Cooperative Preschools in Gambrills MD

Cooperative Preschools in Gambrills MD

Magothy Cooperative Preschool
Magothy Cooperative Preschool’s mission is to provide our students a stimulating child-directed environment that encourages creativity, environmental consciousness, self-expression & socialization. The result is a nurtured well-rounded and independent child who has enthusiasm for learning and a positive attitude towards themselves and the world around them. We integrate environmental education into all of our subjects and promote interaction with the natural world as part of our curriculum and operation. A preschool program is your child’s first step into the academic world. Your child will have the opportunity to explore our two spacious classrooms with various independent learning centers. We have four spaces for learning: our Outdoor Classroom, our Music & Movement Room, and our two Discovery Rooms. Our children rotate with the class and teachers through these spaces during the day. A Theme Curriculum is quite successful in a preschool environment. Children appreciate and respond to an ever changing and stimulating environment. The theme will be integrated throughout the learning centers, and will promote hands on approach. For all ages, a general monthly theme will serve as a framework for the introduction of skills and concepts. Vocabulary, letters, sounds and mathematical concepts will be introduced as they relate to the children and topics of study, and as they are age appropriate. Holidays, seasons and weather conditions will be studied as they occur and are experienced by the children. Along with the thematic material, students will learn other helpful skills, such as: character education, diversity and self-help skills. In creating these developmentally appropriate classroom spaces, each child’s needs and interests will be met. Not all children are at the same level to do the same teacher directed activities, and not all children are interested in the same things. Our differentiated classroom environment will help meet each individual child’s needs. Our school is certified through the Maryland Department of Education as a non-public school and as an early childhood development center. Our teachers all hold Bachelor’s Degrees and meet continued ed. requirements. Magothy Cooperative Preschool is a member of Parent Cooperative Preschools International.

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Other Cooperative Preschools Near Gambrills MD

Greenbelt Nursery School

Greenbelt Nursery School offers nursery school classes for children ages two, three, and four as well as extended care programs. We are in session... from September through early June. We offer full-day educational programs. Extended care is open to children ages 3 and 4 who are enrolled in our nursery school classes. Children age 2 may also be accepted on a trial basis if their families and our staff agree that they are ready for it. Lunch Bunch is available from 11:30 am to 12:30 pm, Monday through Friday. The children play outdoors in our secure playground (indoors in inclement weather) for about half an hour. Then they have lunch. Children bring their lunches with them. We serve milk. Enrichment is available from 11:30 am to 4 pm or from 11:30 am to 6 pm. After lunch, the children rest on their cots, lights out. Some children nap, some don't. All have quiet time. Afterwards, we engage the children in a variety of activities and projects, in the classroom and - except in inclement weather - outdoors. We serve a snack. Each family is required to take on one job in the operation of the school. Many hands make light work! Families can assist with publicity, planning, scheduling, events, shopping, record keeping, and many other jobs. Committee responsibilities are determined and selected at the June membership meeting. Families can help staff the classrooms on a rotating basis, ensuring a high adult-to-child ratio. This is a wonderful opportunity to see your child interact at School, to get to know your child's classmates, and to participate in the basic function of the School. Classroom shifts are about three hours. Families who choose not to volunteer in the classrooms pay a higher tuition rate. For all classes, full co-op means that you will work two or three times a month depending on class size and number of classes per month. Limited co-op, all classes, means you'll work once a month. Non co-op means that you are not obligated to volunteer in the classroom. We limit the number of non co-oping families to one third of the class.

South County Prek Cooperative

SCPC Education Goals Welcome! At The South County Pre-Kindergarten Co-op, we believe that a child’s work is their play. Young children learn best by... doing. Learning isn’t just repeating what someone else says; it requires active thinking and experimenting on the part of the child. Children need to manipulate blocks, try on the dress-ups, interact with each other, squish Play-Doh, finger paint, cut-and-paste, and try a variety of other activities to be a successful learner. Play provides the foundation for the rest of their learning. Please review Our Program to learn how the developmental and educational environment at SCPC has been specifically designed to meet these goals. SCPC Mission The South County Pre-Kindergarten Co-op is an organization made up of parents and teachers providing their children with quality child care and education at a reasonable cost. Our cooperative environment allows parents to participate and offer input to their child’s classroom experience. Review Our Program to learn the variety of concepts that your child will also be exposed to in the midst of all this play. Our Program Enrollment Calendar Teacher’s Corner 3’s Corner 4′ Corner The South County Pre-Kindergarten Co-Op has been uniquely designed and is prepared to accomplish our Mission and Educational Goals. We have small class sizes with a small parent-to-child ratio. Our facility is large and well equipped to provide children an opportunity to explore and create. We also provide an opportunity for parents to participate in their child’s first school experience and to meet other families with young children. Most importantly, we like to have fun! Follow the links to learn more about our Three’s Program and Four’s Program. Curriculum: All our classes follow the The Creative Curriculum for Preschool by Dodge, Colker and Heroman. “The Creative Curriculum® for Preschool is remarkably comprehensive, offering a valuable overview of the theories and research behind the Curriculum, and integrating new developments in the field? The Creative Curriculum for Preschool is indeed one of the most useful tools in our profession, offering ’the big picture’ and a range of specific, practical strategies.” – Margie Carter, early childhood college instructor, author, consultant.

Greenway Learning Center For Infant And Children

Greenway Learning Center is committed to providing a positive, stimulating environment for your child’s emotional, cognitive, and physical... development. Our staff is highly trained and experienced in early childhood education. Specifically, the staff at Greenway Learning Center is committed to providing a warm and nurturing environment with plenty of hugs as well as attention to individual emotional needs. Children are encouraged to play together, help one another, and develop caring relationships with each other and with the staff. Plenty of opportunity is provided for play, both free, unstructured play time, and coordinated group activities. Children love to play, and it is their major mechanism for learning about the world and how they fit into it. Positive, gentle and respectful guidance form the basis for discipline. Children learn how to interact with others for the well being of all the children. Greenway Learning Center is committed to making the most of a child’s first five years by creating an early childhood environment that supports the needs of young children. he Greenway Learning Center operates as a non-profit, tax-exempt, parent cooperative. When you enroll your child, you become a member of the cooperative. This entitles you to a vote in electing the Board of Directors and allows you to run for Board membership should you desire. All voting members of the Board are parents with children enrolled in the Center. The Board of directors has full policy-making power. Parents are asked, on an elective basis, to perform tasks for the center. We look forward to working together with you. Days at Greenway begin and end with children of all ages engaging in supervised free play together. By 9 a.m. the children have retired to their individual classrooms to begin the day’s curriculum with their teachers. We have separate rooms for the infants (8 weeks to 18 months), toddlers (18 months to 2 years), twos (2 year olds) and pre-schoolers (3 to 5 year olds). Our curriculum focuses at the earlier ages on physical development and achieving age-appropriate milestones. Starting with twos, we begin to introduce academic topics such as letters, numbers, colors and shapes. However, at this age children learn primarily through play, so the day is also filled with various group activities, crafts, and playing outdoors or going on walks. We celebrate special occasions throughout the year from Super Bowl Friday and Valentine’s Day to the antics of the leprechaun in March, an Easter egg hunt in April, water play twice a week during the summer months, a picnic to celebrate the end of summer, a visit to the pumpkin patch in the fall, a Halloween parade, Thanksgiving, and even a visit from Santa in December. From Mother’s Day breakfast to Back to School night to that special moment when your pre-schooler finally graduates and goes off to kindergarten, Greenway’s schedule is packed with ways for parents to come and interact with their children.

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