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Coronado Prep Preschool

The philosophy at Coronado Prep Preschool is based on the belief that... the developmental needs and interests of each child are unique and special. Our commitment is that every child is to be valued, respected, and cherished. Learning begins from the moment we are all born. Every child is unique and develops at their own pace with our emergent curriculum we can achieve that goal. Our curriculum is about capturing the passion inside a child. Our goals are: To provide a loving and safe environment that your child will strive on. To build the foundation in which they will learn To provide a special learning experience for our children To create a structured curriculum To build positive relationships. At Coronado Prep Preschool we offer a live video monitoring system in which you can watch live from anywhere with your cell phone or desktop computer. You may find this feature on our website under Parents Corner. Developmental milestones are guidelines to guide child care professionals as well as parents of developmental progress. Milestone Overview: Mile stones are what one can expect to see during various phases of development and can help caregivers and families plan appropriate activities. Gross /Fine Motor: This category involves the use of muscles and physical milestones. Gross motor involves sitting up, standing, crawling and walking. Fine motor involves eye hand coordination, manipulating objects with hands and dexterity Language and Hearing: This category includes communication both verbal and non-verbal. Social and Emotional: How children interact with other people. Cognitive: a child’s ability to think, learn and solve problems

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"We have had our three kids with Stacey Hafner Family Care in Henderson for over 7 years and have received nothing but top quality support. We highly recommend their day care based on the small, safe"

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