Peanut-Free Daycares in Clifton VA

Peanut-Free Daycares in Clifton VA

Venus Childcare & Learning Center
Venus Childcare & Learning Center, LLC (VCLC) is a Christian center providing an educational foundation in early learning, safe and nurturing environment while enhancing the physical, social, emotional, and intellectual growth and development experience of young children. As the demand for academic excellence arises day by day, our purpose is to help reduce disparities among young children upon formal school entry and to reduce or eliminate those risk factors that lead to early academic failure. VCLC works closely with Virginia school system to prepare your child ahead of time to meet these needs. Our Curriculum is driven by the early learning standards of Foundation Blocks of Virginia and Virginia Preschool initiative for ages 3 through 6 years and old. This curriculum is an all year round curriculum divided into two parts to meet your child's semi-annual evaluation; Fall and Spring VCLC is opened to ALL children of working or student parents trying to strike a balance between the demands of their careers, school and personal lives. We are licensed by the Virginia Child Care Licensing Agency of the Virginia Department of Social Services. Our Mission Statement We strive to provide the Highest Quality Childcare and Educational Service that promotes and enhances each child’s development; while assuring our parent’s peace of mind in the care and service we render through Our Areas of Focus: Academics, Security, Health & Safety and Customer Service. Our Vision is to be well recognized as an outstanding educational childcare center in the entire Northern Virginia Region. Philosophy of the Center Our Philosophy at Venus Childcare & Learning Center is that "all children matter" and need to be treated with warmth and care by putting God first. We operate under a Christian philosophy: "Proverbs 22:6, Train up a child in the way he should go; even when he is old he will not depart from it". It is our goal to instill the highest level of confidence in parents so that they can pursue their endeavors knowing that their children are in a trustworthy and nurturing environment.

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Laura Norris Family Child Care

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Heritage Estates Little Kids Place

"My daughter had been going to this provider since 3 months and I am very satisfied with the care she provides. She treats my daughter as her own and give her full time and attention. My daughter..."

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Other Peanut-Free Daycares Near Clifton VA

Happy Kids Home Daycare

Hello and welcome to Happy Kids Home Daycare, a Fairfax County Licensed facility. My name is Irfana and I was previously a Preschool teacher in... Vienna for over 6 years and it is a blessing that now I run my own home based daycare. OBJECTIVE: My main goal is to provide quality care for your child and to nurture them and to give home like experience. I am a mom and I totally understand your perspective as a parent. And I strongly believe that each child has his or her own requirements, and "one size fits all" is not an option! LOCATION: The location is very ideal. Closest intersection is Colchester Rd and Popes Head Rd - one mile from Braddock Rd. 1.5 miles from Willow Springs Elementary School. 0.5 miles from Fox Hunt, 1.5 miles from Hampton Chase; Located in a new single family home (off Popes Head Rd) in a non-smoking and pet free atmosphere with fully fenced back yard. AVAILABILITY: Openings for infants, toddlers and preschoolers. Flexible time options at reasonable rates (quoted rates are for 8 hours daily M- F). Extended care is available if needed. CURRICULUM: Infant Interactions through Care giving Routines, First Moves - Welcoming New Children, ABC Scrapbooks, Making a Difference for Children, Healthy Food Experiences with Young Children, How to Handle the Hard to Handle Preschoolers, Understanding Social-Emotional Challenges, Science From the Ground Up Please call/text with any questions or if you want to stop by to talk about your child and to obtains details or tour. Your child's care and happiness is my priority! References are available upon request. Irfana Khatoon/5716433066 c


