Best Play-based Daycares in Randallstown MD

Play-based Daycares in Randallstown MD

A+ Child Care & Learning
The purpose of our program at A+ Child Care & Learning is to provide a safe, developmentally, appropriate environment for children. Through hands on manipulative, child centered activities we encourage social, emotional, physical and intellectual growth. Our curriculum includes, sharing and conversation time; stories, songs, and finger-plays, creative art activities and crafts, games, and large muscle activities, exposure to shapes, colors, numbers, letters, telling time, reading, pre-handwriting skills, counting money; and celebrations of birthdays and cultural events. Our goal is to have each child grow at his or her own rate and each to his or her fullest potential. We encourage and motivate the children to try new things and practice skills they have already mastered. We recognize that learning is an ongoing process. Through the experiences and the Excellent Kindergarten "Preparedness" curriculum provided, the children develop the necessary skills that will become the foundation for their future education. Parents are continually encouraged and given opportunities to play an active role in their child's educational development. Parents are a valuable resource and an important factor in the success of the A+ Child Care & Learning program. Our aim is to provide an educational program that encourages the growth of the child, parent and teacher. We understand that the first five years of a child's life is an amazing time of growth and learning that serves as a foundation for future stages of development. Given that each child's learning style is different, teachers begin at the child's level of development and build upon his/her interest, strengths and abilities. A+ Child Care & Learning provides age appropriate play based indoor/outdoor activities to meet the individual needs of each child. Focusing on building each child's emotional, social cognitive and physical skills. *A+ Child Care team members, spend quality time cuddling, and talking to your Babies to instill Trust and to provide a healthy early learning environment for movement, exploration and communication. Caregivers sing songs and read books to encourage Language aquistion. We also pass/roll balls and play numerous games to develop motor skills for your little one's.Your child will enjoy a daily balance of quiet activities, spirited music and movement, etc. A+ CC provides wholesome and appetizing meals and snacks following USA nutritional standards and suggestions. A+ CC operates through out the entire year (12 months) closing regular/major holidays, provider's pre-planned vacations.

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Other Play-based Daycares Near Randallstown MD

Ward's Chapel Preschool

We believe that each child is unique and learns at their own pace.... The Preschool is concerned with your child reaching goals through devolpmentally appropriate practices. With many hands-on experiences and opportunities, inquiry, teacher- and child-directed activities and discovery, we encourage the children in the following areas: Social / Emotional Development: Your child will begin to learn to get along with other children, respect the rights and property of others, to share and take turns, accept limits and routines, and enjoy socializing at snack time. Your child will develop a positive self-image as they gain confidence by participating in individual and group activities and experiences. Physical Development: Your child will begin to develop confidence in themselves as they grow in muscle coordination and use of gross motor skills through playground equipment, riding, exercises, rhythm, and music as well as fine motor skills through manipulation of toys, games, and art materials. Your child will be encouraged to develop whatever talents God has given them. Cognitive Development: Your child will be challenged to become aware of and explore the wonderful world of nature and become more conscious of color, shapes, sizes, and the concepts that will later lead them to math and reading readiness. Spiritual Development: Your child will experience God's love through adults and learn that Jesus is a very special friend who loves and cares. The Christian significance of holidays such as Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter will be stressed. An important part of each month is a visit from the pastor who tells stories and sings songs with the children. The Preschool is governed by a board of directors consisting of representatives from various committees of the Church, the Preschool Director, and Office Administrator.

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