Best Lutheran Daycares in Clifton VA

Lutheran Daycares in Clifton VA

Christ Evangical Lutheran Church
At Christ Lutheran we understand children. They are an important part of the the Christ Lutheran family. If you prefer, we have a full nursery available upon request that provides child care for infants and toddlers. Each Sunday children are invited to come forward for a short Children’s time where they will get a brief explanation of the week’s lesson. Speakers in the nursery and the lobby (Narthex) allow you to listen to the service even if you need to take your child out of the Sanctuary. Christ Lutheran Preschool is a small nonprofit Christian preschool. As an extension of the Christ Lutheran Church we seek to provide an atmosphere of Christian love and understanding. These pages are intended to answer your questions regarding philosophy, procedures and policies. Please keep this handbook for future reference. Goals and Philosophy Our emphasis is on social development. We feel the total development of the preschooler is far more important than the acquisition of factual knowledge. The child’s social development and self-concept are most important at this point. Basic to this development is consideration and love for others… lessons which cannot be learned with rigid rules and regulations, but require a relaxed and loving atmosphere. The following list of basic goals have been derived from the philosophy stated above. During each child’s time with us, we hope that he/she will learn to do the following: learn to interact with others learn to share in work and play learn to assume responsibility for one’s actions learn to take pride in achievements and, by the same token, acknowledge mistakes learn to express ideas and feelings learn to make choices learn to compromise and contribute within their group learn to finish started projects In addition, while our emphasis is on social development, we do recognize that the preschool years are a time for growth and learning in many areas. For this reason, our curriculum will include appropriate experiences with these activities: Free-play and group sharing Stories, puppets, and drama Alphabet Numbers and counting Arts and crafts Music Fine and gross motor development Outdoor play Field trips Mid-morning snack Bible-based weekly chapel Family activities Preschool Programs TWO-YEAR-OLD CLASS: This class is a play-group-type program for toddlers who will be two years old by September 30. THREE-YEAR-OLD CLASS: Three-year-olds have a choice of attending two days a week or three days a week. To be in the three year old class, a child must be three years old by September 30 and must be toilet trained (no diapers or pull-ups). FOUR-YEAR-OLD CLASS: The four-year-olds have a choice of attending three days a week or four days a week. Children must be four years old by September 30th to register for a four-year-old class. Children must be toilet trained. SCHOOL SCHEDULE The two-year-old classes meet twice a week — one class meets on Tuesday and Thursday and the other meets on Wednesday and Friday. Classes will be from 9:30 am to 12:00 noon. All other preschool classes will meet from 9:15 am to 12:00 noon. There are two classes for three-year-olds: Tuesday/Thursday mornings, and Monday/Wednesday/ Friday mornings. We recommend that young threes enroll in the Tuesday/Thursday program. There are two classes for four-year-olds: Monday/Wednesday/Friday mornings and Tuesday/ Wednesday/Thursday/Friday mornings. We recommend that the young fours enroll in the Monday/ Wednesday/Friday class. School is in session from September through May. The preschool follows the same general schedule for holidays as the Fairfax County public schools unless a specific exception is scheduled by the director and a notice is given to the parents.
St. Andrew Lutheran Preschool
St. Andrew Lutheran Church is a child care center in Centreville, VA. At St. Andrew Lutheran Church, we enroll children ages 3-5. We are a medium-sized center open from 9:00am to 3:30pm. Contact us to schedule a tour and discover for yourself all St. Andrew Lutheran Church has to offer. Children grow and learn best in a play-based program with hands-on activities where they are encouraged to explore and create. At Saint Andrew Lutheran Preschool, academics are intertwined throughout the curriculum and presented in ways that are fun and meaningful. We work to create a caring community of learners where each child is valued and encouraged to value others. Our program is based on developmentally appropriate practices in early childhood education as evidenced in standards established by the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC), Fairfax County Early Learning Guidelines and the Virginia Department of Education. Saint Andrew Lutheran Preschool was established by our congregation in 1984 as a part of the educational ministry of the church. As an outreach ministry of Saint Andrew Lutheran Church, we recognize the importance of the preschool to young families. We are mindful that children will learn the most about God’s love by the way it is demonstrated to them. We have families from many denominations and different cultural and religious backgrounds. We all are God’s children. NOTE: This facility has a license exempt status
St. Matthew's Lutheran Day School
St. Matthew's Day School, where children learn best in an atmosphere of warmth and vitality and through their active participation in rich experiences. St. Matthew's is a busy, happy place where each child can find success and develop a love of learning. Mission Statement As members of the congregation, we make a covenant to support and nurture our life together in the name of Christ, in faithful and diligent use of the means of Grace, in prayer, in study and by our common efforts in support of the Church, as we seek to be God’s servants in His world. How we started It was a windy day in October 1971, when David Bohannon, our now retired senior pastor, began knocking on doors in the then sparsely developed communities of Lake Ridge and western Dale City. On February 6, 1972, seventy-six people gathered for St. Matthew’s first worship service. Visit the ELCA website to find out how much we have grown. Who we are We are a congregation of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, (ELCA). Locally we are part of the Metropolitan Washington Synod, which includes the areas of Northern Virginia, Washington, D.C. and Maryland. We are one of five E.L.C.A. churches in the Woodbridge/Lakeridge area. Perhaps your children are enrolled in our Day School. Maybe you’ve heard about our service work in the community through ecumenical organizations such as Action in the Community Through Service (ACTS). Maybe your neighbor recommended our Sunday Church School or youth group programs. You might be a life-long Lutheran transferring to the Washington Metropolitan area for the first time. However you found us, we invite you to share our life in Christ. OVERVIEW Children learn best in an atmosphere of warmth and vitality and through their active participation in rich experiences. St. Matthew's is a busy, happy place where each child can find success and develop a love of learning. Positive relationships with caring and responsive adults nurture a sense of trust and respect for others. A consistent daily routine provides the comfortable predictability important to young children and their developing feelings of competence. Thoughtfully planned opportunities throughout the day introduce and support meaningful learning. Teachers are guided by HighScope's active learning curriculum, as well as each child's interests, needs, and abilities. Teaching begins where the child is, leading and encouraging each one to increased understanding and independence. Children acquire skills through both teacher lead and child-initiated experiences. The child's curiosity and natural motivation to learn is stimulated through daily opportunities for imaginative play indoors and out, ongoing projects, creative arts, structured and spontaneous music and movement, active involvement with science, math, literature and literacy, and regular walk-abouts and field trips. St. Matthew's seeks to lay a foundation for success in a complex and changing world by inspiring an enthusiasm for learning and an awareness of the unique value of each person as a child of God in a caring community. PRE-SCHOOL DAY The structure of the preschool day offers choices and challenges, problems and solutions, friendship and delight. GREETING & GROUP TIME As the children arrive, the teacher welcomes each child individually, catches up on their “news,” and does a visual health check. The children check-in and make plans for the day. Some children find they have a "job" to do - Bell Ringer, Door Holder, Table Washer, Block Captain. (Children love to have real jobs.) They exercise initiative, choosing and working in small centers until everyone has arrived. Circle time is a teacher-lead exercise in community building and class decorum - in an atmosphere acceptant of children’s enthusiasm, inexperience, and active natures. Developing self-regulation (needed for sitting & listening) is a work in progress. The teachers make circle time interesting, lively, sensitive to children's abilities, so that focused attention grows while children talk and listen, sing and dance, and preview the school day together. The teacher may lead a conversation about a topic of current interest, or help advance children’s plans for an emerging project. (Projects and interests under construction are communicated in each teacher's monthly newsletter.) As the children’s imaginative and constructive play develops, circle time may also be used for discussing the problems and issues of society in microcosm – kind words, safe behavior, sharing resources. Talking in turn, listening to one another, and attending to the teacher are “school skills” that must be thoughtfully developed. They prepare children for more formal educational settings to come, and help them participate in group-life more easily. However children’s curiosity, creativity, and enthusiastic need to “find out firsthand” shouldn’t be held at bay too long! Centers available each day are: * Home or Dramatic Center (doll house, dress ups, cooking accessories) * Block Center (accessories: cars, trains, animals, people) * Easel & Table art (play dough, tempera, water colors, markers, etc.) * Library (children choose books to look at and "read" or be read to) * Table Toys and Puzzles * Sensory table (sand, water - materials to pour, search and sift through) * Science or Discovery Center (offering first hand experiences with materials and animals * Writing Center (all manner of drawing implements, paper, name cards, scissors, tape, hole punches, staplers . . . things to entice use and build fine motor strength and control.) When Center Time comes to a close, it's Clean-Up Time. Time for everyone to work as a team putting everything back in its place. There's incentive to help, because coming up may be Snack Time, Playground Time, Story Time, or Small Group Time. Snack Time is a time for refreshment, relaxation, conversation and developing independence in a community of friends. It offers a different setting for talking with friends and teachers, and recalling the work done in centers. Each parent sends their child to school with a small snack, wet-wipe, and cup in a hard plastic or metal lunch box. Playground Time brings running, climbing, balancing, jumping, swinging, sliding, digging. Children play traditional games and invent their own. The children play outside every day unless the weather is severe. Our playground is full of natural wonders and sheltered by an ample tree canopy. In severe cold or steady rain we go downstairs to slide, crawl, balance, toss balls & beanbags, scoot or row with scooter boards, build with hollow blocks, and more. Children gain a joyful confidence in their ability to move.

