Best Peanut-Free Daycares in Wilmington CA

Peanut-Free Daycares in Wilmington CA

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Castle in the Sky Daycare

"The teachers at Castle in the Sky daycare are amazing. They treat my child as if she was their own. It is amazing to see how much my daughter has grown since starting at Castle in the Sky daycare. ..."

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Koguma Youchien

It is a human growth and activities in the everyday that can not be... lacking in the development stage "play" will continue wearing the overall functionality while polishing the sensibility and social resistance by becoming crazy. The Cubs kindergarten, children become strong curiosity deepen thinking through play, school and elaborate ingenuity, to give the joy of burning the self, as a sense of achievement along with the accepted joy leads to self-confidence a lot of things I hope and want Nde. The "play" is of fundamental autonomy, it is those that are deployed by the hands of young children themselves, if you do not understand how to deploy and involvement is made ​​to the neglect the play, rich and direction It does not grow in. Play in collective life that have a lot of friends of the same age and different age, place is to experience and experience that is different from the play to spend with the family. Them caregiver is rather than teach to divide bound by unilateral category, while touching the individual children of mind, sympathetic to interest you are feeling now, and create an environment that can exert them freely, As you pull the play from various fields, children will daily stacking confidence while a relieved self exhibited. We and sensibility differently in children one person, that and expressive power, will focus on the intuitive idea. And rather than to stay in there the day-to-day small surprise and experience, by delving into the imagination and thinking, and that leads to more than those children met, to foster a force that can be creative and proactive action force It is the purpose. Future, in order to proceed to create their own life in their own forces, the environment in which the joy of children in early childhood is try things from spontaneous interest, go interesting to think on their own, the sense of accomplishment you get from them is repeated is required. There is a completely different grew up with things that were obtained become passive in a given frame in there. As they become larger, the caregiver while carefully empathy to children, it is a bridge to be able to share with my friends in the group, will continue to expand the play. By doing so, the children each other slowly sounding each other, and notice to the other party's feelings, compassion is nurtured, I would like to be a kindergarten one person is a hero.

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