Best Lutheran Daycares in Paramount CA

Lutheran Daycares in Paramount CA

Recent Reviews in Paramount CA

Delois Hill Family Child Care

"On November 2, 2015 my 14 year old autistic son was physically abused while in the care of Delois Hill. Delois Hill left the children alone with her 47 year old son Lewis Hill Jr. who was not on her"

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Perez Family Childcare

"Martha is such a wonderful caregiver the girls & I just love her so much!! She goes above & beyond with the children and education is very important to her. My two girls have been with her 2 1/2..."

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Other Lutheran Daycares Near Paramount CA

Trinity Lutheran Church Preschool

The purpose of Trinity Lutheran Church Preschool is to provide... appropriate learning experiences for young children. Preschool staff and administration are dedicated to creating an environment in which preschoolers develop and flourish physically, emotionally, mentally, and socially. Our teaching staff is well-credentialed, have backgrounds cleared by the Department of Justice, FBI, and local law enforcement agencies, and demonstrate their love for educating young children by contributing experience, diversity, and personal passion. Interest centers within each classroom are available so children can engage in focused, creative play. Typical areas include a quiet area to look at books, dramatic play areas such as a kitchen, grocery store, and doctor or veterinarian office, an area to construct with blocks, areas to use manipulatives, sensory experience tables, a dress-up center and art centers offering a variety of different mediums. Curriculum includes art, science, music, cooking, pre-math concepts, pre-reading activities, the development of small and gross motor skills, and social interactions. Young children are especially adept at learning languages, and learn best through immersion as opposed to direct instruction. Several of our staff, who speak Spanish as a first language, will present a variety of daily curricula in Spanish. We welcome children that are not potty trained. Our preschool staff offers curriculum and help to parents transitioning children from diapers to the toilet. We offer flexible schedules to meet the unique needs of individual families. Trinity Lutheran Church Preschool is open to all children ages 2 to 5 who are ready for preschool as mutually agreed upon by parents and preschool administration.

Christ Lutheran Preschool

At Christ Lutheran Preschool we strive to reach the children and... their families with God’s special love as they learn that Jesus loves them and is their very best friend. We work together with parents by offering opportunities and experiences to help each child grow spiritually, physically, academically, emotionally and socially at his or her own pace. Our words, activities, and songs are focused on nurturing a life-long relationship with Christ as well as preparing each child for the next level of education and developing a love of learning. Our Christ-centered staff provides a fun-filled, safe environment where each child feels secure and loved. We remind our students continually of God’s special love for each of them as He daily forgives our sins and as we all grow together in our love for Jesus. At the preschool, the children always come first–before planned curriculum, before rules and before adult convenience. The goal of the program is to work with each and every child’s natural development and to support the emerging self within. We believe that learning happens in relationships and that this happens best in relationships which are characterized by personal respect and caring responsiveness in a Christian environment. This respect is carried throughout interactions between staff and children, staff and parents, and staff relationships with each other. We believe children learn best in an environment that motivates them and gives them the desire to learn. We also believe that “curriculum” is all that happens to the child while he/she is at preschool and every moment of the day as well as each child’s interaction with staff, parents, and other children. Play with a purpose is the primary vehicle of “curriculum” as we feel that playing is a young child’s most valuable learning tool and is the way in which children gain self-awareness, learn to handle peer interactions, solve problems, and master skills. In addition, the preschool strives to help strengthen parents’ skills and supports them in their desire to have strong Christian families.

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