Cooperative Preschools in Linthicum Heights MD

Cooperative Preschools in Linthicum Heights MD

Oakland Mills Nursery School
Oakland Mills Nursery, Inc., (OMNS) was established in 1970, is a non-profit, cooperative nursery school. The mission of OMNS in partnership with teachers and members, is to ensure a safe, fun, and educationally enriched environment that successfully introduces young children to school. OMNS welcomes a diverse community of members and celebrates cultural diversity in the classroom. We strive to create and maintain a supportive and nurturing environment for all families. OMNS Philosophy: The OMNS philosophy affirms the individual learning styles of each child. The spirit of play is present in all activities to promote the social, physical, intellectual and emotional development of the children. Our individually developed and MSDE approved curriculum is focused on kindergarten readiness through the discovery approach and learning through play philosophy. The OMNS curriculum provides thematically based developmentally appropriate activities to foster a love of learning and growth in all domains of learning. While the majority of the school day is devoted to child-directed exploration, it is balanced by structured small and large group activities. A wide variety of toys, games, books, music, and art supplies enhance the learning process; build thinking skills and stimulate a child’s imagination. All aspects of the OMNS program incorporate research based best practices, and are aligned with MSDE early childhood standards. We are committed to on-going program evaluation and improvement. Using yearly school-wide surveys and the MSDE accreditation self-evaluation instrument, we continuously strive to improve our program. (Accredited since December 2010) OMNS supports and requires on-going professional development for our teachers. A quality program depends on a high level of continued professional training. Teachers attend classes and conferences to improve their teaching skills and knowledge. OMNS promotes and builds relationships with families, community agencies and resources. By partnering with our broader community, we strengthen our program and better support our members.

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Other Cooperative Preschools Near Linthicum Heights MD

Running Brook Children's Nursery School

About Us: A co-operative preschool is a school established and directed by parents. Parents select and hire a qualified teaching staff, take turns... working beside teachers in the classroom, and manage all the institutional needs of the program. Parent participation keeps costs relatively modest, compared to schools run on corporate systems. Co-op schools have a community feel, and families tend to form close relationships that last well beyond the pre-school years. Running Brook Children’s Nursery (RBCN) was established in 1969. Our school is based on a collaborative effort between parents and teachers, dedicated to bringing meaningful and enriching experiences to preschool children, and building a supportive community for their families. RBCN offers a preschool program for two-, three-, and four-year-old children. Our teachers are highly qualified and experienced. RBCN is a non-profit educational institution. We are an equal opportunity employer, and follow state and federal governmental guidelines for non-discrimination in hiring and acceptance policies. Our Mission: The vision and mission of Running Brook Children’s Nursery is to provide a high quality early education program for preschoolers, which is focused on support for families, responsive and sensitive to the interests and needs of the local community, supportive of social, cultural and linguistic diversity, mindful of creating and sustaining community connections, and dedicated to welcoming, encouraging, and supporting the full engagement of the families its serves in every possible way. All children, including those with special needs, deserve safe, nurturing, and developmentally appropriate care. We welcome all children into our program, and work cooperatively with community support agencies to offer appropriate care and education. Our program fosters a sense of belonging. We believe that children learn best when they have a strong sense of belonging and are provided an atmosphere in which to discover the world on their own, in their own time, according to their own abilities and interests. Our families and staff members work cooperatively to create a safe, loving environment. Our program is play based. It provides a child centered curriculum, based upon developmentally and age appropriate early childhood standards, supported by research and aligned with current best practices in the field. We believe PLAY is a child’s work, and that the spirit of play must be present in all aspects of early childhood learning. We are committed to developmentally appropriate, research based best practices in all aspects of our program. These include attention to health and safety, social & emotional development, developmentally appropriate curriculum, careful program administration, staff development, community involvement, and maintaining a supportive, nurturing environment for all of the families in our care. We have a strong commitment to professional development for our staff. A quality program depends upon a high level of professional training. We support our teachers in activities which advance their skills, knowledge and professional credentialing in the field of early care and education. We believe in fostering active engagement of families in our program. Parents volunteer in classroom on a regular basis as members of a co-operative school. They serve as primary administrators, help to develop policy, conduct ongoing evaluations of the program, and serve as committee members to ensure the smooth functioning of the program as a whole. We promote and maintain strong ties with community agencies and resources. We recognize that community connections are vital to providing support to families and increasing the strength of our program. We have well established links throughout the broader community in Howard County and promote partnerships that strengthen our families. We are committed to ongoing program evaluation and self improvement. We strive to continuously improve the program though rigorous annual self-evaluation using the standards established by the MSDE accreditation instrument. Program-Why our parents participate: Parents are a vital part of our program. During every class, parents play and work with children, support their learning, and model the social behaviors necessary for their success. Parents participating in the co-op have three primary advantages: -The ability to see how their children interact with both other children and adults. -An opportunity to build relationships and share insights with other parents. -A setting that makes possible, through direct experience, the ability to achieve a better understanding of a preschool child’s capacities in every arena-physical, social, emotional and creative, thereby providing them perspective in assessing their own children's development. -How our parents participate As a co-op, we require full participation by all parents. The success of a cooperative nursery is totally dependent on the quality of effort put forth by its members. Parents share the work of administration and management of the school. Specific responsibilities include: -Co-oping every 4 to 6 weeks, depending on class size. -Serving on the Board of Directors, or serving on school support committee. -Attending regular class meetings and general meetings. -Participating in one mandatory fundraising activity. -Participating in one housekeeping assignment, unless exempted by a designated board position. Additional benefits: -The lead teacher visits new students at their home prior to the beginning of the school year. -Parent Workshops are provided to educate the families on the curriculum and other relevant parenting topics. -A parent lending library is available to all families -Summer playgroups are held for each class. -School wide field trips, social events and end of the year picnic are planned annually. -Potty training is not required We are open from 9:00am until 3:15pm and care for children as young as 2 years through 4 years old, including children with special needs. We offer part time care. We provide snacks and offer a peanut and tree-nut free environment. Running Brook Children's Nursery School is a co-op program that requires parents' active involvement. At a minimum, our teachers have a Bachelor's degree. To learn more, please call us or send us an email. Please be sure to mention that you found us on CareLuLu.

