Drop-in Daycare in Arlington VA

Recent Reviews for Drop-in Daycare in Arlington VA
Braddock Early Learning Bilingual Daycare, Alexandria
"Our two children thrived during their time at this facility! We moved out of the area, or we’d still be attending. As a parent, it’s wonderful knowing that your kids are well" Read More
Montgomery Bilingual Spanish Daycare, Springfield
"we have sent both of our children to this provider and we LOVE them. The facility is safe and clean, warm and welcoming. They have an amazing backyard space that the kids play on" Read More
Frequently Asked Questions
How many drop-in daycares and preschools are there in Arlington?
There are 400 drop-in daycares and preschools in Arlington, based on CareLuLu data. This includes 282 home-based programs and 118 centers.
How much does daycare cost in Arlington?
The cost of daycare in Arlington is $2,474 per month. This is the average price for full-time, based on CareLuLu data, including homes and centers.
How many drop-in daycares and preschools accept infants in Arlington?
Based on CareLuLu data, 288 drop-in daycares and preschools care for infants (as well as toddlers). This includes 206 home-based programs and 82 centers.
How many drop-in daycares and preschools teach a foreign language in Arlington (Spanish, French, Chinese, etc.)?
Based on CareLuLu data, 203 drop-in daycares and preschools speak at least one foreign language. Most common languages include Spanish, Urdu, Hindi, Arabic and French.