Best French Daycares in Cabin John MD

French Daycares in Cabin John MD

Little Flower School
The mission of Little Flower School is to share in the educational ministry of the Catholic Church. We strive to help each student achieve academic excellence and reach his or her spiritual and social potential by “Creating A Caring Community through Respect and Responsibility”. About Our Classes Little Flower School has a staff of 23 teachers, 5 full-time aides and a school counselor. There is one classroom at each grade level from Pre-Kindergarten through Grade 8. The Pre-Kindergarten Program PreK students attend class daily from 8:10 A.M. to 12:00 Noon. Students may be enrolled in an optional Extended Lunch session which entends their day until 1:00 P.M. There is no additional After Care option for PreK students. The PreK classroom is staffed by a teacher and a full-time aide. Students participate in Physical Education and Music classes twice a week and Library once a week. The Kindergarten Program Kindergarten students attend class daily from 8:10 A.M. to 2:50 P.M. The classroom is staffed by a teacher and a full-time aide. Students participate in Physical Education and Music classes twice a week and Library and Art once a week. The Primary Grades Grade 1-3 classrooms are staffed by a teacher and a full-time aide. Students participate in Physical Education, Music and Foreign Language (French or Spanish) classes twice per week and Library and Art once a week. Students in Grades 2-3 also take a Computer class once a week. The Upper Grades Grade 4-8 classrooms are staffed by a homeroom teacher and students rotate to other departmental teachers, usually in smaller sized groups. Students participate in Physical Education, Music and Foreign Language (French or Spanish) classes 2-3 times per week and Library, Computer and Art once a week. After Care Program A well-supervised and licensed After Care Program is available from 3:00 PM – 6:00 PM on all days that school is in full-day session. There is no care on days with early dismissal. After Care Participants must be registered students at Little Flower School in Kindergarten -Grade 8. There is no After Care program for Pre-Kindergarten. We have a capacity of 25 children per day. Children must be pre-registered – drop-in students cannot be accepted. There is a $30 registration fee and a charge of $12 per day (billed monthly) regardless of the amount of time spent in attendance. Days often fill quickly so we encourage prompt registration at the beginning of the year. Any changes thereafter are dependant on space availability for the requested day.
The Woods Academy
The Woods Academy is an inclusive Catholic community preparing boys and girls to lead lives of significance. Our academic program begins with Primary Montessori for students ages 3 – 6. It is a balanced and integrated curriculum in a classroom whose materials are beautiful, precise, and developmentally appropriate. Lessons are given individually. After Montessori we transition to a more “traditional” environment for our students in Grades 1 -8 that is filled with innovative and hands on opportunities; ways for children to truly understand what we are teaching. Our full time Reading Specialist and Math Resource teacher are in the classrooms working side by side with our teachers and our children, helping them develop the foundational skills they need to be successful. We prepare all students for the intellectual and social challenges at public, independent, and Catholic high schools. Our comprehensive high school placement program places nearly 100% of our students into their first choice high school. Outside of our strong academic program our children are exposed to a fine arts program, music classes that teach everything from drums of the world to classical guitar, technology that includes robotics and programming and coding, physical education classes twice a week in our state of the art gym or on our playing fields, and a library that encourages everyone to pick up a book and read. We seek to provide our students with an atmosphere that develops a lifelong love of learning by exposing them to a well-rounded curriculum that will develop their critical thinking and problem solving skills, not only for school but for life. The Woods Academy is where children come to discover their talents, grow in their faith, challenge themselves, and foster a strong desire to lead lives of significance.

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Potomac Hills Bilingual Spanish Playhouse

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Little Acorns Elc

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Other French Daycares Near Cabin John MD

Children In The Shoe East West Towers

The Children in the Shoe Inc. provides high quality early care and... education for young children. Our programs are play-based, emphasizing creativity, cooperation and social development. Our emergent curriculum is inspired and driven by the imaginations of children and supported by skillful, knowledgeable teachers, who plan developmentally appropriate experiences based on demonstrated effective early childhood practices. We strive to instill in each child, a joyful passion for learning and a secure social foundation based in cooperative play, self-expression and positive conflict resolution. Academics such as letters, numbers, science, geography, and social studies flow naturally from the creative and exploratory process of guided play. A child who has discovered that the learning process is fun and rewarding is truly prepared to meet the challenges of the more directed teaching methods that they will encounter in Kindergarten and beyond. The Children in the Shoe develops strong caring partnerships with each child's family through daily communication and by listening carefully to parents' ideas and effectively addressing their concerns. We offer regular parent teacher conferences and child assessments, as well as observations, resources, referrals and advice from infancy through preschool. It is our goal to enrich the lives of our employees by providing a safe, happy and supportive place of work. We endeavor to inspire our teachers and directors to continue to advance in the field of Early Childhood Development and to laugh and have fun with the children for whom we are so privileged to care.

