Best Daycare Centers in Greenway VA

Daycare Centers in Greenway VA

McLean Preschool
McLean Preschool is a bright and joyful space. Our teachers are caring, experienced professionals who love their job and their students. Each child is given an opportunity to grow socially and academically in a structured play based environment. McLean Preschool is a state licensed facility that provides developmental programs for children from 2 1/2 to 5 years old. We stress rich learning experiences that stimulate children intellectually and give them an opportunity to master skills while having fun. Children participate at their own level, during both structured activities and free playtime. Our teachers are qualified professionals who are required to receive annual training in child development and health and safety issues, including CPR and first aid certification. However, we select our staff not only for their early childhood education skills, but also for their ability to interact lovingly with children. Curriculum Programs at McLean Preschool are geared to meet the physical, social, emotional and educational needs of each child at his or her own level of readiness and individual development. Learning programs include: - Pre-reading and Pre-math skills - Science and problem solving skills - Self-help and personal hygiene - Fitness through climbing, tumbling and movement - Activities in music, rhythm, movement, and games - Arts and crafts including painting, coloring and cutting - Story time, circle time and dramatic play - Field trips and special programs A healthy snack is served daily, and our fenced-in playground allows children to enjoy outdoor play. Schedule (Hours & Fees) We are open from September through May. All classes start at 9 am and end at 12 noon. Fees vary according to the child's age and number of days attending. The following classes are available: - 2 1/2 year olds: Tuesday & Thursday - 3 year olds: Tuesday & Thursday (small class) or Monday, Wednesday & Friday class - 4 year olds: Mon, Wed, Fri (small class) or the Pre-K Monday through Friday class Teacher to child ratio varies from 1:5 in our young and small classes to 1:8 in our older classes
Andrew Chapel United Methodist Church
About our Programs The purpose of Andrew Chapel UMC Preschool (Preschool) and Mother’s Day Out (MDO) is to provide a Christian atmosphere in which the whole child can grow. The goals of the program are to strengthen self-esteem, help children develop listening skills and ways of interacting with peers, and to teach children how to follow directions while functioning in a group. Above all, children are taught to treat others with kindness and respect. The classroom provides an environment where children find it acceptable to express themselves. The classroom and schedule are designed to recognize individuality, helping children build a positive attitude toward school and themselves. A comfortable routine is established to promote cooperation between teachers and children. Independence is encouraged by giving children age-appropriate responsibility for their personal needs. Cleaning up, caring for toys and materials, and completing classroom tasks further fosters independence, responsibility, respect, and cooperation. The program integrates activities that cultivate skills in all developmental areas – gross motor, fine motor, language, social-emotional, and cognitive – while also encouraging imagination. Music, P.E., and Art are a regular part of the Preschool curriculum. Preschool The Preschool program provides a varied curriculum, including music, art, physical education, math, and science experiences for children 3 to 5 years of age. Children can attend from three to five days a week. Classes for the three year-olds focus on promoting growth in the developmental areas – social, emotional, fine motor, gross motor, cognitive, and language – through hands-on learning experiences in a structured classroom setting. Classes for four and five year-olds have an alphabet-based curriculum and focus on pre-reading, pre-writing, and kindergarten-readiness skills. Hours 9:00 am to 1:00 pm Nursery (Infant through 2 yrs.) Room 104 A loving, caring environment for infants and toddlers while the parents participate in worship services, and adult Sunday School classes. Children's Church (Ages 3 - 2nd grade) Children meet at the altar & follow the teacher to Room 146 During 11:00 church service and prior to the sermon, all the children are called up to the altar area for a short Christian lesson. The lessons are story form, question/answer, puppets or props to make the story or lessons understandable for younger children. The children follow the teacher out of the sanctuary to their classroom for further Bible stories, lessons, and crafts. The parents pick up their children from this room after services. Room 146 is the second door from the left as you exit the sanctuary. Preschool (Ages 3 - 4) Room 102 Rock Solid: This class uses Bible Storybooks which are designed for non-readers to help them explore the Bible stories through movement, crafts, games and sensory activities. Younger Elementary - (Kindergarten - Grade 3) Room 107 Rock Solid: This class encourages children to exercise their growing skills with an interactive storybook, which is developed for early readers to learn through play acting, crafts and games. Also covered is how to relate the Bible lessons to life on the school playground, and with friends and family. Older Elementary - (Grades 4-6) Room 148 Rock Solid: This class captures the attention of tweens and appeals to older children who are anxious to become youth. Tween resources build excitement with meaningful lessons. An emphasis is made on understanding and accepting that God loves us exactly as we are. From that, we build on becoming all that God created us to be. Students learn to use Bible dictionaries and concordances to expand their knowledge and strengthen their advanced Bible skills. They also explore life issues from a Christian perspective.

