Best Montessori Daycares in Millersville MD

Montessori Daycares in Millersville MD

Montessori International Children's House
Our mission is to provide a Montessori education, guided by AMI principles, that fosters the intellectual curiosity and creativity of our students. At MICH, children, staff and families collaborate to build and maintain a respectful, diverse and nurturing school community. The Toddler Community is an intimate community of twelve children with a trained directress and two assistants. The environment provides a specific structure to meet the physical, psychological and cognitive needs of toddlers. The Toddler Program emphasizes language enrichment, sensory-motorexploration and "practical life" activities to foster the toddler's growing sense of independence. Cooperation and collaboration are emphasized in all adult-toddler interactions. Before the age of six, children possess unusual sensitivity and mental powers for absorbing and learning from the environment. Dr. Montessori called this mental power the "absorbent mind." At this level, there is a great need and potential for careful, exacting work and a natural desire to learn. The Montessori primary classroom allows children to explore, develop their senses, and learn for themselves during this stage of heightened receptivity. There are thirty children with a trained directress and an assistant. The children stay with the same directress for three or four years. The classroom is a "living room" in which self-correcting educational materials are displayed on open shelves organized by logical, orderly, distinct areas called practical life, sensorial, language, mathematics, and cultural subjects. The Montessori curriculum provides uninterrupted blocks of time during which each child is engaged in captivating learning activities which foster self-discipline and concentration.
Chesapeake Montessori Extended Day
Chesapeake Montessori School guides children in their development to become confident, respectful, kind, and independent individuals with well-developed powers of reasoning and a joy for learning. Using Montessori theory and practice of individualized learning in a whole-school community, we are committed to creating rich environments indoors and outdoors that provide intellectual, academic, social, and emotional preparation for life. The Young Child Community, for children age 18 months through 3 years old, serves as the foundation of a child's education. At this age, a child is constantly absorbing impressions from the environment, at first rather like a camera and then more self-consciously. This child is continuing the process, begun at birth, of developing language, coordination of movement, and independence. At Chesapeake Montessori School, this development is facilitated by the child's active participation and interaction with the environment. The classroom is scaled for children's active involvement. Low shelving holds enticing materials that aid a child's progress toward independence. A teacher and an assistant work with a class of nine to twelve toddlers, usually working with each child individually. Movement and Knowledge: Many activities in the Young Child Community are connected to the Montessori area called practical life. Children help with food preparation, carry their own trays and sponge up spills, all roles that aid the child's development of movement control, and develop concentration and independence. Many activities foster eye-hand coordination: sewing, manipulating scissors, or gluing papers. Feeling objects in the "fishing bags" develops the ability to identify objects by using only the sense of touch aided by visual memory. Toddlers explore with all their senses and the classroom and outdoor environment provides a wealth of opportunity for sensorial development. Language: Toddlers are eager to learn the names of things, to know the words that are appropriate to a given situation. They work tirelessly at learning to communicate with those around them, while they increase their vocabularies and the length and complexity of their spoken phrases. Listening to stories or joyfully learning names for various plants and animals or for objects in their environment: these activities help children become more familiar with the richness of their language.

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Tammy Mackell Family Child Care

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Other Montessori Daycares Near Millersville MD

Academic Children's Center

Dear parents, welcome to the Academic Children's Center, our child... care center and preschool in Jessup, MD. Our center is conveniently located for your commute since we just a few minutes away from the I-95, Patuxtent Fwy (route 32), and route 1 Washington Blvd (near the Autumn Woods and Asbury Woods neighborhoods). We are a Montessori-inspired daycare and preschool and we follow a child holistic development program that includes physical intelligence, mental intelligence, and emotional intelligence. With professionally trained Montessori teachers and child care providers who have more than 15 years of experience, you can be sure your child will have the best environment to learn and grow! Curriculum: At Academic Children's Center, your child will get a head start for kindergarten! We have age-appropriate facilities and the latest equipment to support children in a safe, fun and nurturing environment. Teachers and caregivers are committed to providing stimulating learning activities that reflect the unique needs of each child. There are four main areas in the pre-primary program: Language, Math, Practical Life and Sensorial. We also emphasize Cultural Studies, Arts, Music, Science, Geography. With the guiding principle of all-round development, we also focus on activities out of classroom. We offer field trips, practical demonstrations and other out of the classroom activities on a regular basis. Our approach stimulates the minds of children that will help them to think and act independently. Philosophy: To ensure the best quality care and early education, we have designed the following pillars based on the Montessori philosophy: * highly qualified and trained teachers and staff: at the center, we are all early childhood professionals, dedicated to the development of every individual child. Our staff have training and qualifications specific to the care and education of children infants to 6 years old. * individualized early learning programs: we believe that each child has unique interests, skill levels and needs. We are fully equipped to identify and fulfill each child's aspirations. Besides state-of-the-art child care facilities, we also have a computer lab and a partnership with one of the most comprehensive online math sites, which provides us with unlimited questions in more than 2000 topics! * physical development: we believe that the development of fine and gross motor skills is linked to children's activities but also nutrition habits. We thus help little ones learn about nutrition early on, so they can make healthy choices. * state-of-the-art child care facilities: our facilities are constantly upgraded ensuring a safe and secure environment for all children. Using the Montessori philosophy,our activities and facilities help guide children towards independence and a love of learning.We have large educational play structures specifically designed with child safety and child development. Thank you so much for reading, please send an email to schedule a visit. We look forward to meeting you and your little one very soon!