Magothy Cooperative Preschool

Magothy Cooperative Preschool’s mission is to provide our students a stimulating child-directed environment that encourages creativity, environmental... consciousness, self-expression & socialization. The result is a nurtured well-rounded and independent child who has enthusiasm for learning and a positive attitude towards themselves and the world around them. We integrate environmental education into all of our subjects and promote interaction with the natural world as part of our curriculum and operation. A preschool program is your child’s first step into the academic world. Your child will have the opportunity to explore our two spacious classrooms with various independent learning centers. We have four spaces for learning: our Outdoor Classroom, our Music & Movement Room, and our two Discovery Rooms. Our children rotate with the class and teachers through these spaces during the day. A Theme Curriculum is quite successful in a preschool environment. Children appreciate and respond to an ever changing and stimulating environment. The theme will be integrated throughout the learning centers, and will promote hands on approach. For all ages, a general monthly theme will serve as a framework for the introduction of skills and concepts. Vocabulary, letters, sounds and mathematical concepts will be introduced as they relate to the children and topics of study, and as they are age appropriate. Holidays, seasons and weather conditions will be studied as they occur and are experienced by the children. Along with the thematic material, students will learn other helpful skills, such as: character education, diversity and self-help skills. In creating these developmentally appropriate classroom spaces, each child’s needs and interests will be met. Not all children are at the same level to do the same teacher directed activities, and not all children are interested in the same things. Our differentiated classroom environment will help meet each individual child’s needs. Our school is certified through the Maryland Department of Education as a non-public school and as an early childhood development center. Our teachers all hold Bachelor’s Degrees and meet continued ed. requirements. Magothy Cooperative Preschool is a member of Parent Cooperative Preschools International.

Wilde Lake Children's Nursery

Wilde Lake Children’s Nursery is a co-operative preschool, established in 1968, offering programs for 2, 3, and 4 year olds. At WLCN, parents play an... active role in the school by helping out both in and out of the classroom. We believe that children learn best through play, and at their own pace. Each program has been tailored to meet the developmental goals for each age, and is also flexible enough to meet the unique needs of your child. We are proud to have a staff that is well educated, experienced and dedicated, who relate well with both children and the co-op parents. Our co-op parents are a welcome and necessary part of the daily program. Your child will be thrilled to be the “co-op friend” and to help you with the snacks and cleanup. Even if you are not co-oping that day, you are always welcome to drop in and see what the children are doing. According to the WLCN parents, one helpful feature of our school is that the children are not required to be toilet trained. Your child can proceed at his or her own natural pace with help and encouragement at home and at school. Another benefit of the school is that infants under the age of six months can accompany their parent to school co-op days. Parents with children over the age of six months are frequently able to swap babysitting with another parent. As Columbia, Maryland’s first co-operative preschool, WLCN offers a strong feeling of community and family support. The spirit of cohesiveness and cooperation among the families at WLCN is something very special. WLCN is a member of the Howard County Co-Op Council. Contact us to schedule a tour and discover for yourself all Wilde Lake Childrens Nursery has to offer.

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