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Besides deciding what kind of educational approach will best serve their young child, many parents also face the choice of whether to choose a part-time daycare or preschool or to pursue a full-time program. When at least one parent has the ability to stay at home, it's natural to consider both options. However, full-time daycare is a necessity for many working parents, whose schedules make part-time daycare unfeasible. While full-time child care and preschool might reduce parent-child bonding time, there is no evidence that they substantially impact the parent-child relationship (as long as parents spend quality time with their infant or toddler after daycare). Full-time preschools also give parents far more flexibility to work without worrying about whether their child's needs are being met. Indeed, most full-time home daycares and child care centers offer extended hours, allowing parents to drop-off their child before work and pick them up after work. Some may worry that their child will tire out or otherwise have problems being away from home a whole day, but most often, the structure and consistency that a full-time daycare and preschool creates a comfortable and enjoyable early learning environment for children. Additionally, children attending full-time daycare centers are more regularly exposed to the benefits of early education in general, such as socializing, practicing concepts like sharing, collaborating with others, cleaning up after themselves, pre-academic activities, etc. While these can be all done at home, a quality full-time preschool or daycare will follow a curriculum that ensures all of the important bases are covered regularly. Pre-academic development is also more easily guided in a full-time child care setting, when it is much easier for teachers to touch upon all of the domains of early learning. Of course, children who attend a part-time daycare are not necessarily disadvantaged, but they may require extra stimulation from parents to achieve particular skill development milestones. Full-time daycare and preschool programs come in all shapes and sizes, from small in-home daycares with a play-based philosophy to larger child care centers, or academically-oriented preschools. Finally, full-time daycare and preschool programs will always be more expensive than a part-time equivalent, so families with flexibility should weigh the benefits of full-time care against the additional cost.
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Recent Reviews for Full-time Daycares
Riverside Villages Kids Playhouse, Ashburn
"We are very grateful for this caregiver. She is a great mom and a great person and provides quality child care. What I love about her is that she encourages and teach the little" Read More
Dominion Station Little Cottage, Sterling
"we love this provider. We came from a previous in home daycare and my daughter is getting so much more with her. She actively plays and works with the children. My daughter has" Read More
Frequently Asked Questions
How many daycares and preschools are there in the US?
There are over 200,00 licensed daycare and preschool programs on CareLuLu. In the US, there are over 800,000 child care businesses but most are not licensed.
How much does daycare cost in the US?
The average cost of daycare in the US is $9,649/year. The lowest price is $2,813/year (home daycare in Mississippi) and the most expensive is $23,666/year (child care center in Washington DC).
How many daycares offer infant care in the US?
Based on CareLuLu data, 60% to 70% of daycares offer infant care. This includes licensed home daycares and child care centers.
How many daycares and preschools offer part-time or drop-in care in the US?
Based on CareLuLu data, 40% of daycares offer part-time care or drop-in. This includes home-based and center-based child care and preschool programs.
How many daycares and preschools teach a foreign language in the US?
Based on CareLuLu data, 30% of daycares teach a foreign language. Most common languages include Spanish, French, Arabic, Hindi / Urdu, Korean.
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