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Olney Park Educational Playhouse

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Forest Edge Playhouse

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Other Daycare Centers Near Greenway VA

Tysons Corner Children's Center

When it comes to your children, nothing less than the highest... standards will do. Tysons Corner Children's Center is a premier non-profit, corporate sponsored child care center that provides a safe, loving, environment where children can learn and thrive through a hands-on, minds-on experience. We promote the personal development of our children in order to prepare them for the challenges that lie ahead in life. Our staff consists of educated, experienced and nurturing caregivers. We truly value our employees as we do our children. Our respect for our staff is evidenced by our excellent benefits, great work environment, low staff turnover, and low staff to child ratios. Our Commitment to Care: Tysons Corner Children's Center is committed to providing exceptional, high quality childcare for our families. We know that young children thrive in a learning environment where dedicated professionals ensure that they feel safe, nurtured and loved. Our tagline, " Where Hearts and Minds Grow Strong," is our focus as we partner with our families in the care and education of their children.

Ridgemont Montessori School

At Ridgemont, we foster a love of learning within our students and... create a setting where children learn at their own pace in a cooperative atmosphere. We feel fortunate to have a sense of community present, not only within our classrooms, but also within our parent group. was founded in McLean in 1965 and has served McLean and its surrounding areas since that time. We enroll 65 students in our school and adhere to the Montessori principles established by Dr. Maria Montessori and the Association Montessori Internationale. By visiting our website, we hope you will learn more about a Montessori education and what Ridgemont can offer your child. We welcome the opportunity to speak with you about Ridgemont and to have you visit our school. The Montessori Environment When your child steps into a Montessori classroom, a whole new world of activities and materials is made available to him. The Montessori classroom is a child-sized environment which offers your child a means for exploration, continuing development of movement, independent functioning, language development and positive social interaction. Dr.Montessori called the classroom a ”prepared environment”. The Montessori materials are kept on low shelves that are easy for a young child to reach. Children are free to choose the materials they want to use as well as select the place in the classroom where they want to work as long as they don’t interfere with the work of others. Our only requirement is that the classroom materials be used with purpose and that everything be returned to its original place when finished. Within this framework,The Ridgemont Montessori School is dedicated to offering a joyful and supportive learning environment. We realize that each child is a unique individual with different needs. We are sensitive to this diversity and provide a classroom environment where children develop a love of learning and a curiosity about the world in which they live. Our students learn at their own pace in a cooperative atmosphere. They are encouraged to make choices in order to develop a sense of independence and self-worth. The Montessori materials provide concrete learning experiences and the joy of discovery. We believe that the impressions formed today have a lasting impact on a child’s attitude towards learning and life itself. Toddler Classroom The Toddler class at Ridgemont Montessori School is a small community of children, numbering no more than nine students. The environment provides opportunity for socialization, language enrichment, sensorial exploration, and coordination of movement. Sharing and cooperation are also stressed. We want your child to feel secure in what may be his first experience away from his family. Hours and Days The Toddler class meets Tuesday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. - 11:45 a.m. The minimum age requirement is 18 months. It is suggested, though not required, that children enter by their second birthday in order to benefit from at least six months in the program. Toddler students may move into the Primary classes at around 3 years of age. Readiness is determined by the Toddler teacher and the child’s parents. A child entering the Primary class must be toilet-trained. Nutrition Each day at mid-morning, the children come together for a snack. They assist the teacher in preparing the food, setting the tables, serving each other, and cleaning up afterward. This is a popular daily event! Parents provide the daily snack for the Toddler class. The menu schedule is set up at the beginning of the school year. Primary In a mixed-age setting that is a part of a Montessori environment, a true community is formed. The children remain in the same class and usually have the same teacher for the three or four years that they are at the school. They learn from each other in a cooperative atmosphere where respect for one another is encouraged. The younger children have many opportunities each day to observe the work and activities of their older classmates. On the other hand, the older children grow in self-confidence and learn responsibilty from being the oldest. They also have an opportunity to reinforce their knowledge when they are able to share it with their younger classmates. There are three Primary classes at Ridgemont comprised of children between three and six years of age. Our class sizes range between 18 and 20 students. When considering a Montessori education for your child, it is best to keep in mind that the Primary Montessori program takes three to four years to complete. The Primary Montessori classroom is divided into four curriculum areas: Practical Life, Sensorial, Mathematics and Language. Geography, art, and music are also a part of the daily life in a Montessori class.