Glenn Dale Montessori School

Established in 1992, Glenn Dale Montessori School (GDMS) is a fully... accredited private Montessori school located in Glenn Dale, MD. Founded on the principles of the Montessori method, education at GDMS is tailored to the unique needs and expectations of the community that we serve. Our mission is simple: educate the whole person, intellectually, socially, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. Accordingly, we foster independence, concentration, a sense of order, and coordination within our students, and we help them construct their evolving adult personalities. Our students develop a life-long love and appreciation for learning, inquisitive exploration, and relationship development. Explore our website to learn more about GDMS's Toddler, Primary, and Elementary programs. Our toddler program is a preparatory program designed for toddlers between the ages of 24 and 36 months. Employing a hands-on curriculum delivered by lead teachers who are credentialed in both early childhood education and the Montessori method of instruction, the GDMS toddler program develops students' concentration, order, independence, and coordination. Operating five days a week between the hours of 6:30 AM and 6:30 PM, our toddler program is open to children who are not fully potty-trained. With a maximum of 12 children, each toddler class is lead by two trained teachers. Our primary program—a multi-age program designed especially for children ranging in age from three to six—provides students an academically enriched environment and well-ordered social community. Students enrolled in the program are encouraged to absorb their environment, language, and culture, and to develop at their own pace. The primary program operates five days a week. Academic instruction for the three- and four-year-old students takes place between 8:30 AM and 12:00 PM. Instruction for the kindergarten fours, those students who will turn five by December 1 of the current academic year, and the five-year-old students, however, is delivered from 8:30 AM to 3:30 PM, allowing for more advanced study in language, math, geography, and science. Our elementary program curriculum is designed to allow for personalized academic growth and development; it challenges the most able students and offers flexibility to those who require additional support. An enriched academic program that integrates language arts, mathematics, social studies, science, and history, this program allows students be responsible for their own behaviors and help the community by observing the rules necessary for peaceful living. A microcosm of society as a whole, the elementary classroom is a place where students work together to learn in harmony, while retaining their individuality. Indeed, our elementary program strives to develop the whole child—physically, intellectually, emotionally, and socially.

Collington Branch Children's Academy

Overview Welcome to Collington Branch Children's Academy in Bowie,... MD! We offer safe and affordable child care, as well as a high-quality learning environment. We provide the best care for infant, toddlers and preschoolers. Our curriculum focuses on learning through play by offering fun, exciting and educational activities. We ensure our children have fun in the process of learning adequate skills needed for school and lifelong success. Our child care environment is a fun, delightful, friendly and exciting place for your child to learn, grow and develop positive values. Our full-time child care program is hosted in really amazing facilities, for children ages 12 months to school-aged. Our kindergarten program is designed for 4-1/2 to 5 years old to prepare them for their all important school years ahead. We also offer an extensive school-age program for before and after school and planned activities to keep them busy with age appropriate groupings of ages 5 to 7 years old and 8 to 12 years old. We are open from 6:00 AM - 6:00 PM, offer nutritious meals and snacks, and only employ qualified, caring, and experienced staff! Mission & Values Our mission is to nurture and educate our children with the best fun and exciting activities, we provide a safe and conducive environment, that helps our children develop, emotionally, physically, mentally, socially and academically sound. We encourage our kids to learn to make Godly choices. Our values are to love, nurture and educate our children in safe, secure and conducive haven for greatness. Programs Our program provides an array of activities that stimulate learning through exploration and discovery. Many of the activities happen during normal daily routines, and all activities are fun and enjoyable for infants, toddlers and preschoolers. * Infants: We establish a healthy, nurturing, safe and protective environment for our infants to feel safe. We work to make sure our infants learn and grow at their own rates. We track, watch and encourage our infants as they reach their various developmental milestones. We encourage social play, dramatic play, music awareness and communication through simple sign language, before verbal skill development. Our infants participate in individual gross motor skills and fine motor skills. * Toddlers and preschoolers: We encourage our toddler and preschoolers to learn and explore in a conducive and inspiring environment. We select activities that are both stimulating and appropriate for our kids, we also adapt activities to take into account individual strengths, interest and needs. We focus on loving, nurturing, and caring; safety and security; communication skills, hands on learning and problem solving. Your child will learn listening and speaking skills, the alphabet, number, colors, shapes, sizes and pre-writing, as well as gross motor skills and fine motor skills. * Before and After Care: Our before and after care program provides a caring, nurturing, creative and encouraging environment to socialize, explore the world of diversity, dramatic play, games, creative expression, athletic program and supervising home work. Please feel free to contact us to set up a time when you can come visit Collington Branch Children's Academy, and meet our staff. We look forward to meeting you and your children.

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