Communikids Preschool

Our mission at CommuniKids is to prepare young children to become the... global citizens of tomorrow by creating a joyful, playful, and nurturing environment that immerses students in a second language. Our program strives to instill the disposition, knowledge, and skills required to succeed in a highly interconnected world. At CommuniKids, we prepare young children to become the global citizens of tomorrow while immersing them in a second language. We offer our NAEYC-accredited preschool, which immerses children in a second language and new culture, while also preparing them for kindergarten. Preschool is available for children from age 2 1/2 – age 5. Our DC and Loudoun County, VA locations offer preschool in only Spanish. Our Falls Church location offers preschool in Spanish and French. Our Richmond, VA location offers preschool in Spanish and Mandarin Chinese. Our afterschool Language Enrichment Program offers classes for children from age 18 months up to age 8, in order to further practice their language skills in either Spanish, French, Chinese, or Arabic. These classes provide developmentally-appropriate ways for children to learn the new language, including: singing, dancing, playing, and, for the school-age students, reading and writing as well. Our summer camps offer summer fun while learning about nature, animals, and plants. All of our summer camps offer Spanish-language immersion, and some of our locations offer French or Mandarin, as well. CommuniKids began as a small, parent-run cooperative preschool in 2003 and has developed into the DC Metro area’s premier children’s language center and preschool. At the very beginning, three of our top executives were inspired by the idea of having their own children develop into multilingual, multicultural global citizens. They had their own children enrolled in their new school, and have been thrilled to watch their children grow into the global, multilingual young people they see today. Seeing these extraordinary linguistic and cultural developments in their own children, they hoped to be able to do the same for other families as well. As a team, in 2005, we began broadening our scope into afterschool programs for children. We established our preschool program in 2009 in both Falls Church, VA and Washington, DC. In the spring of 2015, we opened a new preschool center in Richmond, VA and in the summer of the same year, we opened another center in Loudoun County, VA. CommuniKids was the area’s first language center to offer classes for children ages 18 months to 8 years of age in Spanish, French, Mandarin, and Arabic, and is currently the only children’s language center to offer a full-time, Spanish and French-immersion preschool in the greater Washington area. We are proud of our story and are very excited about its future chapters.

Westgate Child Center

* For Our Parents * Events OUR CENTER: A non-profit daycare and... before and after-school care center for children, 2.5 years to 12 years of age. Licensed by Fairfax County and The Commonwealth of Virginia, our Center offers a pre-school curriculum of learning through play as well as extended care for school-age children. OUR COMMITMENT: Since we opened in 1973, our center has been committed to providing high quality education. Through carefully planned play activities and thematic units of study, our programs focus on each child's social, emotional, physical, and intellectual needs in a stimulating yet warm and caring environment. OUR SUCCESS: Our center maintains an excellent child - teacher ratio of 5:1. We are proud of our low child-teacher ratio, which enables our trained and professional teachers to focus on the individual needs and talents of each child. Westgate Child Center does not discriminate on the basis of race, creed, gender, disability, or national/ethnic origin. We are non-sectarian, non-profit, private, independent, and nondiscriminatory. We believe in equal education, attention and care for all children without regard to race, color, religion, national origin, sex, or disability. OUR PARENTS: Parent involvement is encouraged and welcome. Preschool teachers prepare monthly lesson plans to keep parents informed of school activities, and to provide insight into what occurs during your child's day. In addition, parents receive weekly reports of their child's progress during the school week. Parent-teacher meetings to address specific student concerns can be arranged as needed. Back to school night, graduation, and regular holiday parties provide opportunities for parents, teachers, and children to socialize after the school day. Parents are welcome to join field trips, share a hobby or life skill, and participate in holiday events. OUR TEACHERS: The average tenure at Westgate is 10 years. Our culturally diverse staff brings experience and creates a loving and positive environment for the children in our care. Our focus is to meet the individual needs of each child. OUR CLASSROOMS: Pooh Land, Rainbow Room, and Little League are bright, clean, and organized into different areas of activity, with educational toys and materials at the reach of children. Breakfast, lunch, and afternoon snack are served each day. All classrooms have computers with age-appropriate educational programs that are part of the scheduled activities. Sunshine Room (ages 2.5 to 4 years): The curriculum includes age-appropriate vocabulary, math concepts, shapes, colors, and arts & crafts. These activities are planned around weekly themes. Each child proceeds at his/her own pace. Activities change every half hour, keeping in mind the attention span of the age group. Children enjoy library and circle times outdoor play in our spacious playground, reading sessions, music, and introduction to Spanish. Rainbow Room (Pre-Kindergarten for ages 4 and 5 years): The curriculum is age appropriate and planned around weekly themes. Activities change every half hour. Children are encouraged to do group projects, enjoy hands-on computer activities, music, reading, arts and crafts, vocabulary, math concepts and outdoor play. Children are encouraged to read and write at their own pace. The daily schedule provides for alternating periods of quiet and active play. Our teachers have many years of experience preparing children for entrance into Kindergarten. Little League (Before & After school care for ages 5 to 12 years): The program is designed to engage and challenge school-age children in a 'club - like' environment. The activities center around homework, arts & crafts, group sports and appropriate games and toys. WESTGATE'S ASSOCIATION WITH KENT GARDENS ELEMENTARY: Westgate has had an association with Kent Gardens for many years. Our before and after school program accomodates children attending Kent Gardens. All children can take the school bus from Westgate to Kent Gardens. The Kindergarten children attend the afternoon session at Kent Gardens. Upon the return from Kent Gardens at 3:15 pm. the Little League children have snack, outdoor play, participate in club activities and homework group. WESTGATE'S SUMMER PROGRAMS: Westgate's summer program is designed to provide children with a fun, relaxing, and safe summer--- full of water play, bike riding, visiting musicians & entertainers, and field trips to museums and parks. Below are sample summer program activities. These activities vary from year to year. Preschoolers: Upton Pool Days, Bike Days, Theater Arts, National Zoo, Burke Lake Train Ride School-age Children: Port Discovery, Cookout (parents invited), Upton Pool Days, Pirate Cruise, Outdoor Water Play, Bull Run

