Best Christian Daycares in Arnold MD

Christian Daycares in Arnold MD

Creative Beginnings Preschool
Creative Beginnings Preschool is a child development preschool which provides a loving, caring, supportive environment for young children, meeting them at their present levels of growth and maturity, and encouraging them in their physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and social development. We believe that it is important that children develop a strong sense of self-worth and self-confidence so that they can relate to their peer group and assume a sense of responsibility. By building a positive experience, it is our belief that children will grow to adulthood confident in their ability to influence, constructively and creatively, the social and physical environment around them. Play is the primary way in which children learn. We contribute to this learning in the following ways. Language Experiences will develop the children’s use of the English language, increase their vocabulary, and ultimately give them a delight in the use of words. Science Experiences will develop the children’s sense of spatial and numerical relationships, involve them in the wonder of natural growth and increase their interest in the physical world around them. It will give them an elementary sense of cause and effect and develop their own ability to influence and affect the world around them. Creative Experiences in music, art, poetry, drama, and dance will stimulate their artistic skills by working with their natural abilities to see, hear, taste, touch, and smell. As these skills develop, the children will expand their creativity and grow in appreciation of the arts. Physical Experiences both inside and out, are planned to develop small and large motor coordination skills. Daily involvement in a variety of physical activities will release the children’s natural tensions, develop their muscles, and give them a sense of accomplishment in the mastering of body skills. Spiritual Experiences will provide opportunities for children to feel a sense of wonder as they discover the world God made. Social Experiences in sharing toys, and people will help the children to find constructive ways for dealing with their anger, joy, frustration, happiness, disappointment and wonder. Such experiences will also support their relationships among other people in different environments.
Galilee Lutheran Preschool
Galilee Lutheran Preschool is a Christian-based preschool, with more than 25 years of service to the community. Children are taught Bible stories, verses and songs. Programs are offered for both 3 and 4 year olds as well as a full day pre-kindergarten program. Galilee Lutheran Preschool has a letter of compliance from the State of Maryland All teachers have early childhood certifications All teachers have been certified in child and infant CPR and first aid Galilee Preschool begins the day with gathering the children together for circle time. Our time together focuses on a bible story, verse/song, interactive discussions about the letter, color, shape and number of the day as well as music and dance. The Children will participate in teacher guided and student guided activities. Each day, while guided by the teacher and assistant, the children will complete one or more projects relating to a topic discussed during circle time. The children will also have the opportunity to visit developmental centers of their choice which coincide with current skills and themes. The goal of our centers is to reinforce skills and encourage interactive, small group play. We conclude our day with a snack provided by Galilee Preschool and gross motor time to play either outside or in the narthex. Throughout the day, the teachers are modeling appropriate behaviors and encouraging children to play, talk and cooperate in a way which shows kindness and Christ-like behavior. Once a week, the children attend chapel lead by Pastor Hank Simon and Director of Discipleship, Emily Phoenix. The children will also have music time which centers around our theme for the month.

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Other Christian Daycares Near Arnold MD

Annapolis Area Christian School

Annapolis Area Christian School offers a curriculum from... pre-kindergarten through 12th grade founded on certain core principles: biblical integration, partnership with parents, creativity, call to service, primacy of teachers, and St. Ambrose’s statement “All truth is God’s truth.” We believe that truth is knowable and discovered through study and shared experience. While we offer some online courses in partnership with virtual schools, we believe, as other Christian schools do, that students get much more than knowledge from their teachers. Teachers also provide "living curriculum," by sharing their own lives with students, lives that embody the Christlikeness we hope our graduates will also take to heart. Remember God's creative teaching approach with Moses, who was amazed that the bush was on fire but not consumed? God piqued his curiosity, and once he had his attention, was able to get his point across. God gave us inquiring minds, and just as with Moses, we believe God blesses our students with learning as they practice curious inquiry. We equip them with skills in thinking, problem-solving, creating, communicating, leading and serving others. While more than 95 percent of our graduates go directly into college, AACS seeks to prepare students not only for college, but also for recognizing God's will and faithfully pursuing their life’s calling. Our program for 4-year-old children is designed to help students explore God’s world through a rich variety of learning opportunities. For many, this is their first school experience, and a mark that they are growing up. We provide a program with plenty of music, art, and movement; just right for these young learners to develop their curiosity and pleasure in learning! Traditional school subjects including reading, math, science, and Bible are taught through each week’s theme, allowing for an engaging school day. Through integrated units of study, children have an opportunity to learn through center activities, music, art, and play. Creative teacher-directed activities provide rich opportunities for developing knowledge and skills. Active learning activities provide many opportunities for children to develop both fine and gross motor skills. Lots of good books, along with instruction in phonics and letter recognition, help students hone their reading readiness skills. Field trips and Bible stories help students develop socially and spiritually as well. Much laughter and happy smiles characterize both students and teacher during this important year of growth. Our kindergarten year is a year of DISCOVERY! Our children develop their natural curiosity as they investigate God’s world. They begin to lay the foundation for learning as they develop math, reading, and science skills. In a secure, Christ-centered environment, they observe their teachers living out a vibrant relationship with their Creator. Children explore the fun-filled centers room on a regular basis. They begin to learn to read and develop a love of reading by exploring various types of literature in a phonics-based program. Through a variety of field trips and special activities, students have opportunities to explore our region. Computers, chapel, hands on art, music, and personal expression prepare them to be 1st graders who are prepared to learn! Kindergarteners are beginning a journey which we have every hope will lead to a lifelong love of learning. We begin to equip them with the skills they will need to experience satisfaction and success on whatever path God has for them. At AACS we offer a full day program for kindergarten. Our program provides the essential instruction necessary for first grade success. This whole day program includes Physical Education, Music, and Art along with excellent opportunities for extended learning.

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