Weekend Daycare in Brandeis CA

Recent Reviews for Weekend Daycare in Brandeis CA
Kadima Day School, West Hills
"All three of my children attended Kadima’s preschool and had such a special experience. The warmth, the personal attention, the enriching curriculum, and the close-knit community" Read More
Noorzay Family Child Care, Canoga Park
"My kids love this daycare, I have gone threw many daycares in the past. Raz just has this amazing way with kids, they love her dearly. She has made it very easy for me to go back" Read More
Frequently Asked Questions
How many weekend daycares and preschools are there in Brandeis?
There are 141 weekend daycares and preschools in Brandeis, based on CareLuLu data. This includes 140 home-based programs and 1 centers.
How much does daycare cost in Brandeis?
The cost of daycare in Brandeis is $1,763 per month. This is the average price for full-time, based on CareLuLu data, including homes and centers.
How many weekend daycares and preschools accept infants in Brandeis?
Based on CareLuLu data, 109 weekend daycares and preschools care for infants (as well as toddlers). This includes 109 home-based programs and 0 centers.
How many weekend daycares and preschools teach a foreign language in Brandeis (Spanish, French, Chinese, etc.)?
Based on CareLuLu data, 99 weekend daycares and preschools speak at least one foreign language. Most common languages include Spanish, Persian, Farsi, Hebrew and Russian.