Best French Daycares Near Me

French Daycares Near Me

Capitol Hill Day School
At Capitol Hill Day School, we aim to develop in each child a love of learning and an abiding care for others. This approach to learning underlies the curriculum, and is reflected in the thinking of the teachers, children, and parents. Collaborative, hands-on learning at the School is supported by maintaining a low student-to-teacher ratio in every classroom, with two co-teachers from prekindergarten through grade five. In all grades, many classes are taught in half groups. Children are encouraged to search for patterns and relationships. In virtually every subject, they find, define, and create patterns that spiral, branch, repeat, and grow geometrically. Learning in this way develops habits of observing, analyzing, and predicting. Teachers work together to integrate the curriculum so that subjects are studied in depth and from many directions. Field trips help children connect school experiences to the world around them. Literature and mathematics can be part of the study of science and social studies. Student activities in art and music reflect classroom studies. Certain themes serve as pillars around which the School's program spirals. In social studies, students examine relationships between environment and culture. In mathematics, children in all grades use similar materials to develop geometric and algebraic concepts. The revisiting of important ideas assures program continuity and allows children to deepen understandings. Caring for others is taught in all that we do. Older students learn and play with younger ones and assume responsibilities in the School community. Younger children are encouraged to be inclusive and kind in their interactions. Students discuss and learn from their differences with friendliness and trust, and from this perspective, examine ethical issues that arise from academic studies. When you visit, we hope you will sense the interplay between learning and caring as you see children greeting friends and engaging in activities and discussions. Capitol Hill Day School’s Summer Camp 2015 ends August 7, 2015. We had a great year with almost 300 campers who enjoyed 48 camps, led by 15 counselors, and 140 field trips! Check back in January 2016 for news about next year's Summer Camp program.

About French Daycares Near Me

French daycares and preschools provide an amazing opportunity for young children to develop or preserve their knowledge of the French language, an extremely valuable skill in today's global world. French is one of the most widely-spoken languages in the world, and is also one of the six official languages of the United Nations. Besides English, French is the most-widely spoken language by number of countries, with 29 countries speaking French as their official language. French is thus an excellent second language option for children of all backgrounds! Besides acquiring a valuable skill, a French daycare or preschool is a great way for kids to improve their social awareness, and build an appreciation for French culture in a fun and supportive environment.

The first three or four years of life are an ideal time for a child to learn a second language, and doing so can provide many advantages in a child's cognitive and social development. Contrary to a common misconception, there has been no scientific link found between dual language learners and a delay in language development. Bilingual children have indeed been proven to consistently reach early education milestones at the same rate as their English-only peers. In fact, some studies have found that learning a second language can increase the rate of English language acquisition. If you're still on the edge about whether or not a bilingual daycare and preschool is a good option for your family, read this post about 5 reasons why your child should attend a language immersion preschool.

Instruction in French immersion preschools and in other dual language child care and preschool programs can take several forms, including extracurricular activities, structured weekly curriculums, or full language immersion. Extracurricular instruction is irregular and often informal, tending to focus on basic vocabulary, cultural exploration, social development and play. Curriculum-based child care programs and preschools involve more formal instruction, which is usually offered a few hours each week. While using age-appropriate methods similar to those in curriculum-based facilities, full French immersion preschools will have extended periods of the day or even entire days when French is the only language spoken. Other times will be reserved for English or dual-language activities.

That said, teachers in French immersion daycare and preschool programs always want the children, especially infants and toddlers, to feel secure and comfortable. They will thus switch to your child's native language if he or she becomes overly confused or upset. This reduces stress and encourages learning, over time. French language instruction can be found in child care centers of all types, large preschools with robust extracurricular options, or smaller home daycares where the owner or main child care provider is francophone. Parents seeking to promote French-English bilingualism in their children should try to find a language immersion or curriculum-based child care program.

One important thing to know is that parents don't even need to be fluent French speakers for their child to have a successful and enjoyable experience in a French daycare. Language skills are transferable and focusing only on English language development at home, along with enthusiastic support for your child's work in French should be enough. To learn more about how you can help your child learn French, read these 6 tips for raising multilingual children. If you would rather avoid a structured academic environment or if bilingual preschools and daycare centers are not available near you, extracurricular exploration of the French language can still lead to improved cognitive development, cultural awareness, stronger social skills, and most importantly, fun!

