Best Catholic Daycares in SOUTHERN MD FACILITY MD

Catholic Daycares in SOUTHERN MD FACILITY MD

Saint Francis International School
We believe that Catholic schools must offer experiences within an educational environment that enable students to proclaim and celebrate the Good News of Jesus Christ, to build a community of faith, and to reach out in a spirit of service to others with a feeling of fellowship and openness for the sake of peace and justice. We believe that Saint Francis International School prepares its students to understand the message of Jesus Christ, to follow moral standards of conduct, and to achieve integrity of character. Parents and teachers are partners in the challenge of communicating the Word of God to the students and for modeling the primacy of worship, membership in the faith community, and service to all. We believe that Catholic schools must address the spiritual, intellectual, social, and physical needs of students. We believe that Saint Francis International School fosters each child’s understanding of basic Christian values associated with honesty, social responsibility, and tolerance. The academic program acknowledges the intellectual development of students as they learn fundamental skills and develop high-level comprehension and then apply these skills through problem solving activities that inspire self-expression and personal responsibility. Their social development is carefully monitored within an environment which requires a strong authoritative presence, yet one which also affirms the uniqueness of each child. Saint Francis International School also strives to maintain a physical environment which is safe and serves to address various learning styles through such activities as art, music, and physical education. We believe that Catholic schools must develop and maintain positive relationships among students, teachers, and parents. The position of teacher in a catholic school demands constant efforts to interact positively with students, parents, and colleagues. Recognizing that parents are the primary educators of the child, teachers seek parental cooperation and support. Students are expected to respect the authority of the school and be accountable for their actions, yet must also be given respect through methods of positive discipline and shared responsibility for school-wide success. Currently, our school uses the St. Camillus Campus exclusively for academics. The St. Mark Gym is used as the home of our athletics programs. As we move towards the future, the St. Camillus Campus is designated to house the early childhood and primary school programs and the St. Mark Campus is designated to house the middle school program.. Our Preschool Program for Children ages 2-4 We offer a full-day (8:00 am -3:30 pm) preschool/prekindergarten program for children ages 2-4. Our elementary and middle school programs carry on the five decade long legacy of St. Mark and St. Camillus Schools. We believe each child is unique and we strive to provide an environment for learning that will meet each child's individual talents and abilities. We also strive to ensure that our education goes beyond the academic and also helps each child to have social, emotional, and physical well being. We work with parents to form young people with the character of a moral person and good citizen. Our school is guided by the policies of the Catholic Schools Office of the Archdiocese of Washington and is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools' AdvancED program. Our school is a member of National Catholic Educational Association, the National Association of Elementary School Principals, the National Middle School Association, and other organizations that help us to constantly improve what we offer. Our extended school program is available to assist families in providing children with child care and academic support before and after school. Our extended care program provides child care before school from 6:45 am to 7:45 am and after school from 3:30 pm to 6:30 pm. After care includes snack, homework time, and activities outdoors and indoors. Our extended school services are available for an additional cost beyond regular tuition. Several different packages of extended care are available to meet the varying needs of families.
Sacred Hearts Nursery School
The Little Workers of the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary have been a part of the Riverdale Park community since 1974 when they converted a single family home into a convent and nursery school. The nursery school is the main source of financial support for the sisters who live in the convent and a vital resource for the community which serves the needs of children and families in Prince George’s County near Washington D.C. In our little town 16\\% of children live below the poverty line. e serve a vital need to working families in our community by providing day care a cost well below the going area rate. This is vital source of support for the families we serve who are largely the working poor in our community. Plus we provide a loving and nurturing educational environment year round for the most needy in our surrounding community - the little children. The children receive several meals a day at the school. Given the shockingly low rate of tuition compared to other comparable, area schools, the sisters have been forced to rely on donations of food from the community to make affordable, nutritious meals for the children. Seven years ago Sister Ada Grano had a vision to serve many more children. The nursery school was limited by physical space requirements required by Maryland law to only accommodate 20 children. In Easter 2015, our school was granted permission to serve 30 children. The need was so great the additional slots were filled immediately. In the past several years we were forced to turn away many needy children because we were at capacity. The renovation added an additional 500 square feet to the already existing space. A new playground was added as well as a circular driveway for a safe drop off and to eliminate traffic hazards. For the first time ever the facility is compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act and as a result can now accept disabled and special needs students for the first time.


Colesville Kiddie Cove

"We love this provider. From the first time we met her she was very welcoming to our family. I was nervous about putting my child in daycare so young but once I came across this provider she reassured"

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Zarina's Family Child Care

"We are so lucky to have found Zarina and her Daycare facility. Our daughter started with Zarina at the age of 1 and went until she was 3 years old. Even as a part time student, she has learned so..."

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Other Catholic Daycares Near SOUTHERN MD FACILITY MD

St. Augustine School

The faculty, staff, and administration of St. Augustine School are... guided by the message of love and forgiveness proclaimed in the Gospel of Jesus Christ in the Roman Catholic tradition. We believe it is our purpose to form the children entrusted to us into disciples of Christ. In partnership with parents, we instill in our students the Catholic values of faith, love, compassion, and service. As created beings, we believe that children of all ages seek to know God and grow closer to God. Our students develop a genuine respect for God, self, and the world around them through our modeling and instruction. We believe it is our purpose to educate all children spiritually, socially, emotionally, and intellectually to their fullest potential. The nature of the learner provides the framework for the education that we offer. We recognize the individuality and dignity of each child. The intellectual growth of the learner proceeds through developmentally appropriate experiences that occur in the social context and transfer into daily life. We encourage our children to be responsible and eager for their own growth in understanding. We foster individual accountability by nurturing self-discipline and self-worth. We inspire our students to be active participants in their education insuring that they will have the tools needed to be life-long learners. We believe that the learning experiences provided to our children help them make informed and positive choices. Community, and the interpersonal relationships that it implies, is best learned through experience. By uniting in our common ministry to foster a unique fellowship of the Spirit, we are called to model and promote the building of community. Within the context of our school society, which includes parents and our parish family, our children are nurtured in a caring, respectful and welcoming environment. Through the experience of community we seek to instill in our students a profound respect for the dignity of all people and the sacredness of life. In summary, we strive to provide a Christ-centered, holistic learning experience for all of our students that forms them into disciples of Christ, inspires them to be life-long learners, nurtures them to believe in themselves and the dignity of all people, and makes them a caring, respectful community.

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