Best Daycare Centers in Ellicott City MD

Daycare Centers in Ellicott City MD

Our Lady of Perpetual Help
Our Lady of Perpetual Help School (OLPH) has been educating children in Howard County since 1879. OLPH School is a Pre-K through 8, Catholic Elementary School of the Archdiocese of Baltimore, and as such presents a Catholic Christian value-based curriculum, in accordance with Baltimore Archdiocesan guidelines. OLPH School is a single track school, Pre-K - 8th grade. OLPH School hours are 9:05 a.m. – 3:30 p.m. OLPH School has 230 students from 157 families. OLPH School has a staff of 30. OLPH School offers Spanish language instruction to students K - 8th grades. OLPH School maintains both a Reading Specialist and Guidance Counselor on staff. OLPH School's Pre-K Teacher to Student ratio is 1:10. OLPH School's K-8th grade Teacher to Student ratio is 1:15. OLPH School maintains over 160 computers on its campus. OLPH School emphasizes STEM education and has partnered with UMBC to study renewable wind energy. OLPH School received a 50K grant from Constellation Energy in support of STEM education. OLPH School is a home of a Weather Bug. OLPH School utilizes the Stanford 10 Achievement Test. Test Scores OLPH School graduates enjoy a 99\% placement in their "first choice" Catholic or Private high school. OLPH School offers financial aid. OLPH School offers bus service, semi annual field trips, daily hot lunch and Before and After School Care. OLPH School is the Home of the Marian Program, an in-school academic program that provides services for children with learning differences. OLPH School students enjoy classroom space on a campus consisting of three buildings, including a full-size gymnasium. athletic fields and a playground. OLPH School offers a wide variety of after school activities including basketball, drama, fine arts, scouting and chess club just to name a few.

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Meadowbrook Park Family Child Care

"We've been with this provider since our oldest needed care, and she is in public school now. We currently have 2 kids in the daycare and honestly, this provider is always our first choice. When our"

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First Start Child Care & Learning Center

"My son seems happy here. I get text pictures, and they know all the children by name."

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Other Daycare Centers Near Ellicott City MD

Oakland Mills Nursery School

Oakland Mills Nursery, Inc., (OMNS) was established in 1970, is a... non-profit, cooperative nursery school. The mission of OMNS in partnership with teachers and members, is to ensure a safe, fun, and educationally enriched environment that successfully introduces young children to school. OMNS welcomes a diverse community of members and celebrates cultural diversity in the classroom. We strive to create and maintain a supportive and nurturing environment for all families. OMNS Philosophy: The OMNS philosophy affirms the individual learning styles of each child. The spirit of play is present in all activities to promote the social, physical, intellectual and emotional development of the children. Our individually developed and MSDE approved curriculum is focused on kindergarten readiness through the discovery approach and learning through play philosophy. The OMNS curriculum provides thematically based developmentally appropriate activities to foster a love of learning and growth in all domains of learning. While the majority of the school day is devoted to child-directed exploration, it is balanced by structured small and large group activities. A wide variety of toys, games, books, music, and art supplies enhance the learning process; build thinking skills and stimulate a child’s imagination. All aspects of the OMNS program incorporate research based best practices, and are aligned with MSDE early childhood standards. We are committed to on-going program evaluation and improvement. Using yearly school-wide surveys and the MSDE accreditation self-evaluation instrument, we continuously strive to improve our program. (Accredited since December 2010) OMNS supports and requires on-going professional development for our teachers. A quality program depends on a high level of continued professional training. Teachers attend classes and conferences to improve their teaching skills and knowledge. OMNS promotes and builds relationships with families, community agencies and resources. By partnering with our broader community, we strengthen our program and better support our members.

Children's Manor Montessori School

OUR TEACHERS We only hire the best teachers for our classrooms. Most... of whom have been with us for five to ten years. Our teachers and Instructional Leaders love working with children and our able to observe each child’s needs to best serve them. The role of our teachers is to guide the students allowing each child to develop concentration, motivation, persistence, and discipline through their work. Within this framework of order, the child progresses at their own pace and rhythm, while discovering the joys of learning, and developing social and intellectual discipline. OUR CLASSROOM The Montessori classroom is nothing like a traditional classroom. In the Montessori classroom children our encouraged to explore, feel, and touch their surroundings. All activities are presented at eye level to the child on bookcases and other displays. The Montessori environment is designed to meet the physical, cognitive and social needs intrinsic to each child, and to nurture the child to learn and thrive. In the Montessori classroom, children are free to respond to their natural drive to work and learn. The child’s inherent joy of learning is encouraged by giving him/her the opportunities to engage in meaningful activities, under the guidance of the Montessori teacher. OUR PROGRAMS Unlike many other schools or day care facilities, we offer a diverse range of programs, enrichment and outreach for our students. Our Infant/Toddler program focuses on developing cognitive skills, motor skills, sensory skills, language skills, practical life skills, and social skills. The Primary, Pre-K , and Kindergarten Program builds on our Infant/Toddler Program and incorporate the five areas of the Montessori Method (Practical Life, Sensorial, Language, Mathematics, and Cultural Studies). At the Elementary Level, our programs continue to build and include Language, Mathematics, Science and Cultural Studies. Specialty programs are integrated into the general daily schedule, at least once a week and include Technology, Spanish, Music, Phys Ed, Yoga, Library, Art and Service Learning.

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