite Maison Home Daycare, we use Creative Curriculum and... Storybook Curriculum to help children develop speech, vocabulary skills, sounds, rhythm, and enjoy books, which all lead to pre-reading skills. Math concepts look like like sorting, counting, organizing, and stacking blocks. Science concepts look like observation, hypotheses, cause and effect, and discovering nature. Fine Motor skills are developed by playing with the sand table, doing watercolor painting and other arts and crafts activities, using play tweezers to move pom poms from one bowl to another, and other such tasks. Gross Motor skills are developed by outside time where children can run, jump, climb, use ride-on toys, and play with their friends. We have circle time where we sing songs, learn a vocabulary word, days of the week, and do word songs to improve memory.

Other Daycares Near Casselberry FL

Kids Language Academy

Our Program is a Dual Language Immersion program. We seek to... reinforce a child’s native language (whether it is Spanish, English, French, Mandarin), as well as introduce a new language using a thematic approach with real world & hands on learning. The curriculum aligns with Florida Guidelines in early childhood (Pre-K) preparedness for entry into kindergarten. Kids Language Academy seeks to promote a child’s balanced growth in the following areas: - Intellectual Development - Language development: Spanish language development and the use of language in clear phrases. Strong foundation in Native (home) language while building new language skills and vocabulary. - Problem solving: Learning though exploration - Personal growth: Show improvement based on appropriate developmental benchmarks - Reading readiness: Develop eye movement from left to right, listen and understand stories, follow directions, and have conversations. Develop the ability to describe a story read out loud to them; recognize distinct sounds, rhymes, and familiar words; use drawings, scribbles, and shapes to express thoughts and ideas; Identify some letters of the alphabet, and begin to write name. - Math readiness: Count to 20, classify and organize objects in groups by similarity, recognize and copy simple patterns, identify and name common shapes, and recognize that objects can be measured by height, length, weight, and time. - Science readiness: Use the senses to explore the environment, express interest in and ask questions about nature, learn to use simple tools such as blocks and rulers. - Social Development - Basic routine: Learn to follow a daily schedule - Behavior skills: Learn good habits - Playing skills (alone and in group): Participate in positive social interaction, cooperation, and individual time - Emotional Development - Choices: Learn to make decisions. Free choice time in centers. Children will have choices of centers such as Kitchen, Sand/Water, Building, Dramatic Play (puppet theater), and a variety of other thematic choices in the Science & Social Studies learning tables. This important time allows them to build curiosity and take risks in a controlled environment. - Curiosity and self-motivation: Learn through exploration and develop initiative - Physical Development: (gross and fine motor) - Gross: Large muscle play, outdoor time, dancing - Physical movement: Circle time, dramatic play - Balance: Build awareness of obstacles that can create loss of balance - Fine: Small muscle play and activities that build dexterity with manipulation of fingers, later used for handwriting skills in school - Eye-hand coordination: Development through the use of toys, books, and other learning tools. What are the Dual Language benefits? The Early Childhood Dual Emmersion Language Program advocates the use of learning and teaching strategies that are founded on developmentally appropriate practices such as: - Cooperative learning - Thematic approach - Learning centers - Hands-on teaching and learning - Appropriate use of technology, music. An Early Childhood Dual Emmersion Language Program offers unique opportunities for participating students to: - Develop two languages, - Form a positive self-image, - Augment a better under-standing and respect for other cultures, and to - Engage in a dynamic and challenging academic curriculum.

Kiddie Academy of Longwood-Lake Mary

We realize that there are many childcare and daycare options... available. Only Kiddie Academy provides the kind of care that focuses on days filled with learning and fun, the key ingredients of our Life Essentials® curriculum. We are a nationally networked franchise, which ensures strict standards and a consistent experience for your child. However, we are independently owned and operated, so you can be assured you have the personal care and direct access to the on-site owner, Mr. Ted. Kiddie Academy's proprietary Life Essentials curriculum focuses on social and emotional character education, and physical and cognitive outcomes which are aligned with state preschool learning standards. These standards are based on skills, knowledge and abilities that children achieve through developmentally appropriate activities and experiences. The Life Essentials curriculum exceeds the state requirements of Florida. Every experience is an opportunity to learn. Life Essentials is an overarching philosophy that includes our programs and techniques. From family style dining to character education, our developmentally appropriate curriculum gives your child a full day of learning no matter what he or she is doing. Some of the best learning happens without your child knowing it.

Goldenrod Road KinderCare

OverviewWelcome to Goldenrod Road KinderCare Learning Center in... Winter Park, Florida. Our center has been caring for our community for over 25 years. We provide childcare and learning opportunities for children from six weeks to twelve years old. Our classrooms are small and intimate which allows our teachers to build a bond with the children and families rather quickly. We provide a safe and fun environment for all. Teaching is at the heart of everything we do and we would love to show you our wonderful curriculum that is designed for each age group. Stop by for a visit and see how your child can interact and learn with us! Teachers & StaffOur classrooms offer a variety of learning opportunities throughout the day. We have themed units that encourage your child's curiosity, increase confidence and support self-directed activities. The playgrounds will give your child the opportunity to run, climb and explore their environment to build and develop their large motor skills. Additionally, we have Enrichment programs that would expand your child's ever-growing mind. We invite your child to join us for a free demonstration of our Learning Adventure classes: Phonics and Music. We cannot wait to meet with you and your child to show you how everything we do is designed for learning! Health & SafetyAt Goldenrod Road KinderCare Learning Center your child's safety is one of our top priorities. We have an onsite Health & Safety Coordinator that ensures everyone in our center is healthy and safe by monitoring activities daily and completing monthly safety checks. All of our staff members are CPR and First Aid certified to handle emergency situations that may arise. Our teachers work diligently to provide a safe and loving environment where you can rest assured that your child is well cared for.

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Kiddie Academy Educational Child Care

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Kids Language Academy

"Wonderful place! My daughter loves the teachers and the activities. Highly recommend!"

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