Baptist Daycares Near Me

Baptist Daycares Near Me

Tabernacle Baptist Church CDC
Tabernacle Child Development Center provides' children with a caring. Safe and secure environment that utilizes a child development centered curriculum. This type of curriculum is based on the emotional, physical, social and cognitive needs of the individual child. The developmental needs of the child are used to determine appropriate activities carried out with that child. Because children grow and develop at different rates, this approach offers them the opportunity to explore each area of development at their own pace. The Staff of the Center creates an atmosphere of support and affection as well as provides the materials, equipment and experience required to optimize the experiences of each child. They also serve as examples to the children, since children learn as much by observing others as they do by direction instruction. The teaching staff acts as facilitators rather than the directors of activities. The environment is carefully planned based on an assessment of the children's skills. Planning is most obvious by the presence of "interest centers" in every classroom. These centers include are, dramatic play, manipulative or small motor skills, gross motor play or block, sand, water, books listening, etc. Teachers make available a wide variety of activities in each "interest center." Children are encouraged to explore all interest centers. Teachers provide an external structure for the day and provide the children time to work in the centers. Their explorations of the environment are usually self-initiated. Because of the variety of materials, children can learn several different skills in each center. Children's creativity is enhanced by the open-endedness of the learning material. A sense of responsibility and powerfulness is also promoted by allowing children to choose their own activities.

About Baptist Daycares Near Me

Baptist daycares and preschools can be a great fit for families of all backgrounds, although they are especially well suited to those of the Baptist faith. One of the tenets of Baptism is that each congregation should have a great deal of autonomy, which means they can differ rather widely in what they believe, how they worship, and their attitudes toward other faiths. Regardless of the particulars of their curriculum, all Baptist preschools will emphasize values that align with a Christian upbringing, while stressing standard early childhood education goals such as socialization and developmentally appropriate skill building.

Because Baptists believe that the act of baptism should only be performed on believers, Baptist daycares will always include some form of bible instruction in their curriculum. However, the details can vary significantly, with some Baptist child care centers even adopting a non-denominational and non-sectarian approach. Depending on the inclusiveness of the affiliated Baptist community, this can make Baptist schools a good choice for non-religious parents seeking to expose their children to a supportive environment that emphasizes strong morals and spirituality.

Many children thrive in consistent environments, and parents agreeing with the moral tenets of Baptism can be assured that their children will receive consistent reinforcement of those values. Non-religious families might also enjoy the tight-knit community that often forms around Baptist and other Christian daycares and preschools. Baptist child care programs range from small Baptist home daycares to large, academically-oriented preschools.

Most are affiliated with a particular Baptist parish and they are often more affordable than comparable secular facilities. Some Baptist daycare centers even offer tuition on a sliding scale to help families afford what can be one of the most expensive aspects of raising a child. Parents looking for a certain level of Bible study or prayer in their child's early education should confirm with their child development center how often each appears in the curriculum, as the frequency of explicit religious instruction can vary between programs.

Other Baptist Daycares Near Washington DC

First Rock Baptist Church Child Development Center

Minister Anthony L. Minter first attended the First Rock Baptist Church at the age of nine. At the age of twelve, he received Jesus Christ into his... life. He was baptized by the founding pastor of First Rock, the late Reverend Joseph W. King, Sr. Since joining the church Minister Minter has been consistent in attendance and steadfast in ministry. He has served our church faithfully as a Junior Deacon, Sunday School teacher, Bible Study teacher, and sang in numerous choirs. Minister Minter’s heart is to teach God’s word and proclaim it’s applicability to the Christians’ everyday life. Likewise, he seeks to make known to unbelievers that Christ is the only way to eternal life. In 1980, Minister Minter was licensed to preach the Gospel by Pastor King. In January 1999, he was ordained by First Rock’s second pastor, Minister Richard C. Corbin, Sr. Shortly after his ordination, on January 29th, the church membership overwhelmingly voted for him to serve as Assistant Pastor. After attending Howard University, Minister Minter was employed by Giant Food. In March of 1999, he retired with 21 years of service to become the full-time Assistant Pastor for First Rock Baptist Church. On October 23, 2004, Minister Minter celebrated his installation as Pastor of First Rock Baptist Church. He is married to the former Wanda J. Marable. From this union God has blessed them with 3 children, Vashti, Christina, and Anthony, and 1 granddaughter, Aidyn.

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