Montessori School of Chevy Chase

The Montessori School of Chevy Chase was founded in 1999 and serves... approximately 60 children from many diverse cultures and backgrounds each year. Our school enjoys a reputation for academic excellence and active parent involvement. Our founder/director of the school, Marlene Cherry, holds an AMI Primary Montessori Diploma, a Masters Degree in Montessori Education and a BS in Education. All teachers are Montessori certified and take ongoing classes to further their education. The Montessori School of Chevy Chase is a member of the International Montessori Council and the American Montessori Society. Overview Montessori is an educational approach focusing on independence, respect for a child’s natural development, and freedom (within limits). It is founded on the premise that while children develop in different ways and at different rates, they do so in a defined sequence. The Montessori approach holds that young children have a natural drive to understand the world around them and they can best learn through self-teaching in carefully prepared environments, under the guidance of a caring teacher. Montessori Teachers Montessori teachers help individual children find challenges appropriate for their skill level. While traditional teachers tend to act as leaders and organizers, Montessori teachers serve more as a guides and facilitators. It is their job to provide positive reinforcement and steer children towards challenging activities while respecting their freedom of choice. Montessori Classrooms Classrooms in Montessori schools are specially designed to spark curiosity, minimize unnecessary failure and promote feelings of joy when achievement occurs. Children start by focusing on concrete and manipulative tasks then shift to more abstract tasks as knowledge and proficiency increase. In a Montessori classroom, the goal is to stimulate the desire for self exploration and understanding. Our Program Child The Montessori School of Chevy Chase provides quality learning and growth opportunities for children between the ages of 18 months and 6 years old. All of our programs fully embrace the Montessori method of teaching which includes an emphasis on self-directed learning, mixed age group classrooms and building independence & confidence.

Caterpillar Preschool

Caterpillar Preschool Through both Spanish and French language... immersion programs, children naturally develop or enhance their target language by engaging in age appropriate, authentic, hands on learning experiences. Caterpillar Preschool strives to provide a successful learning experience for both children and their families by creating a community of dedicated individuals who value communication, respect, and growth. We come from all walks of life, forming a culturally rich environment with varying perspectives and backgrounds. We have a diverse group of families. Several of our families are English speakers! We also have children who may have one or both parents who are bilingual or native speakers. Some children are themselves native French or Spanish speakers. Our mission is to provide a safe, developmentally appropriate, inclusive environment for preschool and school age children. Our focus is to provide an education experience which promotes each child's social, emotional, physical and cognitive development. City Gate/Caterpillar Preschool will provide child care that meets the needs of each child and family through collaborative staff, child and parents involvement. City Gate/Caterpillar prides itself in meeting the individual needs of each child, while providing quality, reliable and safe child care. City Gate/Caterpillar Preschool is dedicated to providing a warm and loving family environment for children. With our small size we are able to give quality, individualized care to families at affordable prices. As we view City Gate/Caterpillar Preschool as a family, the importance of family bonds cannot be understood; siblings are encouraged to interact with one another, and we want everyone involved; children, parents and staff alike; to feel like they are part of our extended family. We follow the creative curriculum, a research based guide designed specifically for Early Childhood. The framework of the Creative Curriculum takes into consideration how children learn and the physical environment in which learning takes place. In addition, our teachers bring their own unique contributions from their years of experience in teaching. You will notice Montessori, Waldorf and Reggio Emilia inspired ideas intermingled within the classrooms. Incorporating our monthly themes into the learning process enhances our program.

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