Best Chinese Daycares in Arcadia CA

Chinese Daycares in Arcadia CA

Ark Christian Academy
With over 30 years of experience, the lead educators and management at Ark Christian Academy know how to prepare young children for future success through solid academics while giving them the utmost attention and care. ARK serves children between the ages of 2 1/2 and 6 years old, covering preschool thru kindergarten levels. The school hours of operation are from 7:00am to 6:00pm, Monday thru Friday, easily accommodating the schedule of working parents. Ark provides a balanced education for your children, enhancing their mind, body and soul. Children participate in classes comprising of subject matters such as language arts, math, physical education, social studies, music, arts & crafts, science & discovery, and drama. Nutritious lunches and snacks, served daily, provide energy for the academic curriculum and physical activities. Students build self-esteem, good social skills, and develop high morals through lessons and opportunities to socially interact with their peers as well as adults. All parents realize that ensuring quality people are educating their children is a major consideration when selecting the right school. Everyone at ARK is committed to creating a serene environment for your children to start their studies and establish a solid foundation for life. Our teachers have been carefully screened and selected. All teachers and staff members are highly qualified, having obtained the appropriate educational background and child development units. They are all experienced and compassionate individuals, truly focused on bringing out the best in each child.

Recent Reviews in Arcadia CA

Chin and Hong Family Child Care

"Love them! My son was so happy there!"

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Sherrie Theus Family Child Care

"When I first visited Sherrie for an initial visit, I was blown away by how clean and bright she keeps her home. She has toys and play equipment that are developmentally appropriate for her children..."

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Other Chinese Daycares Near Arcadia CA

Planet Preschool

Planet Preschool & Kindergarten is a newly built, state of the art... facility; servicing the San Gabriel Valley. We encourage learning and growth through play in an environment designed so children may strengthen muscles, build coordination, stretch their imaginations, and have fun. We encourage children to grow and learn at their own pace. This will build their confidence and their minds. Our goal is to provide all students a clean, safe, and nurturing environment. We believe in the value of both structured and non-structured activities. Our program includes developmentally appropriate curriculum, regular reading times, circle times, arts and crafts, and musical activities. Outdoor play and center times are some of the more flexible activities we have. Planet Preschool & Kindergarten is a GREEN School teaching kids the importance of caring and protecting the environment. Their generation will understand the importance of caring for the earth. Children can establish habits and make choices that promote environmental awareness. They will learn how their choices can impact the earth, make a difference and encourage them to continue making environmentally friendly choices for years to come. We want this generation to learn the importance of preserving the planet and teaching them to take an active role in being GREEN! It is our goal to create an environment and program where your child's love for learning can grow and flourish. We are located within 10 miles of Arcadia, Temple City, San Marino, San Gabriel and Alhambra, Monrovia and Sierra Madre.

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