First Steps Academy

Mission Our mission is to prepare young children to attain success in... life. Success In Life Society often tells us the accumulation of wealth, power, recognition, or fame are hallmarks of a successful life. At First Steps Academy, we believe a person can only be called successful if they are following God’s plan for their life. For young children, their plan is just starting to be revealed so we must prepare them by building a solid academic foundation that expands their opportunities to serve, and by creating strength of character that empowers them to choose the right way over the convenient way. In the end, our students will be measured by how much they gave and not how much they got. Our infant program is designed to capitalize on the vast learning ability of infants in our loving and safe environment. Children participate in several activities during their awake periods to help them learn about our world. During story times, teachers read books to children individually and as a group. Once infants can hold themselves up, the arts & crafts period gives them an opportunity to explore different materials (paints, objects, foods..). Buggy rides give infants an opportunity to explore the world outside the classroom twice per day. Exercise periods aid muscle development. During music time children enjoy sounds or sing songs with their teachers. Picture book time provides the opportunity for infants to start recognizing objects and patterns. Toddlers start each day with breakfast, but quickly move into activities that are designed to expand vocabulary, develop fine and gross motor ability and social skills. A few of the activities designed for our toddlers include: Arts and crafts projects to encourage the development of fine motor skills Story time to help develop language skills and model the joy and value of reading Music time to encourage expression and allow children to play with instruments or dance with colored pompoms Materials time to allow children to explore the sensation of touch and use of different items (water, sand, clay, etc…) Matching activities to aid object and pattern recognition. Free play to encourage the development of both social skills and values like sharing and gentleness. Toddlers also begin to experience a more structured environment as they follow the daily group schedule for the class. Children eat breakfast, lunch and snacks at a table as a group and participate in an after lunch nap time. The afternoon is then filled with snack and more activities and fun! The main goal of our two year old program is to support children in their natural desire to gain independence. The teachers and environment encourage children to interact with everything from cubbies to the toilet. Even sinks are placed at a height that is reachable to most two year old children. We encourage them to start doing things for themselves, including washing their hands, putting things away and taking things out. Potty Training The majority of children will become potty trained in this classroom. We work with you as a team to encourage potty training and make the experience fun and rewarding. We find many children become excited to start using the potty when they see their friends using it too. Every milestone along the way is a chance for a celebration. We may give stickers or small rewards when a child has used the potty or when they can come to school in “big kid underwear”. Although this can be challenging time for some children, we do our best to make it as fun as possible. Our three year old program is designed to develop early social, pre-writing and pre-math skills. Children will have usually turned three before entering the program although some may turn three shortly after starting. Academically the children develop their fine motor skills to practice writing. Many children can write their name by the end of their time in this classroom. It is also a year where many children will name their first friends and we start seeing them really play together, not just next to each other. These social interactions are very important, so we make sure the children have time in free play to build those skills. The teachers will also direct play by setting out specific centers to provide both a social time as well as a skill building activity. Four year olds are introduced to more structure and opportunities to explore. Children work more regularly on their writing skills including capital and lower case letters. They also spend a significant amount of time learning about phonics since it teaches the fundamental building blocks of successful reading. Math? At this age, children start to become aware of their own talents and begin recognizing how they compare to other children. This is an important year to build confidence by making sure each child feels supported to try every activity, even if they perhaps do not always get the answer right the first time. Although the children still have free play time, it is usually planned in the afternoon. Children participate in the following weekly specialty classes: Gym Spanish Music Computer Values (focusing on one or our two values a month) Kindergartners have the most structured routine of all the age groups in the school. The children work on projects, read books, listen to stories, complete worksheets and collaborate on assignments in each of the subject areas listed above. Instead of taking a nap, children have a quite time where they can participate in a activity of their choice; many choose to read a book or work on an art project at their desk. The materials and lessons for the class are mostly provided by the A Beka curriculum and Zoophonics, however the teacher will supplement or adapt the lessons based on the needs and abilities of the students. We find that children who have attended First Steps Academy for a couple years, tend to be at least one year ahead of similar aged children by the time they leave us to enter the public schools in the area. Students participate in the following weekly specialty classes: Gym Spanish Music Computer Values Responsibility Kindergarten is the first classroom where the children have their own desks and keep track of their own supplies. They also have responsibility for caring for our school pet, Hop, by cleaning his cage each week and they are proud to fulfill the duties of their weekly assigned jobs (door holder, weather helper, line leader, etc…)

