Best Jewish Daycares in Burtonsville MD

Jewish Daycares in Burtonsville MD

Early Childhood School At B'nai Shalom of Olney
The curriculum at The Early Childhood School is designed to be developmentally appropriate for each group of children, with particular emphasis on meeting the individual needs and interests of each child. We strive to create an atmosphere where learning experiences will occur and where children take an active part in the learning process. Our classrooms are arranged to maximize children's play, thinking, reasoning and problem-solving skills. Our curriculum includes a literacy circle, music, art, puzzles and games, small and large muscle activities, field trips and shows, cooking, science and nature. To give the children the foundation they need to be successful in elementary school, our curriculum includes kindergarten readiness skills. Pre-academics will include exposure to colors, shapes, numbers, letters, and basic phonemic awareness skills. Our teachers use the Montgomery County Indicators of Learning as a guide for their planning. It is our goal that our students will be ready for kindergarten from the foundation of learning they receive at the ECS. Our program is play based and presents cognitive learning with developmentally appropriate materials and strategies in classrooms that meet children's interests and needs. It is our desire to provide a warm, loving Jewish environment where each child feels secure and happy and where learning is meaningful and fun. All children are welcome. We offer both full time and part time programs, 3-5 days a week. Enrichment classes are offered each afternoon and include science, yoga, cooking, literacy, Hebrew, soccer, martial arts, and more!
Tikvat Israel Ecc
TIKVAT ISRAEL ECC (formerly known as Broadman-Kaplan Early Childhood Center of Tikvat Israel) is a Preschool & Child Care Center located in Rockville, MD and licensed by the Maryland State Department of Education. Our high-quality Jewish early childhood program serves children ages 18 months – 5 years and offers FLEXIBLE SCHEDULING options to meet the needs of families. Our ECC Family is a close-knit group of inquisitive children, nurturing educators and supportive families and is part of the larger synagogue community of Tikvat Israel Congregation. At TIKVAT ISRAEL ECC, we welcome children, families and educators from all cultures and religions into our values-based Jewish Preschool Program. Our BALANCED approach to early childhood education brings together elements of The Creative Curriculum® play-based philosophy and features multi-sensory lessons in the areas of Literacy, Math and Letter Formation from the Get Set for School Curriculum by Handwriting Without Tears®. By incorporating exploration of the indoor and outdoor environments and exposure to a variety of materials, we ensure that the children have opportunities to engage in discovery play and targeted learning activities. At TIKVAT ISRAEL ECC, we create a strong foundation from year to year as we help move your child towards social, emotional and preacademic Kindergarten Readiness. Through multi-sensory activities, engaging materials and responsiveness to children’s interests, we support them in becoming enthusiastic lifelong learners.

Recent Reviews in Burtonsville MD

Colesville Estates Children's Place

"I love this daycare!! I am so happy I found them. Out of all of the other daycares I’ve toured, this daycare is the best. The providers are so gentle, loving, and caring for my son. Everyday he sees"

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Cherry Hill Children's House

"My little girl enjoys attending this preschool. She feels right at home. It's a warm/inviting atmosphere."

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Other Jewish Daycares Near Burtonsville MD

