Best Reggio Emilia Preschools in South Pasadena CA

Reggio Emilia Preschools in South Pasadena CA

Green Stem Schoolhouse
Grown out of a home in Atwater Village, Green Stem Schoolhouse is a progressive early school for children. Creating an intimate, stimulating and fun program, guided by caring and enthusiastic teachers is our passion. Green, the symbolic color of growth and creativity weaves together with STEM education. We believe adult role modeling is key to children's success with social experiences. Therefore learning and being inspired together is our main activity. Our staff is composed of experienced teachers who are working professionals in a variety of other fields including Heath, Sports, Design and Art. At GSS, we cook, sculpt, compose, dream, question and resolve together hence our school motto "Learning is living". Our school is influenced by the child-advocating communities of Reggio Emilia and rooted in the application of progressive early childhood development research and philosophies. We view knowledge as elastic and co-constructed particularly in the prolific early years of childhood. There are many things we find fascinating about children, but In particular, their aptitude to learn, express, think outside the box and make metaphors are traits of the young child that that we celebrate and highlight. The founder of GSS, Maha Saab, received her Bachelor in Arts from Parsons School of Design and Masters in Arts from UCLA. She has been working with preschools for over ten years, beginning with the pioneering, Reggio-inspired schools in Santa Monica. In 2011, she became a mom to Tesneem and joined Echo Park's Historic Playgroup as the program coordinator.
Echo Park Silverlake Peoples Child Care Center
Playgroup is a special place where children's unique thinking flourishes. We are an early school made up of educators and families who believe in the importance of developmentally appropriate practices, hands-on learning, arts exposure and social guidance for the youngest of people. Reflecting the ethnic and social-economic diversity of our local community is of paramount importance. All children and families are supported to make meaningful connections with themselves, their peers and the greater community. We view the young child as an intelligent, capable learner. Our early school, is a center for young learners to come together. Children explore ideas and build relationships through art, music, movement and dialogue. We support children's ability to thrive in a social setting, while having the confidence to express their own thinking. Creating a trusting, beautiful and fun environment, filled with many voices and common goals, is what all members of the Playgroup community help to do. Teachers work alongside children, co-building a unique curriculum and environment with every new group of children. Academics are integrated in developmentally appropriate ways. Emphasis is placed on creative problem solving, constant practice and exposure to Arts, Literature, Science and constructive collaboration. Throughout the day there is a balance of open play with children from all ages to age-specific structured small group time. Educators use tools of documentation, such as note taking and video, to reveal children's thought process and extend lines of inquiry/exploration. This documentation is seen throughout the school and used as a tool for school-home connections. From community walks to smoothie-making, healthy living is part of our learning value system. We offer "whole" foods breakfast (from 7-9) as well as seasonal fruits and vegetables for snack time. Parents pack low-sugar lunches for their own child. Specialists in Yoga, Food and Music provide afternoon enrichment activities centered on movement, mind-body awareness and ,of course, fun. Playgroup was founded in 1970 by a group of neighbors who needed affordable child care, Playgroup quickly developed a reputation for excellence under the direction of founder Ruth Beaglehole. Playgroup was incorporated as the Echo Park Silver People's Child Care Center, a non-profit community organization, in 1974. Playgroup was a pioneer in the use of anti-bias curriculum and has been a vocal advocate for children and families throughout its history. Echo Park Silverlake Peoples Child Care Center is a licensed child care center in Los Angeles, CA with the license issued by the L. A. Day Care-East (33). We are a medium-sized center. To learn more about us, please send us an email.

Recent Reviews in South Pasadena CA

Chin and Hong Family Child Care

"Love them! My son was so happy there!"

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Rebeca Avila Family Child Care

"My daughter has been here for 1 year and she loves Beca and Maria. The caregivers are very nice, the center is clean, they cook daily for the kids and have a clean outdoor playground. My daughter..."