Westgate Child Center

* For Our Parents * Events OUR CENTER: A non-profit daycare and... before and after-school care center for children, 2.5 years to 12 years of age. Licensed by Fairfax County and The Commonwealth of Virginia, our Center offers a pre-school curriculum of learning through play as well as extended care for school-age children. OUR COMMITMENT: Since we opened in 1973, our center has been committed to providing high quality education. Through carefully planned play activities and thematic units of study, our programs focus on each child's social, emotional, physical, and intellectual needs in a stimulating yet warm and caring environment. OUR SUCCESS: Our center maintains an excellent child - teacher ratio of 5:1. We are proud of our low child-teacher ratio, which enables our trained and professional teachers to focus on the individual needs and talents of each child. Westgate Child Center does not discriminate on the basis of race, creed, gender, disability, or national/ethnic origin. We are non-sectarian, non-profit, private, independent, and nondiscriminatory. We believe in equal education, attention and care for all children without regard to race, color, religion, national origin, sex, or disability. OUR PARENTS: Parent involvement is encouraged and welcome. Preschool teachers prepare monthly lesson plans to keep parents informed of school activities, and to provide insight into what occurs during your child's day. In addition, parents receive weekly reports of their child's progress during the school week. Parent-teacher meetings to address specific student concerns can be arranged as needed. Back to school night, graduation, and regular holiday parties provide opportunities for parents, teachers, and children to socialize after the school day. Parents are welcome to join field trips, share a hobby or life skill, and participate in holiday events. OUR TEACHERS: The average tenure at Westgate is 10 years. Our culturally diverse staff brings experience and creates a loving and positive environment for the children in our care. Our focus is to meet the individual needs of each child. OUR CLASSROOMS: Pooh Land, Rainbow Room, and Little League are bright, clean, and organized into different areas of activity, with educational toys and materials at the reach of children. Breakfast, lunch, and afternoon snack are served each day. All classrooms have computers with age-appropriate educational programs that are part of the scheduled activities. Sunshine Room (ages 2.5 to 4 years): The curriculum includes age-appropriate vocabulary, math concepts, shapes, colors, and arts & crafts. These activities are planned around weekly themes. Each child proceeds at his/her own pace. Activities change every half hour, keeping in mind the attention span of the age group. Children enjoy library and circle times outdoor play in our spacious playground, reading sessions, music, and introduction to Spanish. Rainbow Room (Pre-Kindergarten for ages 4 and 5 years): The curriculum is age appropriate and planned around weekly themes. Activities change every half hour. Children are encouraged to do group projects, enjoy hands-on computer activities, music, reading, arts and crafts, vocabulary, math concepts and outdoor play. Children are encouraged to read and write at their own pace. The daily schedule provides for alternating periods of quiet and active play. Our teachers have many years of experience preparing children for entrance into Kindergarten. Little League (Before & After school care for ages 5 to 12 years): The program is designed to engage and challenge school-age children in a 'club - like' environment. The activities center around homework, arts & crafts, group sports and appropriate games and toys. WESTGATE'S ASSOCIATION WITH KENT GARDENS ELEMENTARY: Westgate has had an association with Kent Gardens for many years. Our before and after school program accomodates children attending Kent Gardens. All children can take the school bus from Westgate to Kent Gardens. The Kindergarten children attend the afternoon session at Kent Gardens. Upon the return from Kent Gardens at 3:15 pm. the Little League children have snack, outdoor play, participate in club activities and homework group. WESTGATE'S SUMMER PROGRAMS: Westgate's summer program is designed to provide children with a fun, relaxing, and safe summer--- full of water play, bike riding, visiting musicians & entertainers, and field trips to museums and parks. Below are sample summer program activities. These activities vary from year to year. Preschoolers: Upton Pool Days, Bike Days, Theater Arts, National Zoo, Burke Lake Train Ride School-age Children: Port Discovery, Cookout (parents invited), Upton Pool Days, Pirate Cruise, Outdoor Water Play, Bull Run

