Play-based Daycares in West Hollywood CA

Play-based Daycares in West Hollywood CA

Christopher Robin Preschool
Christopher Robin Preschool Christopher Robin has been a family run school for three generations. Our campus is centrally located in the heart of Los Angeles, at the edge of West Hollywood. We have approximately eighty students attending our school ages two through six. Christopher Robin is a progressive, play-based school that nurtures the whole child. With roots in social constructivism and the Reggio Emilia approach, we emphasize creative learning through play. We believe that true knowledge is discovered as children actively engage in meaningful explorations and investigations with their peers. These interactions allow children to make connections, solve problems, and develop socially and emotionally. As children cultivate important social relationships, they develop a strong sense of self. Christopher Robin’s inquiry-based educational approach has roots in social constructivism and the idea that knowledge is gained through experience. As such, our school is play-based and our curriculum is driven by the children’s interests within a structured, routinized environment to ensure that the children feel safe and comfortable taking risks essential to fostering deep learning. We believe each child is unique, capable and autonomous. This foundation of respect and understanding is an important starting point for all learning experiences. We are inspired by the schools in Reggio Emilia, Italy and our teachers view themselves as collaborators, encouraging problem solving and connection among the children. The community and school environment are additional “teachers,” supporting our educational values. We regularly document the children’s ideas and activities to use in curriculum planning and for meaningful reflection by teachers, parents, and the children themselves. Christopher Robin Preschool is a licensed child care center in Los Angeles, CA with the license issued by the L. A. Daycare-No. We are a small center. Please email us for more information.

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Galang Family Child Care

"My daughter has been with Mamadon and her daughter Trish since she was 10 months old and is now 4 years, and words can not express how grateful I am to them, they take care of the kids as if they are"

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Safa Family Day Care

"I used the daycare on the recommendation of another parent. Yes, they were loving towards my child but there are too many things wrong with this place. First, owner shows you around 3 roooms - 1 play..."

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Other Play-based Daycares Near West Hollywood CA

Huntley Preschool For Toddlers

It is our feeling that children's emotional growth and development is strengthened when they are exposed to a stimulating environment and given the... opportunity to learn through play. Academic skills are gradually integrated into our program as the developing child begins to feel comfortable with who he/she is as an individual as well as in relationship to others. From birth, children are active learners. They accumulate various experiences and integrate them into what becomes their own experiential understanding of themselves to the rest of the world. Each opportunity of hands-on understanding challenges them to formulate their own realizations and reinforces, not only each child's sense of autonomy, but a sense of achievement as well. Our program is designed to implement individual and group activities that enrich physical, cognitive, social and emotional growth. These include well-equipped outdoor areas as well as a wide variety of learning materials that playfully introduce science, literature, math and music. There is also creative art and dramatic play throughout the day. Each child is unique and has very individual needs. Our staff seeks to provide a safe and nurturing environment. Children are empowered to use their words to express themselves about their joys and frustrations as well as interpersonal relationships. This is achieved through positive guidance and an emphasis on self-discipline. Families are important. We encourage parent involvement and believe that working together as a team creates a consistent environment where children thrive at home as well as at school. Quarterly meetings and scheduled events will allow parents to actively participate in their child's preschool experience. Our school truly feels that the years spent at preschool enables children of every culture, race and ethnical background to build their blocks.