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Other Reggio Emilia Preschools Near South Pasadena CA

Dickinson C. Ross Preschool - a program of JTC

Great communication counts for every child's bright future! At the... Dickinson C. Ross Preschool ("Ross Preschool") of JTC, you can prepare your child for kindergarten and beyond! Our Reggio Emilia-inspired preschool provides a rich language and academic learning experience. As an inclusion-based program of the renowned non-profit John Tracy Clinic (JTC), the doors of the Ross Preschool are now open for high functioning children of all hearing abilities, to give them an added edge in developing top-tier communication skills, leadership and social abilities. We lay the groundwork for children’s future academic success by instilling a passion for exploration and learning. Convenient wrap-around child care is also available. PHILOSOPHY & PROGRAM Did you know that cultivating good communication skills and intellectual curiosity before the age of 5 is a major factor to lifelong educational, intellectual and leadership achievements? The path to learning is built around each individual child’s interests. Children are educated based on the principles of respect, responsibility, and community through exploration and discovery in a supportive, social environment. Features include a movement program, a preschool library, the latest Internet and audio-video classroom technologies, two playgrounds, and more. Learning experiences include literacy and creative expression. Further, children ages 4 and 5 can benefit from math, science and writing classes taught by instructors who hold Masters Degree in Education. Nutritious snacks along with lunch and nap breaks are included. “This is the best preschool development center one can ever imagine,” said K. Radchenko, a Ross Preschool parent. “The teachers are educational professionals, so they approach children with the newest methods.” At the Ross Preschool, children have integrated playing and learning experiences with one another, including with children who have a hearing loss, who are learning to listen and speak. Our language-rich program follows California standards for preschool and we are designated as a Non-Public School (NPS). TEACHING & CHILDCARE STAFF With an average of twelve students per class and a 6:1 student-teacher ratio, children receive individual attention from teachers, all of whom hold Master’s Degrees in Education and have speech and language expertise. LOCATION JTC is conveniently located at 806 W. Adams Blvd., in the Figueroa Corridor between Mount St. Mary’s University and USC. Visit for more information or to schedule a site visit. Or, call Belle Garcia in our Preschool Administrative Office at (213) 863-9944 or (213) 863-9947; e-mail

City Kids LA

About Us City Kids is a place where parents, children, and early... education experts partner to provide exceptional learning opportunities in a safe and nurturing environment that: 1) Promotes responsible citizenship and respect of people, things, and places 2) Fosters risk-taking 3) Is student-led and teacher facilitated 4) Creates high expectations of students’ goals and aspirations 5) Values play, process, and partnership 6) Believes in the benefit of outdoor learning experiences City Kids is a school that will challenge your kids AND nurture them, a place that will value them as individuals AND teach them to collaborate; a place where they will learn to read, count, write AND are encouraged to ask questions, explore, and create. City Kids values nutrition and offer a vegetarian diet in-line with USDA standards providing the energy and nutrients young bodies and minds need to grow and develop. City Kids spends 50\% of school time learning outside in nature. They find joy in learning. Mission To create a learning environment that prepares students to become future innovators, globally responsible citizens, and mindful individuals. City Kids Pledge We are committed to providing a safe, nurturing and creative environment that emphasizes environmental responsibility, social-emotional learning, and offers project-based and global education experiences. We value diversity and actively celebrate individuality. We promise that every child will know they are valued at our school and in the world. We are devoted to implementing age-appropriate programs that are culturally relevant and tackle real-world problems with a commitment to helping our community. Philosophy • Focus on the children and everything else will follow. • Play is messy … so get dirty. • Ask Questions, Seek Answers, Discover and Repeat. • Take Risks • Our campus IS the city of Los Angeles. • Take the time to breathe… lots of time… in the grass rain or shine • Eating vegetables can change the world. • Go Barefoot • Create • Be Kind, Be Thoughtful, Be Generous, Be Open • Take care of our planet • Read Stories, Tell Stories, Listen to Stories

Bret Harte Childrens Center

Preschool and School-Age spaces are available for both subsidized and... full cost childcare. The Burbank Unified School District's mission is committed to the use of all available resources to provide a quality instructional program through which all children will develop to their fullest potential. The goal of the Child Development Program is to provide each child with the best opportunities for intellectual, social, emotional and physical development through age appropriate activities. The programs recognize individual differences of ability, language and culture and utilize learning activities to ensure success and achievement in the education of all the children. The primary goal of the district's early education program is to develop an autonomous learner through the development and pursuit of the following goals: - To develop a positive self-concept in children with an awareness that they are valued special individuals. - To provide activities and an environment that develops and strengthens language ability with the knowledge that cognitive development is greatly influenced by language acquisition. - To assist children in developing problem solving skills. - To provide experiences and opportunities for children to develop effective social interaction skills. - To encourage staff to be non judgmental as they relate to the behavior of children. - To focus on parent involvement and participation. - To develop articulation between the child development programs and the elementary schools.

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