Weekend Daycare in Catonsville MD

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Mount Winans Academy, Baltimore
"We are thankful to have found such a wonderful fit for our child care needs. The curriculum and approach is exceptional. The center is also extremely clean which keeps us as ease" Read More
Children's Manor Montessori School And Day Care, Columbia
"I had a chance to tour this facility for my daughter's preschool. Highly recommend this to all my friends. The curriculum is really good. Classes focus on Yoga and Computers too." Read More
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Frequently Asked Questions
How many weekend daycares and preschools are there in Catonsville?
There are 93 weekend daycares and preschools in Catonsville, based on CareLuLu data. This includes 82 home-based programs and 11 centers.
How much does daycare cost in Catonsville?
The cost of daycare in Catonsville is $1,568 per month. This is the average price for full-time, based on CareLuLu data, including homes and centers.
How many weekend daycares and preschools accept infants in Catonsville?
Based on CareLuLu data, 86 weekend daycares and preschools care for infants (as well as toddlers). This includes 77 home-based programs and 9 centers.
How many weekend daycares and preschools teach a foreign language in Catonsville (Spanish, French, Chinese, etc.)?
Based on CareLuLu data, 16 weekend daycares and preschools speak at least one foreign language. Most common languages include Spanish, Urdu, Hindi, French and Chinese.