B'nai Israel Schilit Nursery School

Educational Philosophy: The philosophy of the B’nai Israel Schilit... Nursery School is to provide a caring, accepting atmosphere that promotes in children a love of learning and a desire to be successful in school, while concurrently developing the self-confidence necessary to meet new challenges. We are part of the Conservative Jewish movement and as such we work to develop positive feelings toward being Jewish. Jewish values, rituals, principles and traditions are carefully woven into daily classroom life. The celebration of Shabbat and holidays is integrated into the developmentally appropriate curriculum through literature, art, music, drama and movement. We believe that in order to achieve this goal, the climate of the school must be safe and secure both physically and psychologically. Our teaching staff is professionally trained and certified so as to ensure this goal. Each child is important and must be valued as a special and unique individual. In our classrooms, each child must first feel secure, comfortable, important, and valued from the very first day that they step into the room. We stress cooperation, where the children can learn how to play and accomplish things together and where they experience being a necessary and contributing member of the group. Self-esteem is vital for children to develop. One of the main objectives of our school program is to promote a positive self-image in each child. Each child deserves to feel good about him or herself. Children who feel confident are capable of higher achievement and performance in all areas of their lives. We are setting the groundwork for that with our students. A positive preschool experience will encourage the children to look forward to learning. We want every child to look forward to coming to school each day, to treasure the experiences they’ve had and to eagerly and excitedly look forward to exploring and learning more. We want each child to have the opportunity to grow at their own pace and to learn everything they can, each in their own unique way. They will always be encouraged and supported to freely explore their classroom and their world. Creating a classroom community where children feel secure and respected is the cornerstone of the program. As children develop warm, trusting relationships with teachers and peers they learn how to express their feelings, cooperate with others and solve problems. The close relationship between the home and school becomes the source for enduring friendships and the foundation of community life. Schilit Nursery School Programs: Our school year begins in September and continues to June. The nursery school program is geared to children two to five years of age. Children must be two years old by September 1st of the school year to enter our early childhood program. In addition, our Tikvah Twos class and Toddler Time classes are designed for younger children. We keep current with changes in the early childhood world with a focus on developmentally appropriate practice, an approach designed to promote young children’s optimal learning and development. A typical school day includes a balance of quiet and active play while working on problem solving, critical thinking, independence, cooperation, patience and empathy. Daily activities include (but are not limited to) literacy and numeracy enriched programs, fundamentals of art, science, creative expression, music, movement, Judaics and holidays. Our state of the art Noah’s Ark playground and large indoor playroom provide opportunities for gross motor development. Although there is a routine and structure to the day, our staff also provides a relaxed, happy atmosphere. Our dedicated staff works hard to create an environment where children feel safe to explore, to reach out in new social situations, to discover their natural talents and to develop an enthusiasm for learning. In such a setting, children relate easily to their contemporaries, adults, and the world outside their home. Retention of staff is extremely important to us and we’re proud that our teachers choose to return year after year. The teachers provide a learning environment, as well as stimulating experiences for each child and provide for individual differences among the children. In addition classroom teachers are supported by movement, music and handwriting specialists to enhance the curriculum. Our clergy and senior staff also contribute to the education of our students by instilling a love of being Jewish and fostering a relationship with each child and family. We feel fortunate to have a long-standing relationship with Child Development Consultants LLC. They are a unique developmental team of speech, occupational and behavioral therapists who provide support for staff, children, and families in our school. Also, we participate in the Jewish Social Service agency (JSSA) Synagogue Liaison Program which offers the Schilit Nursery School parents and staff the opportunity to consult with Natalie Merkur Rose, LCSW-C, on a free and confidential basis. Natalie offers strategies and guidance to parents on a wide range of issues including parenting, family and individual. During the school year, Natalie will facilitate workshops on specific topics. At the completion of the program the children will be well prepared for the rigorous demands of Kindergarten throughout the community. PreK Classes: Our four–year-old students attend class 5 days a week on Monday and Friday, 9:15 a.m.–12:30 p.m. and Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, 9:15 a.m.–2:00 p.m. All PreK students will engage in a challenging, enriching program. Activities will be exciting and innovative, promoting critical thinking, decision-making and strengthening skills in preparation for pre-academic success. Our PreK Program prepares children educationally and socially for a smooth transition into Kindergarten. Three-Year-Old Classes: Our three–year-old students attend a 5-Day-3 (Monday–Friday) class. Two-Year-Old Classes: We offer several options for our two-year-old students, who must be two years of age by September 1. Students can attend a 3-Day-2 (Monday, Wednesday, Friday) or a 5-Day-2 (Monday–Friday) class. Please be sure to mention that you found us on CareLuLu.

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