Best French Daycares in Crofton MD

French Daycares in Crofton MD

Angels Place Daycare
Angels Place is a day care and preschool facility with the sole aim of grooming children from infancy to school age gradually introducing them to the world of education. Angels place family day care was licensed by the Maryland state board of education office of childcare in 2011. As the owner , I personally believe that children should be given a chance to express themselves in their own way. Childhood is the only time in our lives when we freely display our inner thoughts without any fear of criticism. It is a time of ignorance and like some cultures will put it. It is a time of semi-lunacy in the life everybody. A child does not seem to care if anyone is watching every activity he or she engages in. They are carefree and open to everything around them. They express themselves without a single care in the world. As a child Care specialist with more than 28 years of experience I put all these into consideration when interacting with children. Every activity and lesson is planned in the most appropriate child centered manner because you can only reach any child by "acting like one". We offer two activities everyday, one immediately after breakfast and circle time while the other one is right after snacks shortly after their nap time in the afternoon. We also observe two outdoor play times everyday allowing them flex their muscles and relax. We operate an open door policy encouraging parents to visit at anytime during the day care hours to see how their children are doing. We are open all year round with exception of federal holidays and emergency closings due to weather and any other natural disasters. I encourage you to schedule a tour today to see things for yourselves and I believe you will be glad you did.

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La Petite Child Care

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Other French Daycares Near Crofton MD

Key School

The Key-Wee through Kindergarten programs at Key School offer... children aged two years, eight months and up a happy and enriching school experience in a secure and caring environment. With the highest priority placed on building self-confidence while developing the whole child, the program is implemented with the utmost attention to the needs, talents, and uniqueness of each individual. An integrated curriculum provides an introduction to a host of intellectual experiences that enhance each child’s understanding of, and appreciation for, the world. Key’s Pre-K 3 began their study of Germany on Monday with a very special video message from Herr Hannon, a friend of Pre-Kindergarten teacher Jackie Olson. Over the course of the next several weeks, the students will Skype with Herr Hannon they learn more about Germany, its culture and traditions, and its language. The study will culminate with a traditional "Martinstag" celebration, honoring the kindness of St. Martin. All members of the class will perform classic German children's songs to commemorate the occasion. Pre-K 4 children are invited to embark on an After School Program journey that will build their global perspectives. Through interactive games, imaginary travel and cultural crafts, students enrolled in the Cultural Enrichment Activity will develop an understanding of the interconnectedness of our world community. Read More Key’s Kindergarteners are busily engaged with new interactive iPad applications that are reinforcing reading and math skills, while tapping into the students’ natural interest in, and facility with, technology. In September, Key technology integrator Nina Glime began introducing the students to the classroom iPads by providing them with opportunities to play with the available tools in several of the programs. Not surprisingly, the students displayed an extremely short learning curve and were eagerly working within minutes of picking up the devices—their creations were amazing! The students are now using a series of developmentally appropriate apps designed to support the work they are undertaking in the classroom.

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