Fun & Creative Kids Activities To Do For Easter


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Did you know that most kids prefer cherry flavored jelly beans over any other flavor, or that the majority are willing to do extra chores for extra candy?

Easter is a wonderful time of year for bonding with your children, taking great pictures and, of course, eating as much candy as possible. Stuck on what to do for Easter with your children? Here are some ideas for keeping your Easter fun and stress-free!

Keep It Colorful

Kids react strongly to colors. Kids under the age of three react particularly strongly to bright colors (red, pink, blue, and orange) because bright colors are stimulating and exciting to them.

  • Try creating glitter eggs or painting different designs on the shells
  • Create paper mache eggs and rabbits with your children
  • Create hand-designed goodie bags for when they first wake up
  • Try letting them design their own rabbit ears; better yet, let them craft the ears of their favorite animal

Let Them Think and Discover

Try breaking outside of the regular routine of just hiding eggs and candy for them to find, or make it more elaborate.

Try creating a series of clues or riddles and send them on a scavenger hunt. Particularly for older children, this form of creative thinking will engage them mentally and make them even more proud of their accomplishments. By giving each kid (if you have more than one) a different set of instructions, you can make it easier to make sure the eggs and candy are fairly distributed.

Tip: Keep it Fair. We all know the distress that a child can undergo when they find out that Older Sibling found more eggs than them and thus got more candy.

Try color coding your eggs and assign each child a color, pattern, or theme so that everyone wins.

  • Have your kid pick out their favorite superhero, hero„ or animal and theme their eggs or even their basket!
  • Use walkie talkies to make their experience a partnership rather than a feud. Have them both go on a scavenger hunt together, in separate areas of the yard, and let them talk on walkie-talkies to figure out the clues together.

Include Yourself!

I’m sure you’ve seen a child’s tendency to share everything they have accomplished with their loved ones. Perhaps your child discovered that dog food really does taste good, that a piece of lint looks like a real rabbit, or that they discovered how create the next Mona Lisa on their bodies. Whatever the instance, kids are always trying to include parents in their discoveries and make them proud.

Stemming from including you is their enjoyment of you showing your love for them. You can write words of encouragement, funny poems, or draw pictures of their favorite heroes and place them inside the eggs for a truly unique surprise.

Remember: Easter is about enjoying yourself and your children’s company. By keeping them stimulated and working as a team, you’ll guarantee yourself entertainment all day and avoid fighting.

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