Peanut-Free Daycares in Inglewood CA

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Maria Chavez Family Child Care

"I am in love with this daycare!!!! This has been the best daycare experience I’ve ever. Fair prices! The ultimate care! Maria has become like family!!! My son is learning so much - in"

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Vijay Chandra Family Day Care

"My son (3 YO) has been cared for by Vijay and her teachers (Laurie and Lily) for almost 2 years and he LOVES it! They have taught him to be very well mannered and polite, and have been prepping him..."

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Other Peanut-Free Daycares Near Inglewood CA

Hidden Gems Preschool

Hidden Gems Preschool provides an environment in which children are nurtured through whole education, respecting that each child is unique w/multiple... intelligences. Children will be exposed to nature & community. Children will be invited to learn & discover through hands on experiences which will stimulate multiple areas of their minds creatively, physically, intellectually, and emotionally, causing them to better retain information &love education. HGPS offers opportunities for social, emotional, cognitive, physical &creative development through age- appropriate, semi-structured &free choice activities. With an ever present increase in tech, we will also have a center for children where they'll have access to comps & tablets to be able to keep up w/the times & learn what they love. While we do not want to lose one's ability to create & build, there is a lot to learn and gain from tech and we'll take advantage of that, as well. It is our vision to allow children to take control & enjoy their education by taking a leadership role in what we study and learn. Over the years, I have found that children have a natural desire to learn. Children need to be invited, & what they find most interesting they invest their time & energy into learning. What they find challenging they may shy away from. We will always encourage children to overcome challenges in a light and fun manner. We treat each child individually & completely allowing them to feel no pressure or competition between classmates. It is our vision that children recognize their strengths & appreciate other strengths, as well, without feeling inferior or behind for not having the same strengths as their friends. We offer many group activities & centers for individual learning, as well as one on one time with the teacher. This will allow a child to excel without pressure. They will receive the support and guidance that they need and always feel comfortable that they are right where they need to be on the learning curve, if not ahead of it.

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