Other French Daycares Near Washington DC

The Montessori School of Washington

The Montessori School of Washington aims to introduce children to the... joy of learning at an early age and assists the child in creating an inner order. This self-discipline becomes the basis of freedom, within a framework, for children to learn through their senses according to their own timetable of growth and level of interest. By achieving continuous success in learning experiences, the child will develop self-confidence and competence, attributes which are carried into maturity. When children acquire self-mastery and self-respect, they then respect others. IN THE CLASSROOM, EACH CHILD FOLLOWS A NATURAL PROGRESSION THROUGH FOUR CATEGORIES OF LEARNING The Practical Life Exercises involve simple tasks relating to care and maintenance of each child's environment. They give each child a sense of organization and concentration, as well as an appreciation of a completed cycle of activity. The Sensorial Materials help each child organize, categorize and refine the perceptions of his senses, e.g., colors, sounds, geometric shapes and relative sizes. The Language Materials prepare each child for writing and reading. Children are made aware of phonetics, vocabulary and the functions of words. In Mathematics, each child is exposed to concrete materials that introduce counting and the association of numbers with quantities. The program then progresses to more abstract concepts in preparation for addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. MSOW's goal is to develop patterns of concentration and thoroughness in early childhood in order to produce a competent and confident learner in later years. THE GOALS OF OUR PROGRAMS ARE: Provide opportunities for each child to be successful, creating a positive self-image. Help each child become competent, independent and self-confident and to learn to respect freedom with responsibility. Encourage each child's natural curiosity and love of learning within a structure but with flexibility. Provide natural, ungraded, vertical grouping of children so that they may learn from each other. Encourage independent study as well as group cooperation to foster self-discipline.

Children's International School-Clarendon

The Children’s International School (CIS) opened its first location... back in 1985, and ever since, we have provided children with a responsive, caring, nurturing, and enriched environment where differentially learning strategies are facilitated by staff committed to the early childhood profession. Enrichment Activities We provide a variety of extracurricular activities that include music, dance, language and literacy. ​ A local librarian also frequently visits the schools to read popular children’s books. Since CIS staff members are multi-lingual, language classes are offered to the older toddler and pre-k groups at several of our locations. CIS broadens the learning experience whenever possible through appropriate field trips. Some field trips include: local museums, National Zoo, Pumpkin Patch and destinations in the community within walking distance. Children explore the local community by walking to local playgrounds, libraries, grocery stores, galleries, nurseries, pet stores, fire department, etc. Parents are notified in advance and encouraged to participate. Parent Partnerships Our curriculum recognizes parents as the primary educators in children’s lives and emphasizes a strong parent/teacher partnership in all aspects of the program. ​ At the beginning of the school year, we host parent information sessions to communicate our curriculum approach and overall program goals. Several times a year, we host receptions as an opportunity for our parents and teachers to meet outside the classroom.

Rosslyn Children's Center

RCC is a non profit early childhood development center in Arlington... Virginia. Our dedicated teachers provide children from 8 weeks through kindergarten with a nurturing, creative, and challenging environment designed to support each child's success. We meet or exceed all local and state guidelines... Who we are… Rosslyn Children’s Center (RCC), is a quality early childhood development center serving children and families from birth through age six. RCC teachers, administration and families combine to form a small but vibrant community dedicated to providing a consistent, nurturing, creative and responsive environment in which each of our children will learn, grow and flourish. Since 1991, “RCC” has been guiding children’s learning through play; promoting the success of each individual child. Guided by our two curriculum specialists and experienced administrative team, our knowledgeable and dedicated teaching team work together to provide developmentally and age appropriate experiences which foster growth, curiosity and development. Our infants are guided by their loving and nurturing “primary caregivers”, each of whom is dedicated to providing up to three infants with an individualized daily routine and environment designed to promote each infant’s self esteem and sense of curiosity, enabling their success at each stage of development. Our toddlers through kindergarteners are each guided by teaching teams. We believe that the combination of teachers, each committed to providing excellence, rather than a hierarchy of “leads and aides” lends itself to a richer, more creative, more cohesive environment in which both our children and teachers thrive. In addition to working together on daily activities, weekly lesson planning and individualized plans, our teams have the opportunity to work with our curriculum specialists to further enhance the opportunities we are providing for our children. Our dedicated, volunteer Board of Directors, comprised of current parents, community members and past parents, combine their energy and expertise to support and guide our long term vision and mission. Together, we work each day to create a world for our children, our teachers, our families and our administration wherein we all feel challenged, vital and valued. We at Rosslyn Children's Center are dedicated to providing a nurturing, creative and developmentally appropriate environment in which our children, families and our RCC team are encouraged to learn, develop and thrive. In supporting our team of children, families and teachers, we believe that: children learn in many different ways - it is our responsibility to address all the needs of a child - emotional, intellectual, social and physical; parents are the most significant adults in a child's life and must be supported in developing themselves both as parents and as individuals; teachers and administration are encouraged to keep growing in their field of expertise through support and resources such as workshops, training sessions and continued education. In order to accomplish our goals, we provide: a dedicated and experienced team of teachers supported by in house and outside resources and support; a safe and stimulating physical environment; a diverse daily program of activities for our children to encourage age-appropriate development and a positive self-image, curiosity, language, cognitive and social abilities and fine and gross motor skills; ongoing opportunities for our children to explore the world outside our center; frequent events in which we encourage parent participation so that they can share in their child's growing and learning; a support system for families providing them with services including monthly Parents’ Night Out Evenings, school-wide social events and trainings on topics of interest to our families.

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