KinderCare in Duquesne PA

KinderCare in Duquesne PA

Monroeville KinderCare

OverviewWelcome to Monroeville KinderCare. Our experts designed our... classrooms — and every activity and lesson — to help prepare your child for success in school and beyond. With designated learning centers such as dramatic play and blocks in every classroom, children have the opportunity for rich social play and child-initiated discovery. You’ll also find that our classrooms feature a print-rich environment full of carefully selected materials, written charts and labels, and children’s literature. By helping your child connect spoken words and print, we’re helping develop early literacy and writing skills. Whether your child has first words or first grade on the horizon, we’re excited to show you how everything in our center is designed for learning! Teachers & StaffOur teaching staff is dedicated to the emotional, social and educational development of every child in our center. Our team has been chosen to serve our families based on their education and experience with children. All employees are required to complete and pass national background checks. They receive initial and ongoing training in fire safety, first aid and CPR. Teachers create a professional development plan and complete training based on their goals. They work in teams to create a safe, engaging environment for children to grow and learn. Our teachers are passionate about building relationships with parents and children to enrich the lives of our students. Health & Safety The health and safety of every child is our number one priority at KinderCare Monroeville. When your child feels safe, their mind is then open for opportunities of learning. Ms. Vickie, our Discovery Preschool teacher, is also our designated Health and Safety Coordinator. She partners with the administration team to ensure high cleaning standards are maintained and all teachers are supporting policies and procedures for child wellness. We utilize policies and procedures in our center's safety and security such as single keypad access into the building, an enclosed and secure outdoor playground space, daily child sign in, and strict parent/guardian identification and child release procedures. Cleanliness and safety are a priority in our daily operations at the center.

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"I am writing this because I wish I had seen an honest review on BRLC West Mifflin when looking. We had few issues in 2 1/2 years until the end. You won't see any dings from the state on this place."

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Other KinderCare Near Duquesne PA

KinderCare of Mt. Lebanon

OverviewDid you know kids that are enrolled in an early childhood education program have higher high school graduation rates, post-secondary school... attendance and are more likely to own homes? Simply put, enrolling your child in our KinderCare Learning Center is the greatest gift you can give them if you want the best for their future. Enroll now for our 2015-2016 school year! Thank you for inquiring into KinderCare Learning Center of Mt. Lebanon! We value your interest in our program and wish to guide you in every possible way in your pursuit to place your child in the most nurturing learning environment. The best way to learn about our program is to see it personally, if you have not already done so, we hope you will schedule a tour. You will have the opportunity to see the center, meet the teachers, and learn about the curriculum and daily schedule. Our experienced and knowledgeable teachers have careers that are rich with fond memories of the children that they have cared for and watched grow. We all look forward to meeting your family soon! Teachers & StaffEach and every one of our teachers has been carefully selected through an in depth interview process to ensure their abilities as a teacher and their passion for the early childhood field. We process all references and conduct all state and federal background checks before any candidate can begin working in our school. Upon hire, each teacher completes a rigorous training program which covers curriculum, accreditation, health and safety, as well as the importance of teaching each individual child. Our teachers are truly dedicated to providing exceptional quality care for your child. Health & SafetyKeeping your children safe and secure is our first priority. In addition to our built-in security features at the center, we strictly follow established procedures for your child's arrival and departure, including identification of those picking up each and every child. We additionally maintain rigorous methods for health and cleanliness. We value your child's health and recognize that preventing the spread of infectious disease is a very important part of quality child care. Through strict cleaning schedules and maintenance of our centers we strive to achieve excellence with health and safety regulations. Moreover, all of our staff have achieved First Aid and CPR certification which is maintained on a yearly basis.

