Coronavirus In Daycare: What Should Child Care Providers Do?

Coronavirus In Daycare: What Should Child Care Providers Do?


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Claire Masters

Thanks for the information. I agree that providers should really open their communication to us parents and also reinforce hygiene…

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Today, we’ll talk about managing the coronavirus in daycare.

Everyone is talking about the Coronavirus (COVID-19) right now. It’s everywhere on TV and social media.

Here at CareLuLu, we work with thousands of families and child care programs, and we’re getting questions from a lot of worried parents and caregivers.

As a child care provider or preschool director, you’re probably getting bombarded with questions from parents about whether their child is safe in your care.

The question is:

What should child care providers do to keep children (and staff) safe during the Coronavirus COVID-19 outbreak?

Should daycares close because of the coronavirus? Should you continue “business as usual”? Or, implement new safety protocols?

In this post, you’ll learn about the coronavirus, its symptoms, and also 5 important things child care providers can do to keep children safe, and prevent the Coronavirus from spreading in your child care facility.

But first:

If you’re a parent looking for child care, go to to find daycare or back up care. Many child care facilities remain open during the coronavirus outbreak, especially home daycares.

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