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As I was checking out the greeting card aisle, searching for the perfect Father’s Day card, I came upon a particular realization.  I picked up one after another that looked just like the last and I realized that society has completely conditioned us into associating our fathers with ties, a symbol that strictly reflects the working world and yet has nothing to do with what the holiday is actually about, family

We are accustomed to believe that ties, cufflinks and another pair of socks are the way to Dad’s heart, but what if what he really desires is something that costs less money and requires more thought? A present and a card will never compensate for quality time with the man who brought you into this world. Here are a couple ideas to get your wheels turning for Father’s Day.

  • Dad’s Favorite Things
    Have the kids brainstorm what he enjoys most. Is he obsessed with hockey? Does he constantly crave pepperoni and ham pizza? Is he a movie guru? Does he love to jam out to AC/DC and Rick Springsteen? Make today all about Dad, play his favorite radio station, prepare his favorite foods, go see the movie he has been dying to see and let him know how well you really know him.
  • A Breath of Fresh Air
    Take the family bounding outside! Get some fresh air and take advantage of what’s right outside your door. Play catch, have a picnic, make a tree house, shoot some hoops, go fishing, cover the driveway in sidewalk chalk or make a mini golf course in your backyard and have Dad help you with your swing. These days no one gets outside enough, take advantage of the day and make some memories in the great outdoors.
  • Guy’s Night
    All men love time with their friends. Have the kids help arrange a night strictly for him and his boys. Get in touch with his friends’ families and have everyone work together to make their special night a success!
  • Take Me Out To the Ballgame
    If Dad’s a sports fanatic what better way to celebrate him than by planning a trip to one of his favorite games? Get out of the house and spend time bonding over peanuts and Ballpark hotdogs. Even if you can’t make it to an actual game, you could always pretend by throwing on a jersey and watching the game at home on the big screen!

Remember that this day is not about competing and trying to outdo each other, it’s about appreciation and recognition. Whatever you decide to do, if it’s done with your whole heart he’s bound to love it. Let us know how you spent your Father’s Day and how much fun you had with dad!

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