I personally welcome all families to join us at Childtime educational daycare in Manassas, VA. My name is Melissa O'Brien and I am proud to be the... director! I have 23 years of daycare/preschool experience. I have gained a wealth of knowledge with early childhood education by working at many levels in the field of childcare, from teaching in the classroom to training teachers and mentoring center directors in my region. I am excited to bring my knowledge and skill to the role of school Director to Childtime. Drawing from this experience, I can confidently say that Childtime offers the best infant daycare and preschool in the Manassas community! My passion is building relationships with our families, fostering trust and cultivating their needs. Our endeavor is to be an integral part of the community. We are passionate about your child's future and confident your child will receive an excellent and positive educational experience here at Childtime. I am proud of our team of teachers, many of whom have a long tenure with the company. Our teachers strive to meet each child's unique needs and are committed to promoting academic and social excellence to all children. The staff and management team at Childtime in Manassas, VA are dedicated educators who provide an exceptional learning experience for your child, creating a home-like environment in which children are inspired to engage, interact, and explore their world. We work together to create a safe, loving atmosphere that will facilitate the social, emotional, and educational growth of every child. Our goal is to provide a culture of outstanding service and professional excellence to our Childtime families. The ultimate goal of our adventure together is to prepare your child to be a life-long learner. Want to experience the best? Give us a call to schedule a tour of our Childtime educational daycare in Manassas, VA and meet our exceptional team!

Living Savior Preschool

Living Savior's Mission is to know the love of Christ and serve God so that the Holy Spirit may work through us to bring others to Christ. The Vision... for Living Savior is that it will use all its resources of people, ministries, and money to concentrate on reaching the unchurched of the community with the Good News of Jesus Christ, and by the power of the Holy Spirit to bring them to faith in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, and into the membership of Living Savior. God's Word Points Us to Jesus Christ The people who belong to Living Savior are people of the Bible. The Bible is our Sacred Scriptures, the Word of God. We treasure God's Word because it teaches us about eternal life through Jesus Christ. The Word is Gospel ("good news") because it assures us of God's love and faithfulness. God's Word inspires us to tell others and moves us to help people in need. A Mighty Fortress is Our God In the 16th century Martin Luther, a German monk, made his stand on the Word. Three principles undergird our beliefs: Scripture, Faith, and Grace. The Scripture is the only source of knowledge about God and his will for us. Grace tells us that as human beings we cannot earn God's love, forgiveness, or everlasting life. Only by faith in Jesus Christ do we receive forgiveness. Through faith in him we come into a relationship of peace with God. Communion Policy Everyone who is a baptized Christian, repents of sin, believes in the real presence of Christ's body and blood in, with, under the bread and wine of the Holy Communion is cordially invited to receive the Lord's Supper at Living Savior. To receive wine by individual cup, take a cup from the serving tray and wait for Pastor to say "The Blood of Christ", then return the cup to server that follows Pastor. To receive wine by the common cup (chalice), take the base & tilt to receive the amount you wish. If you wish to receive nonalcoholic white grape juice, there are individual cups in the center of the tray. If you wish to receive Gluten/wheat/corn and soya free communion wafers please speak to Pastor or an usher before the start of service. Our Purpose We believe that our congregation's life and mission includes assisting parents in the development of their children. Living Savior Preschool offers young children a Christian setting in which to grow, to learn, and to develop spiritually, physically, intellectually, and socially. We believe that Living Savior Preschool can expand the child's perception of God, of other people, and of the physical world in which God has placed us. We believe that our school offers preschool children one of the best opportunities for achieving the goals of Christian education outside of the home. It can help them develop healthy personalities, form values, and develop the conscience, feelings and attitudes which form the foundation for a positive self-image and good relationships. We believe that dedicated and committed Christian teachers can provide young children with numerous opportunities for growth and development. Our Objectives and Curriculum To nurture development of the whole child in ways which enable children to be more self-assured and to feel secure in the love of God. To teach simple Christian truths related to the child's experiences and level of development. To encourage the child in self-confidence, concern for others, cooperation in work and play, and a spirit of sharing. To increase the child's skills in listening, self-discipline, conversation, creative self-expression, independent work and play. LSP incorporates curriculum themes, content areas, the Creative Curriculum and Virginia Foundation Blocks for Early Learning, as a means for planning a developmentally appropriate Christian program. VA State Licensed and NAEYC Accredited Living Savior Preschool is licensed by the Commonwealth of Virginia, and accredited by the National Academy of Early Childhood Programs, a division of the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC), the nation's largest organization of early childhood educators.

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