Best French Daycares in Towson MD

French Daycares in Towson MD

Discover Learning Center
We believe that we are part time stewards of your child's life during the time he or she is with us. Your child will feel safe, secure and happy to come every day to the best of our ability. We are a temporary extension of the job you as parents are doing. We wish to be part of the "community it takes to raise a child" using tools such as trust, respect, patience and education just to name a few. Central to this philosophy is the belief that secure relationships with responsive and respectful adults provide the basis for all learning. With these relationships in place, children develop a capacity for trust, competence and independence that helps them grow as students and people Our "The Empowered Child", childcare curriculum strengthens the children's emerging physical and social-emotional, cognitive and language skills, to prepare your child for kindergarten and beyond. We do this with developmentally appropriate child care experiences, wondrous classroom spaces, challenging indoor and outdoor play areas and responsive teacher-child relationships from our dedicated teachers to our administrators and support staff. Everyone at Discover Learning Center is committed to: Providing a secure, caring and enriched environment that promotes learning and the development of the whole child. Developing lifelong relationships and creating family solutions that enhance the quality of life for our children and their families. Providing a fun, challenging work environment that fosters teamwork, inspires excellence and encourages contribution by all team members. Leveraging technology to develop innovative learning products and solutions.

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Drool of Rock

"Currently I have 2 children actively enrolled at Drool of Rock. At one point, I had all 3 of my little ones enrolled. My 5 year old has since graduated and goes to kindergarten now, and every day she"

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Bambi Home Daycare

"We Love Tenya! We’ve been going here a year and a half and we are so pleased with the care and love our children receive. They eat well, have great areas for indoor ad outdoor play, and a quiet ..."

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Mount Paran Early Learning Center

Social & Emotional Development Children will learn responsibility... and accountability for their individual actions and behavior. Students will develop the ability to share and cooperate with others, create friendships, exercise self control, self expression and begin to behave in a pro-social way. Physical development Although some aspects of physical development happen naturally, advanced physical development happens through taught skills. The center will assist your child with mastering fine motor skills, enhance hand-eye coordination, direction, perform large motor skills, and control over their body. Language & Cognitive Development The center will assist your child with developing effective and appropriate self-expression and individualism. Students will be prepared to excel in the next level, and will have an increased excitement for learning. Students will be able to effectively problem solve, express thoughts and ideas, classify, sort, match and identify objects, and develop their imagination. Letters and Literacy The center promotes academic readiness; students will learn to identify letters of the alphabet and sounds they make, develop complex phrases and full sentences. Additionally, they will begin to recognize rhyming words, syllables within words and the skills to read and write. Math and Science Our program fosters curiosity and inquiry in students. Children learn to identify shapes, colors, and weight. They learn how to identify, compare, and describe size, measuring concepts, counting, numbers, simple addition and subtraction. They also learn about ecology and the environment. In addition, students will develop use and awareness of their senses.

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