Best Protestant Daycares in Beverly Hills CA

Protestant Daycares in Beverly Hills CA

Westwood Presbyterian Church Preschool
When a child enters our school, our first priority is to make each one feel comfortable, safe and loved. From this place of trust, children have the confidence to explore the classroom, interact with classmates, develop friendships, problem solve with materials and friends, challenge themselves with a new task and develop not only socially and emotionally, but intellectually, physically and creatively. At Westwood Presbyterian Church Preschool we recognize that every child is an individual with different needs, interests, strengths and vulnerabilities. Therefore we provide a classroom environment that encourages all children to pursue their interests, nurture their strengths and work on areas of challenge. We believe that children learn through play and offer a wide range of hands-on activities. Music, movement, gardening, cooking, sign language classes, indoor and outdoor free play, art and literature are large features of our curriculum. As we are preparing our children not only for kindergarten but for life, our daily interactions and routines encourage children to develop a sense of responsibility and independence; an understanding of their role as valued members of the school community; and a respect for others and the environment. At WPC Preschool we also recognize that a diverse community broadens and enhances the experience of all of us. We embrace diversity in all its forms and welcome children of all backgrounds and abilities.

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Safa Family Day Care

"I used the daycare on the recommendation of another parent. Yes, they were loving towards my child but there are too many things wrong with this place. First, owner shows you around 3 roooms - 1 play"

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Farias Family Child Care

"I couldn’t have chosen a better place for my daughter. Ale and her team took a really good care of Her. She loved them so much. The place is really clean, they do a lot of activities, the food is..."

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Other Protestant Daycares Near Beverly Hills CA

First Presbyterian Church of Hollywood Pre-School

Our developmental philosophy is based on the belief that children... learn through play and hands-on experiences that are concrete and developmentally age-appropriate. “Play is the work of children.” The key to our program is the understanding that children are learning every moment. The staff at HPCC will provide opportunities for development through: • Nurturing spiritual growth by modeling love, compassion, respect, empathy and daily prayer • Firsthand experiences by interacting with teachers and other children • Encouraging independence • Promoting problem solving and conflict resolution skills in all areas • Sparking curiosity and wonder • Various language experiences (story time, listening centers, etc) • Activities which enhance growth of fine and gross motor skills • Fostering creative expression through art, music, dance, language and dramatic play • Aiding children in developing a positive attitude toward school and life long learning • Honoring each child’s timetable for growth • Providing an environment where children can experience and respect cultural diversity • Supporting parents through good communication and education • An inclusive program that integrates families with special needs • Guiding and supporting families seeking help with their children • Developing a supportive, caring community with the school families and staff • We strive to provide plenty of opportunities for each child to: • Discover, experiment, ask questions, problem solve, dream, create, explore, care for animals, role play, build, get messy, run, climb, figure out, predict, nurture, sing, dance, develop language and be a child. This is all a part of early childhood education. They need to enhance their sense of curiosity and wonder before they are ready for academics. As staff members, we feel that we have been called to work with children and we love what we do. We believe in the whole program and the whole family, but most of all we believe in the whole child.

Bel Air Presbyterian Church Preschool

Welcome you to the Bel Air Presbyterian Preschool website. We hope... that through this site you can find information about our programs, our curriculum, our history, our community as well as our church family. Since 1979 our purpose has been to provide a safe, loving, nurturing environment that preserves the experience of childhood through a carefully planned Christian program. We provide a quality, developmental curriculum that fosters the spiritual, social, emotional, motor, approaches to learning, academic and cognitive growth of each child. Our curriculum is emergent and meets the needs of the individual child. Through project based learning, children gain knowledge and discover their world through hands-on experience. In an environment of acceptance and love, children grow in the nurture of God and encounter His grace and love. We wish for children to experience and develop curiosity, imagination, self-esteem, to offer opportunities to expand on their knowledge and to be encouraged and supported as they face new developmental milestones. We value and have a commitment to excellence in Early Childhood Education and seek to be on the growing edge of quality in our field. Our commitment as a staff and Preschool Committee is to come alongside you as parents and to support your role as you face the early years of your child’s growth and development. This commitment extends to both Bel Air Presbyterian Church members and community members. It would be a pleasure to get to know you. If you would like to learn more about Bel Air Presbyterian Preschool please scroll through the rest of this website and click HERE to schedule a tour. We hope to share with you on your visit the heart, passion and love we have for guiding young lives in their first school experience.

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