Best Montessori Daycares in Santa Monica CA

Montessori Daycares in Santa Monica CA

My Friend's Montessori Preschool Cooperative
Our mission is to provide a model Montessori home and garden environment in which children receive an enriched preschool education in phonetic pre-reading skills, music, art, creative fun, nature, and self-care skills. In addition, parents will learn ideas they can implement at home. The field trips expose the children to new experiences and challenges. Our students become motivated self-learners and are provided with a warm nurturing atmosphere in which to develop into the wonderful person they are. The program is based on the Montessori philosophy of individualized tasks that build skills, confidence and self-esteem. We believe this is the best way to achieve our goal of motivated learners. Children are taught to be independent, responsible and respectful of themselves, others and their environment. All materials are hands-on manipulative with a built-in control that allows the child to accomplish the task easily without the teacher correcting them saying this is right and this is wrong. This independent learning style builds his/her feelings of accomplishment. This motivates the child to learn and master more difficult skills and increases his/her ability to concentrate for longer and longer periods of time. Children are drawn to the materials that they developmentally need to work on at that moment in time. In this way they select what is most important to their development for that day. All materials in the classroom are presented on shelves at their height. The children are provided with rugs and child-sized tables to work on. The teacher’s role in the classroom is to provide instruction on how to use the materials, keep the child focused on activities that he or she is successful with and encourage and present more challenging lessons when the child is ready for it. She keeps a careful eye on frustration levels to make sure a child is engaged and moving comfortably at his or her own pace. She encourages appropriate friendship interactions and encourages the children to help each other to build a strong sense of community. Often the children start interacting as a familial group toward the end of the year. Our main goal is to make sure every child feels special and is comfortable and happy. This is a terrific program for 3-5 year olds designed for stay-at-home moms and part-time working moms. This part-time 3-day-a-week program is Montessori-based and includes weekly field trips to nature parks and educational venues. Moms and younger siblings come to field trips for free. My Friend's Mother's Preschool Montessori and Cooperative is a licensed family child care provider in Culver City, CA with the license issued by the L. A. Daycare-No. This is a home-based child care that offers a small setting. To learn more about this child care provider, please send them an email.

Recent Reviews in Santa Monica CA

Mrs. Carmen Family Daycare

"It's always great to be able to find daycare you can trust. And we were very happy with our child's experience with Carmen and her staff."

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Safa Family Day Care

"I used the daycare on the recommendation of another parent. Yes, they were loving towards my child but there are too many things wrong with this place. First, owner shows you around 3 roooms - 1 play..."

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Other Montessori Daycares Near Santa Monica CA

New World Montessori School

New World Montessori School is a product of over 40 years of... experience, study, and observation. Our goals are to encourage and nurture the children in the self-discovery of their world. We provide an environment in which each child has the opportunity to progress at his/her own level of development and which acknowledges the uniqueness of each child. Our indoor classroom activities are placed on open shelves for selection as interest and readiness inspires the child. The environment entices curiosity, leading to creativity and the fostering of a child's self esteem. This then enables love of learning for the child to master academic skills. It also encourages positive social skills, such as effective communication, internal discipline, and problem solving. The curriculum has been developed to encourage the children to have a life-long love of learning. We provide a non-competitive environment where children of different abilities, race, cultural backgrounds, and ages work, play, share, and learn from one another. We provide an environment in which each child has the opportunity to progress at his/her own level of development. We maintain a happy, pleasant atmosphere in which the child can absorb information and find joy in learning. Our outdoor environment offers a beautiful developed playground with climbing structures, sand play, water play, painting, manipulatives, tricycles, pets, and gardens. Our teachers are very well qualified, experienced, and dedicated, and enthusiastically impart their best to the children under their care. The classrooms are structured to make the children feel comfortable, secure, and motivating to develop love for learning. The virtues like “discipline, humility, self-esteem, independence, and patriotism” are intertwined in our everyday curriculum, which enable children to grow up to be responsible individuals and good citizens. Besides enriched academic curriculum, we have incorporated into our program extra activities such as physical activities, second language, music, art, dance, computer skills, and fun-filled educational field trips.

Southern California Montessori School

Dr. Montessori discovered and recent educational research has... verified successive phases of growth in children, each with characteristics and sensitivities, which guide physical and mental development. These phases of growth, she called "sensitive periods". They are outwardly recognizable by an intense interest, which the child shows for certain sensorial and abstract experiences. Dr. Montessori discovered that the guiding sensitivities constitute needs in the child which demand fulfillment and are universal to all children. Thus, the validity of Dr. Montessori's observations have remained constant since she began her talk of the discovery of the child. Her method is constantly refined and extended under the careful direction of the Association Montessori Internationale. Hence, our program remains not rigid, but faithful to the child's natural principles of development - yet cognizant of the ethical and cultural values that tone the child's development in our society. Most of the observed sensitive periods in the young child are involved with his senses - his learning tools. The child's interest is spontaneous. From birth he is interested in his surroundings and gradually he makes order from them. This spontaneous interest and inclination toward order is the basis of the Montessori materials. This school provides a prepared environment in which the child may freely utilize these periods of sensitivity for order and for work, for the development of language and mathematics and for the development of scientific and social attitudes necessary for a wholesome life. The most accurate means by which a school program can be evaluated is by the enthusiasm of the child at work. Dr. Montessori's discoveries about the environment and the child have provided a love of learning for children all over the world. The Montessori pre-primary program is designed for children from age of two and 1/2 through six years.

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