Bethel Park KinderCare

OverviewWelcome to Bethel Park KinderCare in Bethel Park, PA. We are very excited to meet with you and your family. We believe in strong family... involvement and are proud to be actively involved in developing the whole child. Our teacher's are professionals in the field of child development and are passionate when it comes to educating and nurturing the children. "Guiding the development of children is our career". Teachers & StaffThe teachers and staff at the Bethel Park KinderCare are dedicated to the education and development of children. Our staff have an average tenure of five years. We have staff that have been with us a short time and staff that have been with us for over 20 years. Combined we have 85 years of experience in the field of early education. Most of our teachers have an Associate's Degree or higher in early childhood education. Our staff strive to continue their professional development through biannual professional development training to seeking additional college courses. Our dedicated staff make learning fun and exciting every day. Health & SafetyAt KinderCare Learning Center your child's safety and well-being are a priority. We have security entrance doors leading into our classrooms. There are also alarms that sound to alert us to the doors being opened. Additionally, our playgrounds are fenced with locked gates preventing access of entering or exiting from the playground. All staff employed with KinderCare have been trained in First Aid, CPR, and fire safety.

McMurray KinderCare

OverviewWelcome! The McMurray KinderCare is proud to offer one of the best early educational programs in the country - from infant to kindergarten... and beyond. Here, your son or daughter will find a rich, nurturing environment where learning is fun, the curriculum grows as skills increase, and passionate teachers turn every learning moment into a positive experience. In short, our center is a place where you can be confident your child will thrive. Teachers & StaffEvery one of our teachers goes through the same rigorous hiring process to ensure their dedication and passion - and their ability to meet the developmental and emotional needs of your child. We confirm all professional references and conduct national criminal background screenings. Each member of our staff meets or exceeds the qualification requirements set by the state of Pennsylvania. Staff members also complete a full orientation and attend a comprehensive training program. No other early childhood education provider can match the level of customer service, experience, and commitment you will find here. Our teachers are truly dedicated to providing the highest quality of education and care for your child. Health & SafetyAt KinderCare, the safety of our children and the confidence of our parents are points of pride. From daily sign-in to strict parent/guardian identification and single keypad access, we maintain a rigorous standard for safety. Plus our daily cleanliness and maintenance schedules leave nothing at all to chance. Our Health and Safety Coordinator ensures our staff are trained on monthly focus areas for keeping current with health and safety guidelines. Most importantly, all staff obtain CPR and first aid certification according to NAEYC guidelines.

North Hills KinderCare

OverviewWelcome to the North Hills KinderCare! Our passionate teachers and staff are experts in the field of Early Childhood Education and will... instill a life-long love of learning in your child. At KinderCare, we develop the whole child and our curriculum and practices gear towards your child's social, emotional, physical and intellectual development. Through child directed learning center areas and altering curriculum themes, we make learning fun! It is our commitment to provide each and every child with a safe, secure and stimulating environment to learn in where we partner with our families to ensure that your child reaches their fullest potential. We look forward to meeting with you and your family! We were voted Best Childcare 2012 in Pittsburgh by Pittsburgh Magazine! Kathy Duritza, our Preschool teacher, won the Knowledge Universe Early Childhood Educator 2012 award. Kathy is a fantastic teacher who has been with KinderCare over nine years, and we could not be more proud! Teachers & StaffAt the North Hills KinderCare our dedicated teachers and staff are passionate about educating and nurturing children. Through the relationships we build with our children and their families, we do a lot more than just watch your child for you. We make every moment a learning opportunity and we celebrate the successes and accomplishments of each and every child. The majority of our teachers have their Child Development Associate's Credential, Bachelor's Degree or Master's Degree in Early Childhood Education and related fields. We pride ourselves on our team of teachers that strive to enrich the lives of children through our rich and developmentally appropriate curriculum, their positive guidance and support, and creating an environment where children are free to learn and grow! Health & SafetyThe health and safety of the children in our care is our top priority! On site we have a Health and Safety Coordinator, Miss Sandi. It is Miss Sandi's responsibility to ensure that all of our teachers maintain their pediatric First Aid and CPR certifications, conduct monthly fire drills, and maintain the high cleanliness standards set in place for our classrooms. We utilize policies and procedures in our center's safety and security such as single keypad access into the building, an enclosed and secure outdoor playground space, daily child sign in, and strict parent/guardian identification and child release procedures. Cleanliness and safety are a priority in our daily operations at the center.

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