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Other Lutheran Daycares Near Clifton VA

King of Kings Lutheran Preschool

King of Kings Lutheran Preschool serves as a ministry to the children... and families of our church and as an outreach to our community. We first opened our doors in 2002 in the church education building. We have four classrooms, a kitchenette, bathrooms, administrative offices, and a wonderful fenced in playground with rubber mulch and a bike deck. All school related activities take place on the church campus. We have access to the church kitchen and use the fellowship hall for our in-house field trips, indoor recess, parent coffees, and receptions. The children spend time in the worship center for Chapel Time, evening music programs, and other scheduled activities. Our staff consists of a director, teachers, teaching assistants, an office assistant and a floating assistant. All staff members have a Christian church affiliation or profess a faith in Christ. Our teachers have a minimum of a B.A. or B.S. degree as do most of our teaching assistants. All staff members have experience in early childhood education and earn a minimum of 16 certification hours in professional development each school year. Each classroom is staffed with a teacher and a teaching assistant. Our teachers work closely together to create a developmentally appropriate curriculum and plan special activities and events. Once a week each class has a scheduled Music Time with a professional music teacher, who is also a part of our staff. Our music teacher is certified in Early Childhood Music and Movement, and has a B.A. in Early Childhood Education. Our preschoolers enjoy several in-house field trips throughout the school year. Our favorites include musicians, theatrical performers, puppeteers, community helpers, science, and fitness. Our four year olds also enjoy a monthly Story Time with a professional librarian. King of Kings Lutheran Preschool is licensed by the Virginia Department of Social Services. Each staff member has on file a Criminal History Records Check and Central Registry Report conducted by Child Protective Services. Additionally, all staff members are certified in CPR and First Aid, PMAT, and have a current negative TB test on file.

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