Daycares in West Bloomfield Township MI

Daycares in West Bloomfield Township MI

West Bloomfield KinderCare

OverviewWe believe that happy, loved, and connected children are... destined for success in every facet of their lives. Our staff at West Bloomfield work together to strengthen and encourage every child's emotional, intellectual, social and physical needs while partnering with the parents. We recognize that curriculum is more than what appears in manuals or a series of activities. Curriculum is everything that happens in a classroom: the room arrangement, the choices children are offered throughout the day, and the way adults interact with children. Our carefully constructed curriculum ensures children's needs are addressed on an individual basis and that the families are involved with their child's milestones and accomplishments. My staff and I are committed to providing a safe, fun and educational environment for your child, where they are loved and taught by experts dedicated to the highest standards in the early childhood field. Our teachers know that children are naturally curious. Allow us the opportunity to encourage their curiosity in our secure and educational environment! Teachers & StaffThe teachers and staff at West Bloomfield KinderCare are passionate about the children and the families. Throughout our center you will find an average tenure of six years with the KinderCare family. The majority of our teachers have their Childhood Development Associate's Credentials while others hold Bachelor's and Master's Degrees in the field. Our company supports our desire to grow as educators, providing us with biannual opportunities to grow as educators. At the West Bloomfield KinderCare, we all share the same passion-providing a nurturing environment, where young minds are free to grow! Health & SafetyThe staff at the West Bloomfield KinderCare strive to provide a healthy and safe environment for your child. As soon as your child walks through the door, he or she will be greeted by a safe atmosphere and a healthy world of learning. From our nutritional meals to our safe practices, children will understand the joy KinderCare has to offer. In addition to all of our staff contributions, Ms. Adelina is our Health and Safety Coordinator. Each day she is committed to completing daily checks based on supervision, emergency procedures and prevention strategies. These "check-ins" guarantee the staff, children and families are provided the best atmosphere to work, learn and grow as individuals.

Other Daycares Near West Bloomfield Township MI

Middlebelt Road KinderCare

OverviewWelcome to Middlebelt Road KinderCare! We look forward to meeting you and your family to show you our curriculum and enrichment programs! We... are confident that once you visit, you will love our educated, warm and nurturing staff! Our experts designed our classrooms — and every activity and lesson — to help prepare your child for success in school and beyond. With designated learning centers such as dramatic play and blocks in every classroom, children have the opportunity for rich social play and child-initiated discovery. You’ll also find that our classrooms feature a print-rich environment full of carefully selected materials, written charts and labels, and children’s literature. By helping your child connect spoken words and print, we’re helping develop early literacy and writing skills. Whether your child has first words or first grade on the horizon, we’re excited to show you how everything in our center is designed for learning! Teachers & StaffThe teachers and staff at Middlebelt Road KinderCare are passionate about educating and nurturing children. The majority of our teachers have their Childhood Development Associate's Credential (CDA), or Bachelor's Degree.  The Middlebelt Road team strives for excellence through continuing education through monthly trainings, and bi-annual company professional development trainings. At the end of the day, the key to our teachers' success is their passion for children and their love of teaching. Health & SafetyAt the Middlebelt Road KinderCare we strive to make sure your child is not only in a nurturing and loving environment but also a safe and secure one. Our building is always in complete lock-down, with a keypad entry at the front only for current families. Our playground is surrounded by a six-foot-high fence and is also set back from the main road. All of our teachers at the Middlebelt Road KinderCare are CPR and First Aid certified. We also train with our teachers to handle emergency situations like fire, tornado, or lock-down of the center.

Butterflies and Bumblebees

Home daycare for children ages 6 weeks to kindergarten. Emphasizing nurturing the child. My philosophy in child rearing is found in the golden rule,... treat everyone the way you want to be treated. In Deuteronomy 6:7, we teach our children as we walk along the way and as we rise up... In other words children need continual instruction and everyday is filled with teachable moments. Moments that can be used to help guide and direct their behavior that can be used throughout their life. I had five children and I home-schooled them in their early life. I found that being a stay at home mom was a great opportunity to pass on my values as I am a Christian, and to ready them for learning. Another goal of Butterflies and Bumblebees is to prepare your child for a lifetime of loving to learn. Our days will be filled with exploration and readiness skills that will prepare the child for kindergarten. I will actively monitor your child to determine when they are ready for introduction to phonics, math with manipulatives, fine motor skills that ready the hands for writing, an introduction to science by Creation, the reading of classic children stories and many other tried and true tools that ready them for the next adventure in life. I strongly believe that children should not be warehoused in a mass produced setting during their formative years. This is the time where the phrase, "less is more" is most important. Every child has a special gift and early childhood is the time to prepare your child to begin the journey to discover who God created them to be. If you are interested in an environment that your child can thrive and is specialized to help them discover how they will shape the world in the future, then this is the place for your little Butterfly and/or Bumblebee.

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Ms. Lauren's Childcare

"Ms Lauren is wonderful! She is highly recommended. She truly care about all of the children and treats them as family. She is the best!!"

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