"You have been by our side every step of the way... you are like family. Thank you all for the hard work!"
Child Care Provider Fairfax, VA

What Child Care Providers Are Saying

"CareLuLu has been nothing but a great confidence for my business. Very professional and positive staff. They are very helpful to both parents and providers. An absolute honest financial transaction with both parents and providers. A great help with positive ethics. Very grateful!! I can't say enough for your great service!! Thank you so much."
Child care center in Washington, DC
25+ enrollments from CareLuLu
"CareLuLu is a great resource for child care providers and parents. It provides an outstanding service to my daycare and the most impressive thing about them is that not only they respond very quickly to my questions and provide support to improve my business. They are very well organized and it makes it very easy to work with them for both parents and me. I can't begin to thank Jen and her staff enough for all the support they have given me. I highly recommend CareLuLu for both providers and parents."
Montessori family child care in Aldie, VA
10+ enrollments from CareLuLu
"My involvement with CareLuLu has been such a great experience! It has helped my business grow and expanded my business into a lovely platform where I can reach out to new and prospective parents. The CareLuLu staff has been nothing but kind and I really appreciate the effort they put in along with my own efforts. Organized, professional, and very friendly; they always give good advice for me and my business! No other website has ever done for me what CareLuLu has done. I am grateful for their service!"
Family child care in Silver Spring, MD
10+ enrollments from CareLuLu
"I am thankful to CareLuLu for all the support and help you've given me and my childcare. You are an excellent source for both parents and childcare providers. The CareLuLu team is always positive, friendly, helpful and supportive. I couldn't be happier. I am so thankful to be part of the CareLuLu family."
Large family child care in Alexandria, VA
15+ enrollments from CareLuLu
"I believe I did great in choosing to work with CareLuLu. They have provided me with wonderful, cooperative families to the point where I even have a waiting list. They are professionals who are always in communication with me to see if everything is okay and how they can better work with me. I am satisfied with my partnership with CareLuLu and would recommend it to others."
Large family child care in Alexandria, VA
10+ enrollments from CareLuLu
"CareLuLu is a great tool. It helped me so so much over the years. It serves as a trustworthy and fast way to meet parents and lead them to your daycare. It is an amazing network that did so much for my daycare."
Family child care in Burtonsville, MD
7 enrollments from CareLuLu
"Ever since we joined, we are pretty stable financially. The tips in terms of how to get the interview to go well have been very helpful for us to get more enrollments. CareLuLu parents are reliable and easy to deal with compared to the parents that we used to get before we joined CareLuLu."
Family child care in Alexandria, VA
20+ enrollments from CareLuLu
"We were empty for the first 2 years when we opened, and after joining CareLuLu we now have 7 kids. This is the best option. The team is very supportive & very helpful. We recommended you to all of my friends and some of them already signed up."
Family child care in Columbia, MD
10+ enrollments from CareLuLu
"I am very satisfied with my experience with CareLuLu. I love that I receive help with families when I need the help. CareLuLu has been very helpful when it comes to finding amazing families to work with."
"I want to thank CareLuLu for helping me in promoting my company. They give excellent and professional guidance for parents and providers as well. I am very happy with their services and look forward in growing with them!"