Best Daycares in Oakland CA

Daycares in Oakland CA

Audreys Nest

I am Audrey Kossak the Owner and Primary CareTeacher of Audrey’s... Nest. I love what I do and I have lots of love, energy, and passion to share with you and your loved ones. I grew up in the Redwoods of Arcata, CA and was raised alongside 4 sisters and 2 brothers. At a very young age I learned to put others before myself and compromise for the good of the group. My mother is a huge inspiration to me; she has taught me patience and compassion. Growing up I learned to appreciate how unique every individual child is, even when they come from the same gene pool. Growing up in such a big family has definitely influenced my desire to reach out to help my community and make them feel like an extension of my family. I have a long history of working with children; babysitting as a preteen, counseling school age children in the wilderness of Whiskeytown Lake and teaching preschoolers crafts in Arnold, CA during my college summers. In the last 7 years I have been: a positive role model and now full time step mom to 3 teenagers. I taught preschool at Learning Bridge in San Francisco. I worked beside CCSF faculty to facilitate a free play space for kids and to advise parents; All while going to school to become the State Certified Site Supervisor that I am today. I assisted in the development of Nonna's Family Child Care in SF, and was a Care Teacher there through the pregnancy of my daughter Natalie. I spent her first year of her life enjoying the luxury of being a stay at home mom, and prepared my home to be your child's home away from home. Audrey's Nest has been open since August 2012 and life couldn't be better. Prior to my education in Child Development and Early Childhood Education; I earned a B.A. in Studio Arts, with a minor in Communication Design. I put those degrees to good use for a few years in the Advertising field of San Francisco. I fell out of love with a desk job and in love with my husband and his children who encouraged me to pursue a career that would make me truly happy. In my spare time I enjoy yoga, running, hiking, tennis, painting, dancing in the kitchen while cooking, and being crafty.

E. B. Rock Family Daycare and Preschool

My name is Cynthia and I wanted to introduce myself to you. I'm the... owner and operator of E. B. Rock Family Daycare and Preschool. I've work in the field of Early Childhood Education for over 20+ years. My passion is and has always been working and caring for young children. I'm very passionate about the care of young children for several reasons: First of all, I enjoy watching the beginning of life and how a child development from a seed, into a bulb, and finally blossoming into a beautiful flower. In, addition, getting a chance to see a child slide down a slide and even tying his/her tennis shoe for the very first time brings joy to my heart. I believe deeply that "It takes a Village To Raise A Child" and if I am able to give a child a safe, nurturing, caring, and loving environment, then I know that I've accomplish my goal as a Early Childhood Educator and Provider. I will provide a stimulating, safe, and developmentally environment where children have the opportunity to develop cognitive, social, emotional, and physical skills The care provided here at E. B. Rock Family Daycare and Preschool is safe, affordable, and high quality in a nurturing environment. In doing so we support families and the special needs of the child. Our goal is to strengthen the bridge between your work and family life by creating a special place that supports them both. Please take the time to come by and visit the location and see the magic. You can review our yelp and Facebook page to see pictures, parents comments and feed back. Thank you for your time and I hope to hear from you soon.

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