City Kids LA

About Us City Kids is a place where parents, children, and early education experts partner to provide exceptional learning opportunities in a safe... and nurturing environment that: 1) Promotes responsible citizenship and respect of people, things, and places 2) Fosters risk-taking 3) Is student-led and teacher facilitated 4) Creates high expectations of students’ goals and aspirations 5) Values play, process, and partnership 6) Believes in the benefit of outdoor learning experiences City Kids is a school that will challenge your kids AND nurture them, a place that will value them as individuals AND teach them to collaborate; a place where they will learn to read, count, write AND are encouraged to ask questions, explore, and create. City Kids values nutrition and offer a vegetarian diet in-line with USDA standards providing the energy and nutrients young bodies and minds need to grow and develop. City Kids spends 50\% of school time learning outside in nature. They find joy in learning. Mission To create a learning environment that prepares students to become future innovators, globally responsible citizens, and mindful individuals. City Kids Pledge We are committed to providing a safe, nurturing and creative environment that emphasizes environmental responsibility, social-emotional learning, and offers project-based and global education experiences. We value diversity and actively celebrate individuality. We promise that every child will know they are valued at our school and in the world. We are devoted to implementing age-appropriate programs that are culturally relevant and tackle real-world problems with a commitment to helping our community. Philosophy • Focus on the children and everything else will follow. • Play is messy … so get dirty. • Ask Questions, Seek Answers, Discover and Repeat. • Take Risks • Our campus IS the city of Los Angeles. • Take the time to breathe… lots of time… in the grass rain or shine • Eating vegetables can change the world. • Go Barefoot • Create • Be Kind, Be Thoughtful, Be Generous, Be Open • Take care of our planet • Read Stories, Tell Stories, Listen to Stories

Edna Barnston Family Day Care

My mission is to provide a safe, loving, quality childcare experience that helps your child ages 6 months to 4 years old develop physically,... socially, and emotionally. We offer a nurturing, fun environment where your child will get the personal attention and care that he/she needs and deserves! Our main goal is to provide care for your child in a loving, stable home environment. We want your child to feel safe and cared for, in flexible but structured surroundings. Our purpose is to provide you quality childcare with social, emotional, knowledgeable and physical growth. Edna’s Childcare is a developmental program that encourages and helps every child develop. Whether it's reading a book, playing a game, working in a learning center, or playing outdoors, I make early childhood development interesting and fun. I am a California State Licensed Home Daycare owner for the past 20 years. I have completed many courses of infant-toddler training in Child Development and I am always continuing my education to further my knowledge to help guide children through their developmental milestones. Also, I am certified in CPR and first Aid training. I recognize that each child has unique talents, learning styles and personalities so I am committed to working within each child’s comfort zone to ensure social, emotional and educational results. At Edna’s Daycare, I have two loving assistants who help me with the children throughout the day. They have completed finger printing and certifications required by the state of California. At Edna’s Daycare, the curriculum is based on interactive activities that are available to them throughout the day. They will develop a love for learning in Hebrew and English, while they are growing, playing and having fun. We engage in all the usual projects, e.g., painting, counting, ABC in English and Hebrew, singing, dancing, Yoga classes, Jewish holidays, etc. Children will also learn to identify all four seasons. At Edna’s Daycare, your child will participate in developmentally appropriate activities throughout the day, such as: * Free Play * Circle Time * Puzzles and Games * Arts and Crafts * Music * Yoga * Pre-Reading Activities * And much more * We celebrate Birthday Parties. I am convinced that children at Edna’s Childcare should and will be taught to respect each other, adults, and property. I believe that children deserve to be treated and respected as individuals in an environment that welcomes reason, exploration, question, and imagination. I respect each child’s need for love, security, acceptance, warmth, and stimulation.

Treehaus Village Family Day Care

Treehaus Village focuses on the whole child, and we place equal emphasis on social, emotional, cognitive and physical development. Our school... emulates the traditional family setting of mixed age groups that allows children to play more harmoniously at different developmental levels. In the family day care setting, they are interacting and learning as a small village or community, growing together in a more natural, organic way where older children mentor their younger peers and the younger children learn from their more experienced friends. Our children resolve conflicts with the facilitated assistance of their teachers who help give them the right words to play more harmoniously and effectively socialize with others. Teachers also show children how to interact by modeling respectful expression of feelings, setting boundaries and redirecting misbehaviors with appropriate activities and supervised play. Children’s emotions are validated, and they are encouraged to express themselves in a positive, nurturing environment. Our program is designed to incorporate a wide range of interests including, art, blocks, dramatic play, fine motor, science, sensory play, outdoor and large motor, sand and gardening.

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