5 Things To Do During Spring Break When Preschool Is Closed

Have you heard about Intrafamilial? The Bollywood remake of Interstellar?

There is a dramatic scene in which space-time bends for an intrepid family as they approach the black hole known as “Spring Break.” Time slows to an almost imperceptible crawl for the children as the event horizon draws near only to accelerate wildly as they cross the threshold. Time decelerates for their parents as they attempt to maintain their faith in humanity with a wise-cracking robot and dance routines in step with the spinning space station.

Just kidding! Keeping your preschooler busy during Spring Break is actually serious business. Their perception of time is different from yours and they get bored at warp speed if you don’t have something up your sleeve for them.

Spring Break trips are a popular way to keep your child busy with new experiences and terrestrial environments. However, they can be difficult to coordinate and let’s face it, everyone else had the same idea. So prices are up.

As an alternative, we’d like to share some ideas if you’re wondering what to do with kids during spring break. The best part is that these popular activities are waiting for you on your doorstep (some of them literally). No TV or robotic babysitters; you’re doing things the old-fashioned way!

1. Spring cleaning. It’s a great time to instill some good habits in your child and get some work done at the same time. Your preschooler is sure to follow your example and have a good attitude. It won’t always be like that! You can try to make it second-nature for them while it is less “painful” to do so.

2. Gardening. Spring is a great time to teach your little one about flowers, plants, and the insects that live around them. The chance to get dirty is also a big attraction for youngsters.

3. Get-togethers. Classes, parties, and play-dates are great ways to keep your little one busy with her peers. Keep an eye out for things like story times or special classes organized at your local library or community center. If all else fails you can organize your own with some of your child’s classmates. Their parents are in the same boat!

4. Cooking. This one is a judgment call. Following your example in the kitchen may mean reorganizing pots and pans onto the floor. If you can pull it off, though, you kill two birds in one stone: activity time and meal time.

5. Puzzles, kits, and games. Fun things with “delayed gratification” (requiring following a set of instructions or rules) are a great way to sneak in some learning. They also kill more time than with a “ready-made” toy.

Finally, if you have to rely on a little digital distraction from the TV, try to keep it educational. No chance? Gotta be Penguins? Turn on the Spanish version or make your child tell a story about the Penguins before he or she watches. What about you, what other great ideas do you have for things to do with kids during spring break?


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