What Child Care Providers Are Saying

"CareLuLu has been nothing but a great confidence for my business. Very professional and positive staff. They are very helpful to both parents and providers. A great help with positive ethics. Very grateful!! I can't say enough for your great service!! Thank you so much."

Child care center in Washington, DC
25+ enrollments from CareLuLu

"CareLuLu is a great resource for child care providers and parents. It provides an outstanding service to my daycare and the most impressive thing about them is that not only they respond very quickly to my questions and provide support to improve my business. They are very well organized and it makes it very easy to work with them for both parents and me. I can't begin to thank Jen and her staff enough for all the support they have given me. I highly recommend CareLuLu for both providers and parents."

Montessori family child care in Aldie, VA
10+ enrollments from CareLuLu

"The CareLuLu Enrollment Program (CEP) has been very helpful finding children for my family childcare program. The CareLuLu team is friendly, helpful, understanding and supportive. Parents of children in my care speak highly of their interaction and experience with CareLuLu. Thank you, CareLuLu. You've been a lifesaver!"

Home-based preschool in Gaithersburg, MD
12+ enrollments from CareLuLu

"CareLuLu is a great source for providers and parents who are looking for the best possible childcare. As a provider, I benefit a great deal from CareLulu.com. 95% of our customers are coming from CareLuLu. I love this site!!! Customer service is great! I always get phone calls back and even get phone calls and emails as reminders, which are a great help during our busy days working with kids! Thank you Jen and Patrick!"

Several child care programs in Potomac, MD
10+ enrollments from CareLuLu

"I believe I did great in choosing to work with CareLuLu. They have provided me with wonderful, cooperative families to the point where I even have a waiting list. They are professionals who are always in communication with me to see if everything is okay and how they can better work with me. I am satisfied with my partnership with CareLuLu and would recommend it to others."

Large family child care in Alexandria, VA
8 enrollments from CareLuLu

"My experience with CareLuLu has been nothing but amazing. The staff are always helpful and responsive, and always willing to go that extra mile. I've always recommended CareLuLu to potential childcare provider that's headaching over "how to market their business", CareLuLu has been such a blessing. Thank you all for your efforts and hard work! Without the team I don't think I would have been blessed with the wonderful families that I work with today :)"

"CareLuLu is a great tool. It helped me so so much over the years. It serves as a trustworthy and fast way to meet parents and lead them to your daycare. It is an amazing network that did so much for my daycare."

Family child care in Burtonsville, MD
7 enrollments from CareLuLu

"I was really impressed when I first saw the website. Then I met with Jen from CareLuLu and decided to work with CareLuLu. I am very happy for all the parents they brought me. The parents that I got through CareLuLu were very reliable, always paid on time, and their children were always well behaved. I'm very happy with CareLuLu and recommend it to my friends and other providers whenever I can! People in my meetings and associations always ask, "Where do you find your children?" and I always answer "Through CareLuLu."

Bilingual child care in Kensington, MD
8 enrollments from CareLuLu

"CareLuLu has been a great resource for me and for the parents that have been referred to my childcare home. CareLuLu's customer service is great. The entire team has strongly supported my business and allowed me to have great exposure in my neighborhood and the surrounding area. They have also helped me stabilize my business referral system. Thank you Jen for your support. I am thankful to the whole CareLuLu team. Thank you for the constant encouragement, flexibility and understanding."

Family child care in Alexandria, VA
8 enrollments from CareLuLu

"The main word to describe CareLuLu is "helpful". The customer support is very good, and they always respond to my emails and calls immediately and are very supportive. CareLuLu handles all my parent referrals and only brings me parents that are a good fit, which has really helped me with my business. CareLuLu got me 2 enrollments in only a couple of months of working with them. Child care providers need help, and CareLuLu is a great service and their employees work very hard to help their providers."

Child care in Alexandria, VA
9 enrollments from CareLuLu

"I run a home daycare in Virginia and have been a CareLuLu member for a couple of years now. CareLuLu is a great company that bridges the gap between providers and parents. Most of my clients are from CareLuLu and I am glad I partnered with them since they helped me grow my business. Their support system is great and their staff is very efficient at their jobs."

Large family child care in Fairfax, VA
10+ enrollments from CareLuLu

"Ever since we joined CEP we are pretty stable financially. The tips in terms of how to get the interview to go well have been very helpful for us to get more enrollments. CareLuLu parents are reliable and easy to deal with compared to the parents that we used to get before we joined CareLuLu."

Family child care in Alexandria, VA
10+ enrollments from CareLuLu