Fun Snow Games for Active Preschoolers


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In many places across the U.S., winter is in full force. Don’t let the snow keep you and your little ones indoors. The winter wonderland outside your front door is the perfect play environment for rumbustious little rascals. You can add some structure to your playtime with these three great snow day activities.

1. Balloon Ninjas
If your child loves to throw snow at poor unsuspecting souls then this is the perfect activity to help you keep the snow off of others while still having a good time. Get three to five helium balloons and tie them each to something heavy (rocks, boots, something laying around in the garage, etc.) so that the balloon is about the same height as your child. If you are feeling adventurous, help you child draw “bad-guy” faces on each balloon with a sharpie. Place the balloons outside and spaced out a bit. Now here comes the fun part; everyone can throw snowballs at the balloon ninjas. When the balloon ninjas are hit, they will “fall down” and bounce right back up. You can make a game out of it by seeing how many you can hit in 30 seconds, how many you can hit before you miss, or how far away you can throw and hit the balloons.Your child will learn:
– Hand-eye coordination
– Aiming and throwing a ball

2. Follow the Leader
You have played follow the leader inside and during the warm months so why not play it in the snow? If your preschooler is excited to play follow the leader, encourage them to take the lead. If they are a bit hesitant, you can take the lead for a few minutes and give them some ideas. Here are some fun things to try in the snow:
– Giant steps
– Snow angels
– Catching a snowflake on your tongue
– Running uphill
– Throwing a snowball at a passing tree
– Stepping up and back off of a deck or chair
– Walking like a monkey for a few seconds
– Spinning in a circle
– Shuffling your feet and making a little trenchThis activity is great for either individual play with an adult or group play with other children.Your child will learn:
– How to lead a group
– How to mimic others through observation
– Balance
– Gross motor skills

3. Hidden Treasure
This is a great game to play with a group of children. Find an old bandana or an old toy (anything that can get wet will do) and refer to it as the “Hidden Treasure.” Select one child to be the “Treasure Hider.” Everyone must close their eyes while the Treasure Hider hides the Hidden Treasure somewhere outside. Make sure to put the appropriate parameters in place (i.e. boundary lines, no climbing things, no burying it in the snow, etc.) When the Treasure Hider says “Go!” everyone can scatter and look for the Hidden Treasure. The first child to find it gets to be the new Treasure Hider. If the kids are having trouble finding the Hidden Treasure, have the Treasure Hider tell them when they are getting “warmer/closer” or “colder/further away”. This is a great game to play in backyards or parks.Your child will learn:
– Basic problem solving
– Communication
– Group play – taking turns, cooperating, etc.

What are your child’s favorite snow activities?

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