Fun & Friends Child Development Center

Fun & Friends provides developmentally appropriate programs for... children from six weeks to six years of age. We stress rich learning experiences that stimulate children intellectually and give them an opportunity to master skills while having fun. Children participate at their own level, during both structured activities and free playtime. Early childhood literacy development is emphasized in every program, Infants through Preschool. Programs are geared to meet the physical, social, emotional and educational needs of the individual at his or her own readiness level, taking into consideration each child’s particular stage of growth and development. The Creative Curriculum methodology is used to support the program and teaching staff at each level. The Creative Curriculum is an award-winning curriculum that uses exploration and discovery as a way of learning and enables children to develop confidence, creativity, and lifelong critical thinking skills. Programs for Infants and Toddlers Fun & Friends’ specially designed Infant and Toddler programs emphasize: Learning through curiosity, the sense of self and relationship Early literacy for infants & toddlers using the 1-2-3 Read! Virginia program ( Eye, hand, motor coordination through games, music, movement (Toddlers receive weekly, specialized movement classes) The use of naturally occurring daily activities and routines to guide learning experiences Self-help to foster independence and self mastery Loving interaction with skilled educators and caregivers For Preschoolers and Pre-kindergarteners Our Early Childhood Education programs focus on individual readiness, self mastery and building of positive self image in an atmosphere of acceptance and affection. Our preschool programs incorporate the use of integrated curricula from Pearson Education Publishing Co. The Pre-School–Cubs program uses Read Together/Talk Together and our Pre-Kindergarten–Butterflies program uses Opening the World to Learning OWL which is aligned to the Virginia State Standards of Learning (SOL) so that our graduates are ready to excel in their local public schools. These programs also include: Pre-Reading and Pre-Math Skills leading to mastery of basic skills Science Centers that encourage exploration and problem solving Spanish introduction classes using materials designed especially for this age group Large muscle development through climbing, tumbling, and movement, yoga and dance Self help and mastery skills in personal hygiene Dramatic Play Arts & crafts, painting Artists-in-Residence, Story telling and classroom library time Seasonal & Holiday Celebrations Computer play and computer games Intergenerational Activities with the Senior’s Center Our special programs make total child care a reality: Full-time early childhood education and child care for Infants, toddlers, and preschoolers Drop-in care based on space availability Art, music, and exercise Special child-centered programs…artists-in residence, birthday celebrations, holiday celebrations, etc. The curricular program at Fun and Friends is designed to meet the needs of children at each developmental stage, and professional development for our staff is always on-going. The program is sequential, starting with our youngest learners in the Infant and Toddler rooms and continuing on into our PreSchool and Prekindergarten classes. The Creative Curriculum methodology is used to support the program and teaching staff at each level. The Creative Curriculum is an award-winning curriculum that uses exploration and discovery as a way of learning and enables children to develop confidence, creativity, and lifelong critical thinking skills.

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