Best Daycares in Reseda CA

Daycares in Reseda CA

Masoret Yehudit
Masoret Yehudit was founded in August 2010, to provide an Orthodox Day School with a comprehensive curriculum in Jewish and Secular studies to families in South Florida. At Masoret Yehudit students successfully participate in a nurturing, student-centered program in which they acquire and employ a comprehensive knowledge of a bilingual curriculum and a passion for Israel. Masoret Yehudit provides an administration and teaching staff of qualified educators who are committed to high standards of academic instruction as well as the social/emotional needs of students at each grade level. The Jewish studies curriculum includae a balance of skills, general knowledge of Yahadut and Halacha aligned with Orthodox customs and practice. The program instills fluency in both written and spoken Hebrew for the students. The general studies curriculum is aligned with Florida State Standards and includes core curriculum subjects as well as co-curricular subjects. Instruction in both Limudei Kodesh and Secular subjects on each grade level reflects understanding and interest in student development and learning styles. Our curriculum includes a balance of factual knowledge that provides a foundation for future learning along with activities in each subject that are interesting and challenging. The school belief is centered upon the concept that an inspiring school environment promotes a love for learning, self-discipline, high self-esteem, and the knowledge to participate as a positive member in society. Masoret Yehudit views parents as partners in the education of their children and seeks to work cooperatively in the growth and development of their children. Masoret Yehudit provides developmentally appropriate classes, with a quality experiential curriculum designed to thoughtfully meet the needs of children at each stage of their wondrous development. The teachers are at the center of our program providing the children with the highest quality education and the nurturing they require.

Other Daycares Near Reseda CA

Greene Gables School

Our School takes Pride in our Students We believe that children... should acquire the skills, knowledge and attitudes necessary for enlightened participation and leadership in society. Greene Gables School therefore provides an academic curriculum which develops skills needed for proficiency in the areas of language, math, social sciences, fine arts, computer and physical education. The emphasis throughout is to help children stretch beyond the basics to develop critical thinking and creative expression in all areas. Our central purpose is to awaken in each child a love of learning that will last a lifetime. We believe that each child is a unique individual with unique strengths and weaknesses. Our school therefore provides a program that challenges each child while maximizing his or her opportunities for success. We seek to nurture the social, intellectual, physical and spiritual essence of each child by providing a warm and loving environment. We believe that the teacher is the key to achieving the educational excellence to which we aspire. Teachers are the cornerstone of our school efforts to stimulate identity, to inspire the love of learning and to encourage students to become concerned and caring human beings. In partnership with parents and school administration, teachers accomplish these goals through constant and open communication, and through their actions as role models. Teachers strive to strengthen their actions as role models. Teachers strive to strengthen a student's identity, foster their self esteem and enhance their sensitivity to the world around them.

Recent Reviews in Reseda CA

Turning Point Montessori

"One of the best schools in the San Fernando Valley. Both my children have attended this school and both have made serious improvements. They have helped my children read and become independent"

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Noorzay Family Child Care

"My kids love this daycare, I have gone threw many daycares in the past. Raz just has this amazing way with kids, they love her dearly. She has made it very easy for me to go back to work stress..."

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