Best Reggio Emilia Preschools in Simi Valley CA

Reggio Emilia Preschools in Simi Valley CA

Fabiano Family Day Care
Teddy Bear Town, established in 1976 as Fabiano Family Child Care is licensed by the state department of social services and complies with all of the standards put forth by the department. The owner/director, Marsha Fabiano has a Masters Degree in Educational Counseling, a P.P.S. Credential, a Bachelor’s in Physical Education, a Minor in Early Childhood Education and Business Administration, Certified in Preschool Education and Directorship of a Preschool. Martha has an AA in Child Development & Psychology. All staff members are CPR and First Aid certified. They also have been fingerprinted and have submitted evidence of freedom from tuberculosis. Teddy Bear Town uses a combination of the Dodge Creative Curriculum for Early Childhood and the Piaget's constructivist theory of child development. The Creative Curriculum approach is based on Diane Trister Dodge's career in working with preschool educators. The approach helps teachers to make their practices consistent with their goals for children by arranging their classrooms to support teachers' developmentally appropriate practice and children's active learning, which is directed toward their social competence. Teachers arrange the learning environment into ten interest areas: art, blocks, cooking, computers, house corner, library corner, music and movement, the outdoors, sand and water and table toys. Piaget theory of child development is based on a classroom that is arranged with discrete, well-equipped interest areas. The children engage in a consistent routine that consists of time for children to play, carry out and reflect on their own learning as well as time to engage in small-and-large group activities. Adults support children's active learning by organizing the environment and establishing a consistent daily routine; establishing a supportive social climate; encouraging children's intentional activities, problem solving, and verbal reflections; planning small-and-large groups learning experiences; and interpreting children's actions in terms of child development. These key experiences are grouped into ten categories: creative representation, language and literacy, initiative and social relations, movement, music, classification, serration, number, space and time. Marsha Fabiano has taken these two wonderful child development specialists and has created a successful self learned curriculum for the teachers and children of Teddy Bear Town. The children are well prepared for traditional elementary school, by recognizing letters and letter sounds, writing the alphabet, their name and numbers. They are also developing reading skills and social skills.

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Safety Care Family Day Care

"Best Daycare in town !! Safetycare Family DayCare and Preschool is safety and spacious. They provide your child the best in homemade meals and good educational program."

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Other Reggio Emilia Preschools Near Simi Valley CA

Best Years Preschool

Our educational programs take into account each child's social,... emotional, intellectual, spiritual, and physical developmental needs. Each of our programs addresses the whole child.We believe children are happy and secure when they have plenty of opportunities to succeed each day. Success breeds self-confidence and self-confident children approach learning as fun, and actively search for information and solutions to problems. As a result they develop into well-rounded, capable adults. All of our programs offer age- and developmentally-appropriate curriculum in a safe, nurturing environment. Our theme-based lesson plans keep children interested and make learning fun. Children practice pre-reading and math skills, are exposed to other cultures and traditions, have group experiences in the classroom and on the play yard, move to the rhythm of music, and reinforce concepts through educational computer programs. Experience is the best teacher and we give children the opportunity to participate in many guided experiences in learning situations. Spiritual Foundation: Best Years Preschool provides children with an added element to their educational curriculum. Using bible stories and songs to teach compassionate life ethics, inner strength and joy, we offer stepping stones to enhance their future outlook above and beyond their academic training. Through loving attention and answering their needs quickly, they come to understand that adults are there to help them as an extension of God's love. Psycho/Social: Children are encouraged to learn emotional maturity through conflict resolution, understanding spatial responsibility, as well experiencing their own independence and self worth. By providing an environment for preschoolers to identify, find similarities and differences between people and things, they are assisted in embracing the multi-cultural richness of our society. Cognitive: Language learning includes letter recognition, writing, imaginative story telling through dictation. Math through sequencing, patterning, number recognition and measurements. Science through experimentation, nature studies, cooking. Art through the encouragement of process not product in crafts, assembling, drawing, painting, sculpturing. Each field overlapping in one cognitive whole. Motor/Physical: Every activity on campus strengthens small and large motor skills. Whether children are riding bicycles, digging, using a pencil, playing with play dough or manipulative toys, running, climbing, swinging, dancing, and much much more. Best Years Preschool is a licensed child care center in Woodland Hills, CA with the license issued by the L. A. Daycare-No. We are a large center. Please email us for more information.

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