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Similar to Montessori schools, Waldorf daycares and preschools use mixed age classrooms and emphasize building independence. However, the Waldorf approach focuses on imagination and curiosity rather than targeted academic activities. Waldorf teachers help children learn how to think, rather than what to think, while using a consistent schedule that provides the security of a daily routine.

If you were to visit a Waldorf preschool, you would immediately notice the easy-going, home-like setting, where children might be singing songs, acting out a scene, listening to a story, painting, baking, or building with blocks. Teachers in a Waldorf preschool are all certified by the Association of Waldorf Schools of North America. They use imitation and repetition as core techniques, modeling good behavior instead of offering traditional academic instruction. Through this hands-off early education approach, teachers strive to encourage curiosity and independence while gently facilitating learning.

A typical day at a Waldorf preschool might begin with circle time, followed by a period of free play and group activities. Carefully selected stories are regularly told to help nurture the wonder and imagination of the kids as they interact with each other and their surroundings. Cooperation is encouraged and teachers only offer guidance when necessary. Children are not explicitly made aware that they are learning, but rather led to it through their playful explorations.

Materials are always natural and specifically chosen for their flexibility in use. For instance, dolls will be expressionless to allow children to impress upon them the emotions most appropriate to their play. Raw materials such as pine cones, sea shells, stones, colored cloth, etc. are typically in abundance. Waldorf daycares don't use traditional grading, and video or electronic media (including computers) are excluded from the facility. They employ an "all-weather" philosophy and children spend a lot of time outdoors, rain or shine.

A Waldorf preschool can be an excellent choice for parents looking to encourage their child's individualism and love of learning rather than focusing on academic skills. Children who enjoy predictability and a home-like atmosphere will thrive in a Waldorf environment, with the gentle, nurturing approach providing comfort to shy children and balancing out more aggressive children. Imaginative and free-spirited children would also feel right at home, while children with special needs can benefit from the Waldorf's central assumption that every child should be supported in developing at their own pace.

The Waldorf curriculum is decidedly not academic, with creativity and play taking center stage. This makes the Waldorf philosophy a poor fit for families that prefer to stress early reading or other academic skill building. They also do not offer access to technological devices such as computers or tablets. It is worth noting that the Waldorf approach can be found in early childhood education programs all the way through the high school level.

Other Waldorf Daycares Near Washington DC

Silver Spring Presbyterian Church Children's Center

Silver Spring Presbyterian Church Children''s Center(SSPC CC) exists... for the purpose of providing high quality early care and education services to the Silver Spring area of Montgomery County, Maryland At SSPC CC, we’re committed to your child's development. To support this we: prepare your children to be fully ready to learn upon entrance to school, enable growth emotionally and intellectually, respect individual uniqueness and foster positive social connections, and work in partnership with each family recognizing them as their child's first teacher and primary nurturer. SSPC CC was established in 1975 as a service to familes in the community who desired quality child care in a warm and caring envioronemnt. The Center is sponsored by the Silver Spring Presbyterian Church. We offer child care for infants, toddlers and two's as well as our Nursery School Program for preschoolers ages 3-5. The center is open year round and offers a spacious Outdoor Play Area, Caring and Dedicated Staff and a Developmentally Appropriate Curriculum in a warm and caring environment. Our Teaching Staff Our Lead Teachers have a variety of experience and backgrounds. Their credentials range from Child Development Associate (CDA) to Undergradate degrees in early childhood and/or realted fields. All are Maryland Credentialed. Teacher Assistants and Substitutes are an integral part of the teaching teams. Many have completed training in the early childhood/child care field. A number are college students pursuing degrees in the early child care and education industry. Some assistants and substitutes also meet Child Care Teacher qualifications and may work in dual positions in our program. SSPC CC also regularly hosts student interns from the local high schools, colleges and universities. Overall Management The Center is governed by a Board of Directors called the Preschool Weekday Education Committee (PWEC), which is responsible to the sponsoring organization, the Silver Spring Presbyterian Church. The PWEC is comprised of parents, community volunteers, SSPC members, the Center Director and staff representatives. The Board is responsible for the overall operations and quality assurance of the Center’s programs. Continuous program evaluation, sustainability and policy issues that affect the Center are primary concerns of this body. Licensing/Regulatory Agencies SSPC CC is a Maryland State Department of Education - Office of Child Care (MSDE/OCC) licensed and accredited early childhood program. We also hold a MCDHHS Private Educational Institute license.

Seabrook Adventist Early Learning Center

"The Seabrook Adventist Early Learning Center provides a safe,... nurturing, and fulfilling Christian educational environment for the holistic development of children between the ages of two and five years old. Each school day provides an opportunity to promote the emotional, physical, social, intellectual, and spiritual environment that our children need for today's changing world. Our dedicated staff is committed to creating a memorable learning atmosphere. Through the development of age appropriate knowledge and skills, each child will discover, use, and further develop his or her God-given gifts, talents and potential."  The mission of the Seabrook Adventist Early Learning Center is to experience learning through meaningful play. Young children learn by manipulating, questioning, creating, observing, exploring, experimenting, interacting, and by using their senses. We provide both formal and informal experiences throughout each day that promotes these types of learning.  Our experienced teaching staff understands how children learn and develop. They will offer guidance, assistance and encouragement, and provide developmentally appropriate learning materials and experiences. We believe that parents are partners and value open communication and collaboration. We recognize the uniqueness of each child and will provide experiences that are relevant to each child’s social, emotional, physical, and intellectual needs, helping each student make progress. It is our desire to provide a warm, loving Christian environment where each child feels secure, happy, and where learning is meaningful and fun!We are very proud of our teaching staff at The Seabrook Adventist Early Learning Center. Our teaching staff members have many years experience in early childhood education. We support ongoing training for staff members so they continue to grow professionally and provide the best possible education for our children. The staff regularly participates in conferences, workshops, classes, and outside school observations. The primary goal of our Before & After Care program is create a safe community for children. This program includes snacks, homework support, indoor and outdoor play and other activities for children to enjoy before or after school. We provide an environment for your child/children to grow through self-guided and structured play. In addition to fostering imagination, this challenges children to expand their social, emotional and intellectual abilities. The Before & After Care program follows the regular Center's calendar. When the Center is closed, the program is closed. When the Center is open for any part of the day, the program is open.

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